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Welcome to my life! I am a composer who enjoys making any kind of music styles. music is my life!
  • This Is My Country by TreiaMusic

    Awaken positive emotions and turn any activity into a fun adventure with this country track. Featuring a distinct, acoustic sound that evokes feelings of friendship and good times, this track is perfect for memory-making videos.

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    Souther Girls by TreiaMusic

    A Southern flavored royalty free country/rock'n'roll, with guitar solos catchy acoustic chords, bass, and drums, best for travels, parties, or promo videos.

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    Nashville City Looks So Pretty by TreiaMusic

    Authentic and enduring country-rock track with crunchy slide guitars and powerful electric chords. The perfect choice for the beginning of summer when temperatures rise, and we all want to kick back, relax, and enjoy some cold drinks with our friends. Also good for projects related to country travel, men in cowboy hats, smoke-filled bar with pool tables, etc.

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    Walking In The 5th Avenue by TreiaMusic

    A walking funky and groovy song, various vocals, brass arrangements, exceptional drums... Perfect for background music projects!!

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    Too Much Funky by TreiaMusic

    Just like the 70's soundtrack of an old Marvin Gaye album, this tune has a dancy feel with lots of brass, funky Hammond sounds, and a pumping beat that will keep your feet tapping. It's great for chase scenes like old cop series and it's also groovy enough for a realistic drama or on a movie/tv show where you want to add cool subject matter and atmosphere. With interesting editing and creative use, this music has a big ol' epic action feel.

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    Kill The Spider Now by TreiaMusic

    Chiptune 8-bit retro wave electronic track perfect background music for retro video games, pixel games, podcasts, youtube videos or any project that requires a vintage spirit of 80s! Similar to the Super Mario theme.

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    Road To Success Together by TreiaMusic

    An inspiring and motivational corporate pop track, featuring electric pianos, strings, synths. Best for business commercial projects, films, slideshows, explainers, or tutorial videos.

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    Route 61 by TreiaMusic

    A country rock track composed with guitars, pedal steel and rocking drums. Perfect for country images, travel, nature, country content, open road or old west themes.

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    Life Is Wonderful by TreiaMusic

    This is a peaceful rustic acoustic track simple but full of southern elegance. Composed with acoustic and electric guitars, this music conveys the feeling of home. It reminds us of those great memories with our family and friends. Perfect for travel, nature, and media applications needing that laid-back, and heartfelt sound.

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    Hey Hey Hey by TreiaMusic

    This Southern flavored country-rock tune has a freedom feel. Featuring acoustic and electric guitars, vocal lines, and fiddle solos. Ideal for rowdy barbeque party with friends, spontaneous surprise birthday party, casual wear campaign, or travel films.

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    Lets Go To New Orleans by TreiaMusic

    Jazzy and Dixieland-inspired retro 60's track - featuring full big band instruments and soloists. Ideal for use in TV source music, film score, commercials, and more.

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    Celebration Nights by TreiaMusic

    Dance your cares away and live for the moment - That's what this upbeat, uplifting track inspires you to do. With its driving, energetic groove, and powerful lead synths, the track will transport you to a place where worries are a thing of the past. Great for montage shots, club promotion, summer vlogs, or vacation footage.

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    Lets Play All Together by TreiaMusic

    The incredible power of simplicity is the key to this 8-bit chiptune retrowave electronic track! This addictive melody will bring you back to the glorious days of your childhood, evoking the most memorable videogame and arcade hits. Ideal background music for retro videogames, pixel games, podcasts, youtube videos, or any project that requires a vintage spirit of the 80s!

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    Sun Is Shining Now by TreiaMusic

    This feel-good acoustic music track is the perfect soundtrack for your youth-oriented project. Featuring indie acoustic guitar, electric and acoustic guitars, hand claps, organ, drums, and bass. Good for commercial applications or video projects with a theme of life, friendship, and good times.

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    Her Lifestyle by TreiaMusic

    This happy, cheerful, and joyful acoustic ukulele track is for those who need a confident and inspirational musical background. Friends meeting for the first time, family reunion after a long time apart, co-workers doing a new work project, neighbors seeing each other again after long vacations. The tune is extremely positive and fun to listen to. Use it well!

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    Cowboys Ridding by TreiaMusic

    An evocative Americana bluegrass soundscape incorporating banjo, mandolin, and fiddle creating a happy, danceable, and upbeat old South feel. Sweeping lush background strings complement the melody but remain unobtrusive to the foreground instruments. Ideal background music for your next campfire or mountain adventure.

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    You Are My World by TreiaMusic

    A hip hop and pop mix is featuring acoustic guitar and modern bass. That could be great for spring and summer thematics, clothing/fashion advertisements and videos, apartment repair videos, slow motion video, car promotions, motivational, inspiring, automobile industry video, as background.

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    Fashioned Girl by TreiaMusic

    A cool, upbeat royalty free dance music, with a club piano, low strings, tropical synths, and punchy beats. Best for ads, fashion vlogs, summer or vacation footage.

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