Andrea Baroni

Since Aug, 2016
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I am an independent musician and songwriter living in London. My music ranges from intimate piano passages to energetic electronic/rock tracks. Elaborate ambient soundtracks, orchestral scores or 8-bit edgy chiptunes (or a mix of all of these!)
  • Harp Nocturne by Andrea Baroni

    A delicate and dreamy acoustic harp solo. With a medieval and Celtic vibe, it would work really well in a fantasy setting as well. Perfect also for relaxation or meditation, ancient fairy tales, and fantasy books, cinematic goals, medieval film scenes, a beautiful soundscape, authentic performances.

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    Old Village Fair by Andrea Baroni

    A light-hearted and sweet acoustic piece, featuring a small orchestra, accordion and a nylon guitar. Perfect for video games, cheerful and joyful videos or children-oriented activities and apps.

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    A Bright Ending by Andrea Baroni

    A delicate and simple piano piece, with a bright yet a bit nostalgic mood and a peaceful sense of closure.

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    One Step At A Time by Andrea Baroni

    A piano-only delicate arpeggio to create an optimistic, sweet and hopeful mood of self-growth and discovery.

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