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  • Embracing Earth by Christos Poulos

    This graceful, fragile, and tender piano composition has a dramatic cinematic sweep. Suitable for bittersweet romantic plots, bio documentaries, real-life story, heartwarming memories, flashback moments, nature landscape video, heroic human spirit and more.

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    Inspiration Arise by Christos Poulos

    An inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece of music perfect for inspirational projects, motivational presentations, Olympic Games and more.

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    Explosion Hybrid Trailer by Christos Poulos

    A powerful epic trailer featuring hybrid orchestral sound design elements. Think about the invention of the time machine and dangerous travel through space and time to save the Universe.

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    Think Big by Christos Poulos

    Orchestral cinematic, uplifting and epic track suitable for presentations, advertising, film and multimedia projects.

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    We Wish You A Merry Christmas L by Christos Poulos

    An orchestral composition of We Wish you a Merry Christmas.

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    Lost In Time by Christos Poulos

    An atmospheric, hybrid orchestral slow-motion 3 in 1 background loop. I eliminated whooshes or transitions between each section, this makes it easy to loop any section you want at any length you want!

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    Successful Moments by Christos Poulos

    Successful Moments, is a positive, uplifting track, at 120bpm, featuring piano, orchestra & electronic sound elements. Works perfect on any project that you need to give that feeling of new beginnings, motivation, strong confidence and positivity. Enjoy!

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    Be My Hero by Christos Poulos

    Slow-motion epic orchestral cinematic hybrid piece. Begins with a warm piano chord progression, deep impacts creating that dark sentimental feeling. Strings, brass, and percussion join in as the theme develops. Risers and SFX lead to the climax accompanied by Choir, woodwinds, powerful hits, and all the modern elements of today's market.

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    Final Destination by Christos Poulos

    Epic cinematic uplifting hybrid trailer theme, composed with full orchestra samples like strings, brass, choir, flutes, percussion, hits, SFX.

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    Peace Of Mind by Christos Poulos

    Corporate and motivational track, expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Full version included...!!!

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    To The Sky by Christos Poulos

    Corporate - motivational, lite rock track, featuring piano, glockenspiel, strings, oboe, electric guitars, drums & bass. Starting out with the piano playing a memorable emotional arpeggio, drums and strings join in, to create a warm environment for your audience until the first built up. After that, transforms to an energetic, upbeat piece, which promise to lift you up "To The Sky"..! Enjoy!

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    Finger Family by Christos Poulos

    This is the popular Toddler Tunes version of 'The Finger Family', originally a classic Mother Goose nursery rhyme. It is also known as 'The Finger Song' or 'Daddy Finger'. This track is great for children YouTube videos.

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    Enjoy Life by Christos Poulos

    Corporate motivational track, expose a lot of positivity, creativity and confidence. Start out with piano arpeggio, bass, drums, guitars & orchestral elements join in, to create that beautiful feeling! Enjoy....Life!

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    Go Go Go by Christos Poulos

    Motivational pop-rock track, featuring piano, e-guitars, bass, drums, bells, mixed with orchestra. Works perfect as background music on any project that you need to give a positive, upbeat, energetic feeling. Enjoy!

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    Gracefulness by Christos Poulos

    This epic cinematic powerful orchestral track with a real Hollywood sound is sure to captivate your audience. Picture yourself flying above a fantasy world after the great war. Fits perfect for a movie soundtrack, inspirational film trailer, emotional movie scene, heroic documentary and more.

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    Back To Life by Christos Poulos

    Orchestral composition with fast and dynamic strings sequence and strong orchestral percussion, suitable for your movie trailer, presentation video or any project which you need to pass a strong feeling of positiveness, rise, rebirth to your audience.

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    Believe It by Christos Poulos

    An emotional inspiring orchestral piece with tracks which perfectly fits for inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, promotions, presentations, corporate videos, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, successful and business videos, games, applications, popular commercials, visuals and more!!

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