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Since Apr, 2022
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Author and composer from Ukraine.
  • It's a soft upbeat corporate track features delayed guitars, piano, bass, and drums. Perfect for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, and more. Beautiful and dreamy ambient background music with gentle piano and emotional female vocals. Creates magic peaceful atmosphere with a slight touch of sadness. Intimate soundscape for making special mood. Includes strings and airy pads, reverbed electronic drums and deep bass. Suitable for sentimental films, emotional cinematic, travel vlogs, meditation, advertising, commercial projects, any type of presentation that needs light female voice with soft accompaniment. Upbeat and inspirational corporate royalty-free music track. Includes bright electric and acoustic guitars, gentle piano, deep bass, and cheerful drum beat. Great for corporate videos, presentations, advertising, etc. It is a relaxing background track with a simple piano melody. In addition, it also contains bass, percussion, and many atmospheric pads. Suitable for timelapse videos, nature aerial views, and soothing atmospheric spaces. Cinematic inspiring track with emotional piano, powerful drums and epic orchestration. Suitable for movies, intros, travel videos. A gentle and tender piano melody, surrounded with warm layered strings creates a feeling of longing and nostalgia. This emotional and encouraging composition is perfect for touching scenes in your commercials, and movie trailers, or for empathic moments in different media. A soft and upbeat corporate track. Includes ambient delayed guitars, piano, bells, bass, and drums. Perfect for promos, commercials, advertisements and more. Dramatic and epic medieval soundtrack with an emotional female choir and a strong ancient Nordic feel. Creates a tense atmosphere of the upcoming battle. Includes calm Celtic harp, dramatic cellos, epic brass, powerful battle drums and male battle cries, sword clang, and atmospheric sounds of nature. Suitable for films about the Middle Ages, Vikings games, or dark ancient age film trailers, and where heroic background music is needed. A beautiful and optimistic corporate pop track with the purpose to light up your heart. The track features delayed guitars, pianos, strings, etc. Suitable for advertising, promotional video, presentation, slideshow, travel videos and any projects with a sense of warmth, lightness and inspiration. An unlimited colorful ambient track will be perfect background music for any of your video projects. Nice and soft, it will create a peaceful and fantasy-like atmosphere. Includes waves sound, wide pads, gentle piano, and bells. Peaceful background track for relaxing, dreaming, meditation and healing therapy music. Elegant and smooth chill-out track, perfect for any media project. Featuring a gentle piano, synths, and percussion. The track builds up the atmosphere of trust and friendship - the feeling of togetherness. This is great background music for corporate projects and commercials with a positive message. A soothing track with a pleasant piano melody, deep bass and meditative percussion, warm strings, and atmospheric pads. Perfect for videos showing the beauty and majesty of nature. A bright and upbeat corporate track is perfect for a wide variety of media uses such as presentations, podcasts, or commercials. Featuring electric guitar, pizzicato strings, percussions and e-piano. This track has a driving beat that gives it great energy. This track will be sure to bring life to your project thanks to its unique sound. Awesome corporate pop piece with muted electric guitar, piano, drums and bass. Perfect for intros, idents, podcasts, and short videos. The melody has a medium pace with a catchy melody. Great for commercials or any kind of media project that need an optimistic, energetic feel. A super powerful and heavy metal track. Ideal to use in projects connected with combat sport, fighting, mma, boxing, extreme and other related subjects. The track is constructed around big drums and powerful guitar riffs.
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