Amit Harel

Since Jun, 2016
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  • Golden Christmas by Amit Harel

    This tune creates a magical Christmas vibe. Perfect for any Christmas/New Year projects.

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    Corporate Inspire by Amit Harel

    Inspiring and motivating track. Fit perfectly for corporate videos, music for business presentation, commercials and promotional videos.

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    Drums Of War by Amit Harel

    Energetic and upbeat percussion track with stomps, claps, snaps, and powerful cinematic drum ensembles. Great for powerful action scenes, unstoppable warriors, epic trailers, sports games, heroic adventures, significant tension, military army strength, war domination, powerful battle scenes, and more.

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    Corporate Aspirations by Amit Harel

    Positive inspirational track. Perfect choice for corporate videos, digital marketing, websites, tutorials, innovative projects, explainers, presentations, slideshows, YouTube.

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    Punks Rock by Amit Harel

    Powerful punk rock made with a lot of passion!!! strong Guitars, Rockin bass, Powerful drums & crazy guitar solo!!! Perfect for commercials, advertising, YouTube, sport, action & extreme videos. Featured instruments, electric guitars, bass guitar, drums.

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    Magical Moments by Amit Harel

    This is a sweet tune with a vintage flavor & orchestral elements makes a great track to use if you want to give a creative & magical feeling to your project. Perfect for commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, kids projects, winter holidays, Christmas shopping and more. Featured instruments, piano, strings, clarinet, bells, harp, contrabass, drums & percussion. In the style of "Home Alone" soundtrack.

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