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  • The Path To Success by MixSound

    We present for your consideration a light electronic music with the piano chords and tones. The track is perfect for background information, slide shows, presentations, commercials, video, documentaries, and any other your creativity project.

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    Good Ideas by MixSound

    Calm, soft, and professional corporate background music. Features electric guitar, electro piano, and synth beats to give it a smooth and professional feel. The track lends itself well to many applications requiring positive or uplifting music. Perfect for a variety of media projects including business presentations, advertisements, on-hold music, and commercials.

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    Romantic Day by MixSound

    Calm and light melody with piano solo. Nostalgic videos, romantic and sentimental videos, emotional moments, slide shows, and much more.

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    My Magic Dreams by MixSound

    Ambient and floating music track, with cool rhythm and spacious pads. Uplifting, light, calm, and relaxing music track with many variations. Very good choice for background music for corporate projects, advertising, Youtube, presentations, and other media applications.

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    Perfect Solutions by MixSound

    It is a calm, soft, hopeful, and inspiring corporate background music. This track is great for advertising, commercials, corporate media, or background music for PowerPoint presentation.

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    Morning In The City by MixSound

    This stylish background music will bring a fresh and lively mood to your corporate presentations, commercials, slideshow, and other media projects. Light piano melodies combined with modern synth sound create a relaxing atmosphere. Can also be used in travel projects and promotional materials about luxury services.

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    Slideshow by MixSound

    Modern, futuristic, and deeply focused electronic music with laid-back groove and modern plucky sound. This track will be perfect as background music for technology promo videos, science videos, sci-fi and documentary films, augmented reality videos, modern developments and innovations projects, and design and engineering videos.

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    Street Trap by MixSound

    Modern hip-hop/trap music with strong bass and catchy rhythms. Concept of the project - this is an unusual mix of a powerful street sound, modern fashionable rhythm, and melody in a creative style. Great for cool urban videos, advertising, fashion video blogging on YouTube or Instagram.

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    Corporate Direction by MixSound

    Quirky, inspiring, charismatic, and rhythmic corporate track with a sense of optimism, wellbeing, positivity, and the good life. Creates the feeling of things going right, being successful in your endeavors, and experiencing something new. This track is great for advertising, commercials, corporate media, or background music in a modern presentation.

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    The Morning Glow by MixSound

    This light, contemporary corporate track has a warm, inviting mood and a professional vibe. The tune’s catchy melody is a good match for tech, marketing and web projects in particular – it’s got a bright, cuddly sound that can generate a smile and put viewers in a good mood even at the most serious moments.

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