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Since Mar, 2013
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Italian composer and producer
  • The Flying Birds by Nuform Music

    This solo piano track is the perfect choice for scoring emotionally charged scenes. The beautiful and touching piano melody, joined by an evocative chord progression, allows for wide possibilities of application. It works best with emotional, nostalgic, and sentimental videos.

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    A Drink In Pool by Nuform Music

    This track will help you set a calm and relaxed tone. With its warm synth pads, acoustic bass, and electric piano. It's perfect for background music at your next slideshow, product or vacation video, and any other scene where a smooth, serene mood is needed.

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    Watching The Mirror by Nuform Music

    Tender, peaceful, and moving piano track with light melody reminding us of our long-lost loves. Great background track for emotional scenes, nostalgic videos, or videos that tell a story of someone's past and memories.

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    Happy Days Will Arrive by Nuform Music

    The sea, sand, and underwater environments have come to mind while listening to this optimistic soundtrack. Featuring sonar pings, electric guitar melody, marimba, and bongos. A good choice for celebrating happy days, and also useful for tutorial videos, or any other use.

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    Welcome Back by Nuform Music

    An evocative and uplifting pop-rock track that creates an atmosphere of prosperity and chill. A beautiful guitar intro carries over with guitars, reflective piano, soft bass, and synths. The perfect track for memorable moments, life stories, and engaging presentations, and more.

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    A New Life Coming by Nuform Music

    Cool Down with the smooth sound of Buddha Bar style lounge music. Featuring a blend of chillhop and urban electronica featuring soulful vocal hooks, lush synth atmospheres, and deep trap subs. It has a seductive feel and would work perfectly in a luxurious, relaxed environment or to help create a casual atmosphere for any project.

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    The Importance Of Little Things by Nuform Music

    The Importance Of Little Things is a beautiful, motivational modern classical piece that will be sure to evoke feelings of inspiration. A gentle harp and piano backed by an orchestra of strings create a feeling of hope and optimism. This track would work perfectly for corporate advertising or commercial that need an inspirational cinematic touch.

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    The Christmas Theme by Nuform Music

    Just in time for the Holiday season comes a joyous, melodic music track made with lovely bells, glockenspiel and woodwinds. This melody makes a perfect backdrop for the Christmas magic. Great for commercials, New Year projects, Holiday greetings, and more.

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    The Summer Is Magic by Nuform Music

    The summer is here, and we need to enjoy it. Captivating song with modern sounds, suitable for videos, tutorials, corporate presentations, and the perfect soundtrack for your beautiful memories. Modern plucked sounds, beautiful clean drums, and solid bass for your listening.

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    Jingle Bells Reprise by Nuform Music

    Jingle Bells in a fancy music box. A modern sound and a touch of originality in this version work very well in many uses; it's traditional but different with a modern sound and with a bit of humor. Let's get into the holiday season!

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    Surreal World by Nuform Music

    Contemporary chillstep electronic production music. Featuring catchy plucked synths sound and arpeggiated synth sound that suggests the flow and continuity of the tune. Ideal for modern corporate presentation, cutting edge technologies, science inventions, new product launches, and more.

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    The Sunset Boulevard by Nuform Music

    Modern style lounge royalty-free music with a peaceful, laid-back mood. Smooth synth melody played over soothing e-piano. It perfectly suits design projects and digital photographers, vacation videos, luxury products, in-store music, or any other project that needs an extra touch of style with a bit of elegance.

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