Denis Quarin

Since May, 2012
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My name is Denis Quarin and I am an Italian composer from the Noth of Italy, living just 40 minutes by car from Venice. I have been playing classical and jazz piano for over 40 years . During the past 4 years I have been concentrating in writing music for film and television and during this period I have been working with severals Italian film makers. I specialize in orchestral compositions as well as elecrtonic/chilled music. I alwayes work very hard to deliver beautiful piecses of music and I alwayes add a piece of the famous loving Italian flavour to all my compositions!
  • Spring Is Blossoming by Denis Quarin

    Sentimental/romantic love music with feeling and heartfelt melody. This track is great for emotional journeys, reflective moments, sense of proud, a once in a lifetime love story, breathtaking scenes, wedding videos and other. Instruments are piano and orchestral strings.

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    Wave One by Denis Quarin

    Romantic song, orchestra, drums ,conductive pian

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    Caring for Roses by Denis Quarin

    Melodic orchestral loop followed by French horn, strings and piano. Suitavle for romantic movie moments.

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    I Love You by Denis Quarin

    Love is in the air! This happy, mellow and sentimental Rom-Com music bed is perfect for any warm intro theme but it can also be used as a nice and pleasant background music track for any other type of video .

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