Jack White

Since Feb, 2007
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Music and garden are my passion. I'm an enthusiast of eco farming and I produce vegetables and fruits during the summer in my garden for myself, my family and to sell at a local farmer's market, and I write music in my home studio during the winter season. Loops are just a part of my creativity. That would be cool to collaborate with singers and lyricists to finish my songs. My influences are Archive, Anneke Van Giersbergen and so on in wide range of music genres. Feel free to drop me a line if you can help me. Thanks for visiting my profile.
  • An elegant soothing melody on nylon guitar flows like a babbling brook, accompanied by a string section and guitars.

    Spy Girls in the City! Burlesque style, cabaret track with a sound of 1930s jazz and swing music.

    Its time to sleep! Hush-a-bye and sleep tight! Special for youthful moms and their babies.

    Autumn is here and leaves begin their round dances. Leaves are covering the ground around the trees to protect its roots from frost.

    This is a vintage sounding rock track full of energy and confidence. Performed with classic rock instruments - crunchy electric guitars, rock electric organ, grand piano and powerful rhythm section.

    Mellow, light, adorable and candy-sweet melody, playing on the acoustic guitar. This is a perfect background for little kids audience, prince and princess, far away kingdom, magic fairytale, romantic honeymoon, girlish dreams, la vie en rose.

    Drink no more, smoke no more, drug no more! And still forever rock! :)

    An acoustic melody loop full of joy and carefree. Performed with acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano and drums.

    No matter how long the road is, but if it is the road to home, you know it is no matter.

    ROAD SONG is a traditional acoustic guitar melody loop. The rhythm is very soothing and sounds like composed for the happy times. This music is very simple yet truly amazing.

    Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" is the most famous music associated with wedding ceremonies. It was written in 1842 for the Shakespeare's play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and become popular after the Royal wedding of England's Princess Victoria in 1858.

    Dreamy and relaxing melody loop. It could be suitable to use as music bed for cinematic scenes in slow motion mode.

    Take a deep breath. Imagine your house near vineyard on the coast. Smell all wonderful fragrances that the mother Earth provide to you.

    A flamenco-inspired melody evolves into a restless melodic line over a bondiana style sordino-string section.

    This is a serious cinematic music bed written for piano, violins, cellos, bass, orchestral percussion and french horn section.

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