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Since Jun, 2017
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  • Land Of Glory by Julio Kladniew

    Adventurous and heroic Epic orchestral track. Featuring emotional piano, strings, building up to the majestic climax. Excellent background music for a good presentation and motivational visuals, final credits, film/game trailers, victory, and more.

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    Indian Dream by Julio Kladniew

    A mixture of traditional Hindu instruments and psychedelic musical atmosphere of the 1960s and hippie movement. This groovy track has a very cool Indian vibe and sounds hip and trendy. Works well in travel videos, fashion documentaries, TV transitions, and anything Flower Power reality-based subject.

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    Bold And Gritty by Julio Kladniew

    Cool and trendy urban track featuring a Breakbeat drum pattern over a pounding old school Hip Hop beats. That bold background music will support a wide range of media visuals. Including any commercial promo, indent, or website.

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    Rock And Roll Riff by Julio Kladniew

    Authentic Rock track full of guitars, amazing riffs, and ready to Rock! Suitable for with a rocking intro, sports theme projects, aggressive commercials, action and adventure movie. Think of We Will Rock You by Queen.

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    Positive Force by Julio Kladniew

    A magnificent rock and roll track with positive guitar riffs and an incredible good old rock sound. Ideal for upbeat product promotions, celebration parties, college teens having fun, high school, driving fast cars, and many more.

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    Seduced At Party by Julio Kladniew

    Fresh and cool cocktail type jazz track, featuring double bass, piano, xylophone, and percussion. Underscore version also available. In style of The Pink Panther Theme Song.

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    Dancing Dice by Julio Kladniew

    Dark EDM music in progressive techno style with a dynamic melody and a rich synthesizer sound. Ideal royalty-free music for club party events, IT developments, stylish promotional videos, dynamic animations, and science fiction themes.

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    Montuno by Julio Kladniew

    An updated version of the best selling track "Montuno". Faster, with an interlude and a different drum groove.

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    St Germain by Julio Kladniew

    Spacious mid-tempo acid-jazz track with a hip modern base, transparent patterns, and jazzy touch. It would work to create a lounge vibe well for reality TV, instore music, elegant commercials, luxury real estate, etc.

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    Visionary Ideas by Julio Kladniew

    Futuristic, hi-tech and minimalistic underscore. Perfect for technological videos, business presentations, video game opening credits, motivational seminars, business awards, technical demonstrations,

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    Funky Time Funk by Julio Kladniew

    Super positive funk track for sunny days. Modern, cool and elegant in the style of Daft Punk. Ideal for comedy soundtrack, lifestyle Instagram content, tv show intro, YouTube vlog, summer videos, or short video Clips. Enjoy!

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    Critical Choice by Julio Kladniew

    Energetic and dramatic alternative rock track with serious and focused mood. Great to use as background in the presentation of cutting-edge technology products, or new scientific research.

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    Rising Strength by Julio Kladniew

    Motivational, inspirational and uplifting composition featuring guitars and a solid rhythm section. Great for transmitting achievements and need goals.

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    Dancing Neighborhood by Julio Kladniew

    This cutting edge electronic track with vocals, terrific sound, and mid-tempo groove. Perfect background music for cool Instagram content, denim fashion promo, stylish luxury life, club chill after-party, Youtube beauty vlogs, and more.

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