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Since Apr, 2011
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  • Bali Breeze by Dmitriy Rodionov

    A calm relaxing track with nature sound of water and birds combined with bongos drums and rainstick. Ideal for relaxation, natural serenity and meditation.

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    Creeping Shadow by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Calm and shady track in rhythms of oriental dance. Featuring instruments are percussion, bongos and background sound effects. Perfect to create relaxing as well as meditative mood that you and your audience will enjoy.

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    In the Garden of Eden by Dmitriy Rodionov

    This heavenly music played on the piano, is surrounded by an atmosphere of warmth and happiness of grace. Perfect background music when used as relaxing soundscape for multimedia projects related to love, spiritual growth or childhood.

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    Space Jazz by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Absolutely experimental background music made of jazz rhythms, a little space rock at times, but melodic and catchy. Instruments: marimba, bass, and digital synthesizer. Perfect for presentations, radio podcasts or video on a sporting theme, news or something else.

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    Happy New Year by Dmitriy Rodionov

    A festive melody that tells us winter holidays are here again. Featured instruments are: electric piano and bells along with a nice percution section. Perfect background music for holidays video clips, photo slideshow or greeting cards. Have a nice Happy New Year!

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    Christmas Snowflakes by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Cheerful Christmas melody with jingling bells sound effects, piano and drums. Perfect background music for holiday season.

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    Digital Dolphin by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Pulsating electronic track. Featured instruments are synthesizer, digital drums, percussion and arpeggiator. Perfect for documentaries, news, presentations and other projects.

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    Winners by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Tense, bright track in military style. Main instruments: synthesizer, arpeggiator, digital drums. Perfect as background music for action films or video games.Tense, bright track in military-style. Main instruments: synthesizer, arpeggiator, digital drums. Perfect as background music for action films or video games.

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    China Village by Dmitriy Rodionov

    The national melody intertwines with mysterious natural landscapes

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    Majestic Mountains by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Slow ambient track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums and percussion, electric guitar sound, atmospheric effects. Perfect for documentary filming, space frames, relaxation and other projects.

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    Adrenaline by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Fast energetic ambient track with tense, speed racing atmosphere. Perfect soundscape to render stressful moments, action time and intense movement toward the goal.

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    Spring Butterfly by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Dramatic, inspirational melody performed on cello, viola and violins. This powerful, emotive strings theme will be perfect for corporate video, presentations, cinematic scenes and TV/Radio podcasts.

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    Tightrope Walking by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Energetic track with strong, addictive beats. Suitable for chase scenes, race games or sports video.

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    After the Battle by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Cinematic ethereal theme performed on violins and cellos. Perfect for historical documentaries, corporate videos and grand product presentations.

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    Winter Tale by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Beautiful chillout track with magic atmosphere of Christmas holidays approaching. Soft chiming of crystal bells accompanied by calm chords of the piano would be great as background music for many creative projects.

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    UFO by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Dynamic futuristic track with drum'n'bass style rhythm section. Featuring digital synth sound and a driven groove. Perfect for computer games or a high energy workout.

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    Breaking The Barriers by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Energetic cheerful tune featured drum synthesizer sounds. Perfect for corporate presentations, news, video podcasts and website background music.

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    Galaxy by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Beautiful space track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums, the sound of the strings. Perfect for web sites, relaxation and other projects.

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    Mysterious Place by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Mysterious ambient track. Used synthesizer, arpeggiator and sounds of bells. Perfect background music for films about mystery and hidden thoughts.

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    Fireball by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Fast energetic electronic track with drum 'n' bass rhythm. Very modern urban soundrack for creative projects.

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    High-Speed Flight by Dmitriy Rodionov

    Tense, energetic pulsating, acid trance track. Perfect for action scenes. Used synthesizer, arpeggiator, pulsating rhythm of digital drums, atmospheric effects.

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