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Since Jul, 2012
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Dance 6 Electronic 3 House 2 Techno 1 Funk 1 Pop 1 Ethnic 1 Acoustic 1 Reggae 1 Chill out 1 Lounge 1 Modern Classical 1 R&B 1 Latin 1
I spread my music on the Internet since 1999, when I was one of the most downloaded Italian dance producers on the mythic MP3.COM with the moniker "ATSM - A Tall Shod Man" The rest is history :) I have my own home studio and can compose, mix and master tracks. I sequence tracks on Cubase and edit with Soundforge. In 2004 I joined the popdance production team Tobacco Music and made things like this: or this: Then I put my hands on many projects of several genres (electro, house, chill out, new age and more). And now, I continue composing happy
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