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  • Great acoustic rhythm, wonderful piano, nice drums, claps, gentle strings and balls create a slight dreamy and happy mood. Immerse yourself in the cheerful embrace of this delightful, heartwarming track that exudes warmth and positivity. It's an ideal choice for projects aiming to create a cozy, relaxed, and joyful atmosphere. The friendly, captivating music effortlessly enhances your creative work, inviting your audience to enjoy its soothing and uplifting vibes. Beautiful and atmospheric corporate technology background music. The track includes deep synth, soft piano pads, and drums. Ideal for advertising, promotional videos, business presentation, websites, slideshows, product presentations, and more. Energetic and action-packed, this hard rock music will create a great vibe in your video. Perfect for advertising, trailers, intros and openers, promos, and showreels. A great choice for projects needing an upbeat sound to grab the viewer's attention. Bright, positive electronic corporate track with strings, synth, and rhythm. It is constantly in motion and gives a feel of automation, speed, and continuous creativity. Great as background music for future technology, industrial videos, commercials, product promos, and more. A powerful epic cinematic orchestral track, inspired by the mythical world of knights and kings. This distinctively cinematic track represents courage, pride, honor, and valor and will help you to create a sense of power, glory, and grandeur in your film production. Featuring a massive orchestra, strings drums, and percussion. The inspiring and focused corporate pop track sets the perfect tone for many projects. Featuring muted electric guitar, strings, e-piano, and analog synths. It provides a motivating backdrop that keeps the viewers engaged and focused. Suitable for business presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, business videos, science and technology projects, lifestyle and travel, medical and health videos, real estate, startup videos, app promos, explainers and more. An upbeat, bright, and cheery orchestral arrangement of a timeless holiday classic, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Dating back to Merry Olde England, this festive Christmas carol captures the joy and spirit of the Yuletide season. Features varied, colorful instrumentation within contrasting sections and uplifting key changes. "Put Your Money In My Bag" is a cool and swaggy hip-hop track with a modern vibe and style. Ideal as background music to fill your project with energy and attitude. Suitable for urban-focused media content, lifestyle vlog, videos about everyday routines and activities, street fashion, promotional footage, home decor, or behind-the-scenes content. This cinematic track has a huge, motivational, and energetic sound that works perfectly for your epic trailers. The track consists mainly of a brass section and strings but also uses percussion and synths in a combination that will make your audience feel courageous, heroic, and powerful. Perfect for fantasy films, epic trailers, games, applications, army advertising, triumphant scenes, and patriotic movies. This modern chill step track is ideal for use as background music in corporate presentations and company advertising. Featuring analog synths, e-piano, and catchy beats, it creates a stylish atmosphere that adds sophistication to any video or audio creation. Whether you're presenting new ideas, promoting products, or showcasing the cutting-edge technologies of your brand, this track adds a touch of contemporary elegance. The ultimate in action sports rock with a wild mood. The best choice to get your adrenaline pumping and go for a ride down whatever path you take. Amazing music for extreme sports videos, skateboarding, sky diving, mountain climbing, or anything that requires lots of energy and some pretty wild parts. This music is a powerful and inspirational cinematic epic orchestral track. It brings feelings of strength and persistence while raising energy levels, creating an atmosphere of achievement and victory. The track is perfect for any project that requires powerful yet optimistic moods such as commercials and advertisements. This is fresh and energetic EDM pop music shares a burst of energy and excitement. It is the perfect choice for engaging visuals, advertising, corporate video, club party, YouTube vlogs, fashion shows, commercials, interviews, and lifestyle vlogs. It also works exceptionally well for television programs and documentaries, adding a modern and vibrant touch. This track is a powerful, epic hybrid trailer music. Breathtaking piano intro builds into the breakrough of epic brass arrangements and thundering impacts building up to an apocalyptic percussive breakdown. This powerful cinematic background music creates a sense of tension and excitement in your production. Perfect for film trailers and action plots as well as for video games. Driving, powerful, and energetic rock music track with punchy rock drums, distorted crunchy guitar, and roaring bass. The track will surely bring power and feeling of youth, recklessness, and style to the media it uses a commercial, youtube channel, Instagram advertising, Facebook video, TV teenage show, and more. A beautiful, relaxing, and inspiring chillhop / hip hop music track packed with happiness, joy, summer, and chillness. Perfect for commercials, corporate, hotel, and luxury videos, presentations, and other media projects that need a powerful and elegant feel. A powerful, heroic, and epic orchestral hybrid trailer track featuring a large orchestra and exciting electronic elements - aggressive drum pattern, synths, intense bass line, and modern strings. A choir with sweeping vocal lines adds to the dramatic effect as well. Use it to show action scenes in video game trailers, fantasy or sci-fi movies, or TV shows. This inspiring cinematic score is about celebrating the beauty of life. It aims to create a romantic, emotional journey that is full of hope and wonder, with a touch of epicness. It has an uplifting tone that really creates an atmosphere of joy and happiness. This track is perfect for any inspiring wedding slideshow, or any time you want to feel inspired by life. Haunting and truly epic cinematic hybrid-orchestral creates a powerful and immersive listening experience. The track contains all typical trailer music elements such as big hits, booms, hybrid percussions, horns, risers, impacts, and whooshes. This composition is the perfect fit for any project that requires a dramatic and impactful soundtrack from sci-fi film trailers to promotional videos. This light chill-out track is made for those times when you just want to relax and enjoy the beauty of life. Soothing piano pads, hypnotic bass lines, and gentle percussions keep everything smooth and relaxed. It's a perfect soundscape for your dream vacation, urban luxury footage, and moments of sensual pleasures. Stylish lounge music from the very beginning sets a sophisticated and relaxed ambiance. The smooth melodies, laid-back rhythms, and captivating instrumentation transport listeners to a tropical paradise with pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. The relaxed and stylish ambiance makes this track perfect as backdrop music for promotional videos or reels for holiday resorts, and cruise lines; for restaurants, cafés, or bars; for real estate agents showcasing luxury properties or for video projects aiming to evoke a vacation-like mood. This dramatic epic cinematic soundtrack is perfect for advertising and personal growth projects. This track features brass, strings, and hybrid drums to take your production to the next level. Use it to make your videos or presentations come alive with energy and passion! This music is ideally suited for a wide range of media applications. For example, it enhances the appeal of commercials and movie trailers, adds depth to emotionally charged and visually stunning videos, and complements historical films beautifully. It's also an excellent match for enticing teasers, gripping game soundtracks, engaging presentations, dramatic title sequences, and subtly profound titers. Stylish House music both fashionable and inviting, with electric mute guitar, electric piano, and synths. This music radiates a vibe of sophistication and coolness, making it a fantastic choice for event videos, high-end fashion projects, beauty vlogs, or any project looking to add a touch of style. It also works brilliantly for advertisements, presentations, or any content that requires a smooth, atmospheric soundtrack. Perfect for event videos, fashion projects, beauty vlogs, advertising, presentations, and more. Atmospheric country rock music track with dark mood guitar riffs and big drums. Great for wild west and country movie, video about cowboys, motivational project, games, background in film, tv or youtube and many more This epic Chinese theme is inspiring and uplifting for documentaries, films, video games, animated films, YouTube videos, and more. The piece is intended to evoke the power of tradition and a feeling of triumph and victory. This happy and sunny acoustic folk track is filled with warmth and inspiring vibes. Featuring slide guitars, acoustic guitars, pianos, bass, and percussions, creating a joyful and uplifting atmosphere. The cheerful melodies and lively rhythms of this track create a positive ambiance. Perfect for commercials, advertisements, corporate videos, travel vlogs, family videos, and media projects that need a feel-good and uplifting sound. Upbeat fashion pop electronic corporate track. With its vibrant and dynamic sound, this track exudes a sense of positivity and drive. This super uplifting and motivational composition features a combination of energetic guitars, cool synths, and a pulsating bass and drum beat. Ideal for commercials and media projects, ads, presentations, videos, vlogs, and slideshows in need of a serious dose of elegance and sophistication. Inspirational and motivational electronic track in corporate style with an atmosphere full of hope and excitement. Featuring digital hi-tech sound, glitch effects, ambient pads, and other elements. It is the perfect companion for YouTube content, corporate presentations, motivational videos, reviews of future trends, product launches, training videos, webinars, and any project related to innovation and technological advancements. It's a romantic and emotional track featuring piano and orchestral strings. Perfect for wedding videos and montages, love scenes, and other romantic videos. Beautiful and simple lo-fi chill-out/lounge track that will effortlessly accompany various media projects. This background music creates an atmosphere of ease and comfort. Whether you're vlogging, taking a leisurely walk, seeking relaxation, focusing on work, indulging in fashion, dreaming, unwinding for sleep, or even enjoying some quiet reading time, this composition is the perfect musical companion. Ideal for everyday moments, daily routines, and other chosen activities. Inspiring and dramatic Chinese background music, with the sounds of traditional Asian instruments. This track would be perfect to use in cinematic media projects about China and related topics such as Chinese New Year, Asian heroic action, etc. A powerful instrumental hard rock track. The electric lead guitar shreds with a vintage 80s vibe over driving bass, drums, and synthesizer creating an immersive wall-of-sound effect. Well-suited for projects related to action, adventure, sports footage, speeding cars, and much more. This metal track's potent, assertive tones will ideally amplify the intensity of your commercial promotions, sports-related content, and captivating video game teasers. It's perfectly designed to inject a rush of adrenaline and bold energy into your projects. An American hard rock music track full of powerful energy, with a main synth melody in the style of industrial metal. A powerful drum section and distorted guitars add to the emotional tension of this music track. Excellent choice for motivational, extreme, and sports videos, games, and more! This epic orchestral trailer music is the breathtaking soundscape for your projects with awe-inspiring grandeur and an air of confidence. This composition embodies a multitude of powerful emotions, including positivity, encouragement, pride, inspiration, patriotism, glory, bravery, and motivation. The escalating intensity of the music symbolizes the journey toward accomplishing success. Perfect for commercials, advertisements, company representations, and corporate videos. A dramatic, epic cinematic track. Action-packed music with a mysterious and powerful feel. Great for trailers, film scores, video game soundtracks, historical movies, and blockbuster trailers. This track features orchestral strings, brass sections, chimes, bells, electronic drums, and percussion. Beautiful inspirational and moving epic orchestral music that is great for a commercial or project needing a sweeping, cinematic, and epic feel. This powerful full orchestral track features a soaring string section, accompanied by powerful percussion, horns, piano, and synths. Cool and stylish Chillhop music with an easygoing vibe is perfect for urban, street, and commercial videos. Ideal for videos exploring urban culture, street style, or city nightlife. Great for social media campaigns, lifestyle vlogs, or any project requiring a cool, laid-back soundscape. This corporate pop track will perfectly suit any inspirational or advertising project. It can be used as background music in your Youtube video or corporate presentation, webinars, tutorial videos, and many other projects. Also, it will create an excellent atmosphere for your video project and bring an optimistic feel to it. Soft sexy, alluring, and luxurious chillout lounge track will envelop your audience in a tranquil cocoon of bliss. It features soft synth pads, a steady pace, sparse piano melodies, a velvety bassline, glittering bells, and sensual vocals. Ideal as background music for projects needing a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. Perfect for lifestyle YouTube vlogs, luxury resorts, fashion shows where attention to detail is paramount, romantic or intimate scenes in films or TV shows, spa and wellness centers, beauty makeup tutorials, art exhibitions, and more. This high-octane composition perfectly fits battle videos, game trailers, fight promos, YouTube battle videos, thematic events, and more. Its powerful and intense sound sets the stage for epic showdowns and adrenaline-fueled moments. Get ready to unleash the raw energy! Inspirational and upbeat strings orchestral music with a driving positive feeling for your corporate projects. This track is perfectly fit for any type of business video including, commercials, web videos, and infomercials. Its uplifting atmosphere will lift up the viewer's mood and give them the confidence to succeed. This is an uplifting, epic, heroic and majestic orchestral track. It has a powerful rousing, and glorious feel. Great as background music for projects related to fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, or game trailers. Like Thor meets Superman. The strong but motivational harmonies are perfect for describing an epic voyage, heroic drama, and triumphant action. Upbeat summer chillhop track with the combination of a muted trumpet, Rhodes piano, dub bass, and a hip-hop drum beat, that give it a cool, modern vibe. Perfect for a range of applications, including in-store music, travel vlogs, leisure activities, lifestyle videos, youth-oriented fashion brands, and any project that requires a fun, relaxed, and stylish atmosphere. A romantic and emotional track featuring piano and orchestral strings. Perfect for wedding videos and montages, love scenes, and romantic videos. This is a heavy dubstep instrumental that sweeps away with the explosive energy of a colossal electronic beat and pulsating bass. It combines the raw intensity of dubstep with the futuristic sounds of cyberpunk electronica. The intricate layers of synthesizers weave a web of sonic intensity, unleashing a torrent of distorted and aggressive sounds. Great for creating an electrifying atmosphere for clubbing and partying scenes. This rock music track is an electrifying, high-energy composition that immediately grabs the listener's attention with its bold, powerful opening riff. The driving rhythm section creates an intense, relentless groove that demands movement and headbanging. It's the perfect soundtrack for a high-intensity workout, a fight scene, or a wild night out on the town. A hard rock track that has depth and warmth. This track can be used in many video and television productions, as well as in commercials and other audio-visual products. Perfect for motivational and uplifting themes, this music will fit many purposes. Experience the full force of action rock at its most potent and unstoppable. This sound is perfect for fueling adrenaline-pumped chase scenes, intense fight sequences, and high-octane drives. Its relentless energy and raw power bring a rush of exhilaration to every beat. A bright, groovy, and stylish royalty-free fashion pop house music. This bright and groovy royalty-free track is ideal for fashion videos, real estate websites, photo albums, and more. It has an urban edge combined with an intense dance beat and deep bass that gives it a unique trendy atmosphere. A cool and funky jazz fusion track with a dirty, vintage analog sound. This mellow groove features a funky and bouncing bass line, laid back brass section, soulful guitars and vintage keyboards in the 1970s style. Highly recommended for casino gambling, luxury cars and high end brands. Upbeat punk rock background music with a feeling of rebel youth, recklessness, and style. Featuring punchy rock drums, distorted crunchy guitar, roaring bass, and SFX. Great for commercials, youtube channels, Instagram advertising, Facebook video, TV teenage show, and projects needing a dose of raw energy. Modern, positive, and uplifting electronic corporate music with a futuristic touch. Perfect for presentations, new technologies, 3D visualizations, and edgy advertising. Motivational, high-tech, and inspirational. Super catchy and uplifting summer EDM lounge music is guaranteed to be stuck in the listener's head for hours! Featuring a house beat, piano, guitars, solo guitars, and synths to create an amazing easy listening tune. Perfect for radio broadcasts, captivating advertisements, engaging commercials, corporate events, TV shows that need an energetic soundtrack, and more. This epic music will be perfect for your documentary, movie, video, or historical film. It gives you an incredibly motivating feeling of power and strength. Inspiring modern classical background music with a sense of miracle. The track is very inspirational and motivational, perfect for background music in presentations, fantasy films, and other media. Also, it's a great choice for most commercials and corporate projects. This is an amazing, emotional, and powerful instrumental track. A beautiful song with piano, soft piano, and strings that creates a sense of hope and bliss. This tune is perfect for any presentation, video, or presentation requiring inspiring background music. Let this heartwarming melody uplift your spirits, and bring a smile to your face as it fills your project with warmth and positivity. An emotional, epic orchestral music with gradual build-up and a sense of triumph and grandeur. Moving, uplifting, proud, regal, patriotic, and triumphal, this composition lifts the spirits and emboldens the heart. Featuring hybrid orchestra instruments, like strings, fx drums, brass, thundering percussion, and a powerful epic chorus ending. An ideal choice for projects that need to convey a sense of heroism and accomplishment, patriotic events, monumental accomplishments, trailers of epic films or series, highlight reels of sporting championships, national celebrations, military parades, and more. This beautiful piece of music combines strings and piano, which lends it a sense of romanticism and grandeur. It is a very inspirational piece that could be used in documentaries, romantic movies, world productions, and much more. The melody is uplifting and sensitive, and it is sure to bring a sense of emotional intensity to any production.
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