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ikoliks is a music producer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. He produces video-oriented music in various genres, from calm acoustic folk songs to modern powerful rock music for commercial purposes. Also, he has a big experience in producing music for TV shows, like X-Factor Ukraine, The Voice, America Got Talent.
  • A positive and inspiring acoustic track with an uplifting, positive feel. This happy music is great for projects that need a corporate soundtrack, including YouTube videos. Suitable for all kinds of advertising, videos, and other commercial content. High energy, vibrant rock music with an edgy and groovy rhythm. Perfect for any projects that need a fresh, energetic sound with an edge. Use it in photo sessions or videos featuring sexy, fashionable people. Also great for luxury products, scenes, and trendy events. A dramatic and powerful hybrid-orchestral royalty-free music. With its epic opening, piercing strings and huge drums builds up to an explosive and powerful section before coming back down again for more drama and tension. Perfect for the action films, trailers, and video game visuals Full of drama and power, this background music will make your visuals stand out from the crowd. This Mediterranean Greek folk track features bouzouki, accordion, and acoustic guitars. This track brings a feeling of freedom, romance, and adventure to your projects. A great choice for travel videos and documentaries about nature, travel, food, and ecology or movies with similar topics. Sounding like the soundtrack to a futuristic movie, this electronic track with synth pluck melody, atmospheric pads, vocal fx, piano, and sound effects is perfect for corporate, scientific, and technological vlogs about innovations or branding products. A positive and happy royalty-free Christmas music piece with piano, orchestral strings, bells, glockenspiel, sleigh bells and classical guitars. This positive and festive track will shed some new lights on your amazing stories and projects! This energetic, groovy, and catchy royalty-free music track with gritty rock guitars, powerful hip-hop drums, 808, vocal bits, and whistle. Best fits modern commercials and vlogs. A perfect fit for fashion shows or an innovative presentation of new products. "Snowball Battle" is a happy, upbeat, and positive instrumental Christmas track. It has a feel-good groove and a beautiful carol-like melody. This joyful and uplifting soundscape has the spirit of the winter holiday season. Features acoustic guitars, strings, bells, piano melodies, and playful bass. Best for creating holiday mood in videos dedicated to Christmas. A futuristic inspired electronic royalty-free track with synth plucks, atmospheric pads, vocal cuts, piano and electronic movements, best for video games, scientific or business presentations, documentaries, technological or space related contents. This one is a dark and mysterious cinematic country song with guitar riffs, western Dobro guitars, banjo, claps, big drums and stomp, and atmospheric vocals. Ideal for trailers, games, promos, commercials, or wild west movie content. An energetic, bold and pumping track with a modern and trendy trap beat, heavy and edgy electric guitar. Perfect for trailers, extreme sports, fighting or gaming contents. An intense and dramatic rock track with electrifying energy. Based on electric guitars, piano, and pads, with subtle drums adding a powerful groove. This track would be perfect background music for showreels, trailers, or action scenes. A carefree, upbeat, royalty-free acoustic music track with ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, celesta, kalimba, and whistle. Best for comedies, commercials, YouTube videos, Instagram reels, or children-related content. This is a cool and catchy hard-rock track, inspired by the grooves of today's rock music. With punchy guitar riffs, hip-hop beats, basslines, and vocal cuts. Perfect for sports videos, vlogs, or commercials with a youth feel. Great for action and sports videos, vlogs or blogs, tv commercials and promos, openers or intros, etc. A soundtrack to your action-packed creative endeavor - the perfect track for trailers and sports videos, games, and other epic adventures. This upbeat royalty-free track is high energy and loaded with furious guitars, pounding bass and drums, and driving synths. Driving cinematic SFX is peppered throughout, adding a sense of urgency and drama. "Raising Sand" is a powerful, energetic and motivational rock music track providing a little extra adrenaline for extreme sports videos, action car commercials, Instagram stories, YouTube teasers and trailers, etc. An upbeat and energetic funky background music track in the style of Bruno Mars. Great for YouTube videos, Instagram stories, fashion projects, Kickstarter campaigns, vacation or party videos, games, sports clips, or trendy vlogs. This powerful and energetic punk rock track is perfect for any media project that requires an exciting, fresh, uplifting, and energetic sound. The track has a raw, grungy feel created with punchy rock drums, distorted crunchy guitar, roaring bass, and SFX. The track will surely bring a feeling of youth, recklessness, and style to the media it will use. A groovy and funky upbeat royalty-free disco pop music track with an energetic bass lines, funky guitars, best for fashion, sports, ads, teasers, commercials, podcasts, vlogs, and more! This futuristic and trendy royalty-free corporate music is perfect for modern presentations, innovative videos, documentaries, vlogs, reviews, startups, and more. It features airy synths, pianos, and drums that create a stylish atmosphere. The tune can work well in any video where the subject matter is technology or business. This one is a cool summer pop track with a great vibe of a beach party. It's a perfect choice for summer videos, corporate, explainers, inspiring projects, vlogs and podcasts, YouTube and Instagram content, TikTok videos. This one is a happy and inspirational corporate royalty-free music track, with shiny guitars, piano, vocal cuts, and staccato strings, great for presentations, corporate videos, vlogs, promos, advertising, YouTube videos, and motivational content. An acoustic folk royalty-free music track. This song has a warm, happy, and positive vibe perfect for commercials, ads, and more. Featuring shiny guitars, celesta, ukuleles, piano, claps and drums. The acoustic folk instrumental will take the listener on a journey of inspiration and happiness. A powerful and energetic electronic track in cyberpunk style. Featuring groovy synth leads and a pounding bass line to create an explosive feel. It fits well for action scenes, video games, commercials, automotive films, or sports videos. A futuristic corporate electronic royalty-free track with synth plucks atmospheric pads, vocal effects, piano, and electronic movements. Best for ads, business presentations, and scientific and technological videos. This warm, enchanting, royalty-free holiday track accentuates your Christmas videos, advertisements, and more. A harmonious blend of pizzicato strings, sleigh bells, piano, and nylon guitar makes this song perfect for any festive occasion. The perfect background music for holiday videos, vlogs, or kids' content. An energetic and powerful cinematic royalty-free rock track with cool guitar riffs, big drums and claps, vocal chants and rebellious mood, best for sports trailers, action films, war footages, car commercials or video games. This one is highly inspirational and motivational production music. Featuring acoustic guitars and a grand piano intro, ambient electric guitars, soft orchestral strings, bright bells, and epic drums that inspire greatness. Best for your corporate and business videos, commercials and advertising, presentations, web projects, vlogs, and animations. Take a deep relaxing breath, and let your stress melt away. Drift away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and find your quiet place with this smooth, chill-out royalty-free track. Featuring deep Rhodes chords and a modern electronic sound. Ideal for fashion show backgrounds, erotic scenes, luxury brands or trendy vlogs. A unique, cinematic, and emotional pop-rock track that is perfect for any project that needs a spontaneous and uplifting piece of background music! The track features an upbeat rhythm, which is supported by a memorable guitar melody and catchy drums. It has a sense of hope and joy that makes it great for use in showreels, trailers, and other inspirational projects. This royalty-free rock track with big drums and claps, cool guitar riffs, electronic bits, and a rebellious mood is best for sports trailers, action films, car commercials, and war footage. Use it on your next project that needs strong, heavy background music! This one is a powerful punchy cinematic composition with gritty guitars, powerful drums and stomp, hip-hop and industrial elements, orchestral hits and melodies. It's perfect as a piece of background music for films, extreme or action advertising and commercials, military, martial arts, urban, sports videos, etc. An inspirational upbeat indie folk track featuring live recorded acoustic guitar, piano, claps, percussion and soft orchestra strings. Perfect for any uplifting and inspiring videos such as Instagram stories, advertising, marketing, product launching, vlogs, podcasts, YouTube intros, broadcasting and more. Energetic and confident royalty-free music track, featuring stomps and claps, edgy electric guitars, and vocal oohs to create a feel-good and rebellious mood. Best for extreme and sports, intro videos, trailers, car commercials, YouTube and Instagram, action movies, trailers, and games. A traditional bossa nova meets jazz-funk in this high-energy track, creating a full-spectrum groove that reflects the warm, soulful and sensual essence. Featuring cool bass, brasses, guitars, flute, vibraphone, and drums. Catchy, sunny, vibrant, and smooth. Perfect for any project looking for a modern take on a classic Latin sound. Best for videos about travel, fashion, food, and other related topics. An aggressive and powerful royalty-free rock track with cool guitar riffs, big drums and claps, vocal chants and rebellious mood, best for sports trailers, action films, war footages, car commercials or video games. A cool, punchy royalty-free indie rock music kit, with catchy guitar riffs, scratches, 808 bass, vocal cuts, and hip-hop beats. Great for modern commercials, promos, action and sports videos, vlogs, intros, or openers. This royalty-free music track is an electrifying and dynamic fusion of metal, dubstep, drum'n'bass, and rock elements. This high-energy and aggressive composition sets a mood of intensity and power and drives the adrenaline and excitement to the max. Perfect as a high-octane soundtrack for trailers, the digital age, extreme sports, racing, technology war, and intense video games within the sci-fi, or action genres. A spooky and eerie royalty-free orchestral piece in the style of Edvard Grieg. Featuring pizzicato strings, bells, choir, epic cinematic elements, and the occasional theremin sounds. Best for Halloween commercials, horror films, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok videos. A deep and futuristic royalty free track with airy pads, bouncy plucks, deep bass and glitchy beats, best for innovative vlogs, medical soundtracks, science documentaries, technology or corporate contents. This one is a groovy and funky upbeat royalty free music track. It features energetic and pounding bassline, funky guitars, hip hop elements, placed over a confident and modern swinging drum groove. Ideal as a background music for projects related to fashion and sports, ads and openers, teasers, trendy commercial and podcasts, Instagram and YouTube, vlogs and more. Have fun with this one! This one is a jazzy royalty-free Halloween song that perfectly matches the spirit of Halloween - a bit scary and funny. It's great for Halloween commercials, short films, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok videos. This catchy indie rock music has a colorful indie vibe with unique guitar sounds and handclaps. From podcasting to vlogging and streaming, this track is ideal to feature in your media production. Friendly, lighthearted, and upbeat, this track is perfect for vlogs, podcasts intro music, travel videos, and any visuals needing an extra dose of energy. Get ready to hit the dancefloor with our playful and groovy disco funky royalty-free music track. This infectious composition is filled with cool basslines, synths, vocal bits, and energetic drums, creating a lively atmosphere. This track sets the perfect tone for vibrant travel destinations, fashion content that exudes style and flair, or party visuals, dance videos that capture the excitement of the dancefloor, commercials or vlogs. This upbeat and happy royalty-free pop track features cool electric guitars, claps, pianos, bells, and drums. Best for travel vlogs, ads, children and teens learning social skills, corporate presentations, and other media content. This lively and enjoyable royalty-free country rock track is infused with catchy guitar riffs, acoustic guitars, banjo, and harmonica. It is perfectly suited for advertisements, lifestyle or travel videos, road trips, vlogs, and podcasts. With its upbeat nature, it adds a dynamic and engaging touch to your creative projects. This energetic, intense and epic cinematic rock track is perfect for trailers, sports montages, car commercials, vlogs, and podcasts. The distorted guitars are amplified by a heavy bassline that plays throughout the song. A great choice for projects looking to convey strength and determination with an edgy sound. This magical soundtrack will create a winter-like atmosphere and bring Christmas cheer to your videos. This orchestral track is perfect for commercials, films and even fantasy related contents. The melody is played on bells, drums and piano, accompanied by live recorded string quartet. Suitable for any kind of seasonal or Christmas commercial.
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