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Since May, 2012
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  • Jingle Bells Sweetness by Dvir Zilverstone

    Delicate and sweet Christmas day jingle bells tune in a 45 seconds orchestral and bells adaptation. Hopeful and tender holiday music for Christmas, Xmas, Santa, snowing, buying gifts, under the holiday tree and family fairy tales scenes.

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    Today News by Dvir Zilverstone

    Modern and epic loop able news flash logo. Big and dramatic stinger with big bells, symphonic strings, orchestral percussion. Uplifting, optimistic and positive for grand opening, news flash, interview, commercial and general TV show transition.

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    Success In Connection by Dvir Zilverstone

    Inspiring and successful corporate rock pop. Optimistic and happy light rock that is perfect for business projects, product marketing, teamwork, commercial, adverts and modern lifestyle. Motivational and driving underscore featuring clean electric guitars, acoustic guitars, piano, strings and glockenspiel.

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    Bells In Motion by Dvir Zilverstone

    Dreamy and flowing bells and strings music. light, mystical, and ethereal in a constant and driving motion. Has a cosmic, divine and New Age feel. Ideal background music for zen meditation, yoga practice, travel or nature landscapes, spa massage music.

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    Spanish Love by Dvir Zilverstone

    Romantic and mellow acoustic Latin - Spanish music loop. Bright and uplifting urban Latino with classical guitar, ukulele, strings and soft beat. Longing and reflective serenade best for love, contemplative and hopeful scenes.

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    Sweetest Christmas by Dvir Zilverstone

    Sweet and childish Christmas eve tune in a orchestral and bells adaptation. Hopeful and tender holiday music for Christmas, Xmas, Santa, snowing, buying gifts, under the holiday tree and family fairy tales scenes.

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    Green Place by Dvir Zilverstone

    Calm and blissful corporate music. Relaxing positive and optimistic with light digital synth, soft strings and beat. Best for new age and ecological business model presentations and modern background music related to green energy, organic products, computers commercial internet banking communication.

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    Jazzy Light by Dvir Zilverstone

    Light and easy, jazzy pop track. Uplifting and positive midtempo easy listening music with piano melody, soft drum machine beat. Optimistic fun and lighthearted underscore for modern Sophisticated feel and elegant elite life style.

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    Classical Celebration by Dvir Zilverstone

    Celebratory classical music loop. Featuring symphonic string quartet and glockenspiel melody. Uplifting and festive royal background for special occasions, weddings, majestic entrance and happiness.

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    Comical Pizz by Dvir Zilverstone

    Modern comical fun stride in a positive and optimistic clownish goofy style. Bouncy and funny, easy going and happy orchestral track. Featuring pizzicato strings, wind ensemble, electronic drums, vibraphone, classical guitar and brass section.

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    Driving Motivation by Dvir Zilverstone

    Driving and uplifting corporate rock. Optimistic and inspiring background track that is perfect for business projects, product marketing, commercial, adverts and modern lifestyle.

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    Indie City by Dvir Zilverstone

    Inspiration indie pop dance in a reflective and soothing urban atmosphere. Featuring clean electric guitar, piano and modern beat. Great for modern contemplative city atmosphere.

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    Lullaby For Love by Dvir Zilverstone

    Innocent solo piano loop for peaceful love and tender lullaby. Soft, hopeful and gentle fairy tale tune and playful children music. Best suited for kids production, fantasy, pixies and story telling background underscore.

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    Online News by Dvir Zilverstone

    Technology News flash loop. Driving and energetic corporate news music. A perfect underscore for current affairs and updates in the digital world. Related to communication, internet, social media, marketing, presentations, product launch, new market, online magazine and general opening themes.

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    Rising Love by Dvir Zilverstone

    Celebratory and uplifting, optimistic classical music loop. Festive symphonic instrumental theme with upbeat feel, joyful string quartet and hopeful orchestral choir. For Weddings, birthday, ceremony and special occasions.

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    Sweet Longing by Dvir Zilverstone

    Sentimental acoustic ballad music loop in a nostalgic, romantic and hopeful feel. Featuring acoustic guitars, piano, shakers and ukulele. Bright and humble melody that is great for love, memories, nostalgia and graceful scenes.

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    Delicate Love by Dvir Zilverstone

    Sentimental and romantic piano loop with delicate and hopeful feeling. This light atmospheric theme is dedicated to pure love, peace and serenity.

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    Whimsical Swing by Dvir Zilverstone

    Laid back ad whimsical swing jazz loop with big band elements. Sneaky and reflective, playful and cool. For comical mystery, private eye, detective story, James Bond, 007 agent, cartoons, smokey urban fun and city nights in a retro style. Featuring brass ensemble, classical guitars, finger snaps and jazzy drumming.

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    Funky For Fun by Dvir Zilverstone

    Smart funky music featuring bass and claps. Groovy, playful and whimsical loop in an urban funk style. Great for intro, commercial, stand up show, city life, sitcom and entertainment.

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    Spiritual Echoes by Dvir Zilverstone

    Spiritual new age lounge loop. Flowing uplifting tropical island music for world love, underwater, ecological, green tech, tranquility and hopes. Hypnotic meditative ambient in a clear and lively feel.

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