Camilo Castillo

Since Jul, 2013
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I started to play guitar at 16 and, from the very beggining, my atention was called for the creation. I made bands where I began to write my first songs. Then it was like a \"domino effect\", I was interested especially in progressive rock and metal, specially rock operas, soundtracks, symphonyc arrangements and a large etc. Nowadays, I\'m working in my band\'s first demo and making original soundtracks for videogames.
  • Through The Shadows by Camilo Castillo

    Haunted and terrifying, creepy ambient music. An ideal soundscape to generatу tension and the horror in video games, psychological thriller, dark and eerie crime scenes, Halloween and more.

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    Something Bad Is Gonna Happen by Camilo Castillo

    Orchestra and bells song. A creepy, dark tune, created to ambient horror and/or suspense scenes or videogames .

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    March Of Triumph by Camilo Castillo

    This one is an orchestral marching composition, inspired by Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and old movies about superheroes. Perfect background music for victory scenes, Hollywood trailers, films with military plots, final credits, adventure film, and more.

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    Ascending by Camilo Castillo

    A dramatic orchestral tune, that could be used for cinematic scenes in videogames or trailers. The tune has two parts, the first one has a melody that can't grow up until it can explodes in the second part.

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    The Final Shot by Camilo Castillo

    A dissonant cinematic retro orchestral theme. Originally thought to underscore of a main battle in video games or to be used in a Epic movie trailer or action scenes. Ideal for projects involving military antagonists, empires, battle scenes, massive action, etc.

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    Carnival Of Terror by Camilo Castillo

    Creepy and spooky Halloween orchestral music with lead violins and strings. Suitable for creepy or dangerous scenes and other scary occasions, ghosts, goblins, witches and wizards, skeletons or carved pumpkins. Trick-or-treating with jack-o-lanterns!

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    Middle Ages by Camilo Castillo

    A celtic, medieval, guitar and harpsichord tune. Inspired for a fantasy rpg game.

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