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MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, ARRANGER AND COMPOSER. MUSIC FOR YOURS PROJECTS. Hello. I am Vladimir and I am glad that you have visited my profile. Listen and choose my music. Success.
  • Inspiring and driving corporate track with a great, uplifting vibe. This track is perfect for any project aimed at building a brand. It contains light, positive and inspiring elements. This track is a good background music choice for corporate videos, presentations, and other audiovisual media. Beautiful and shiny acoustic guitar melody, that sounds nice, calm, and magical. This music track depicts the story of a young, beautiful and talented girl, who wants to express her feelings through the guitar. The main idea of this melody is based on love, affection, strong beliefs in oneself, and the ability to achieve the goals by not being distracted by negative thoughts. This composition is perfect as background music for romantic videos, life story documentaries, etc. Hopeful, optimistic, and gentle piano and acoustic guitar that create a tender and soft mood. Ideal background music for rustic videos, Third Wave Coffee places, travel, and an excellent calm atmosphere. Inspirational and positive commercial background for your motivational video project. Perfect for motivational business presentation, music on hold, corporate slideshow, positive advertising montage, and creative corporate video project. Positive, uplifting, and inspiring, this piece will set your media projects in the right mood. This beautiful acoustic composition includes acoustic guitar and piano. Perfect for television, commercials, corporate projects, radio, films, youtube videos, videohive preview, etc. It's a soulful acoustic country track featuring the harmonious interplay of guitar and piano. With its soothing melodies and gentle rhythms, this composition creates a sense of warmth and relaxation, making it perfect for use in any project requiring a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The interweaving melodies of guitar and piano create a gentle, organic sound that is perfect for nature videos, meditation, and mindfulness content, as well as emotional scenes in film and television. Overall, this is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a tranquil and uplifting acoustic track. This upbeat, inspirational acoustic guitar track is layered with a variety of acoustic instruments and a groovy drum beat to create a happy, uplifting feel-good mood. The bright, positive melody makes this music perfect for commercials, visual media, and any project looking to create a lighthearted, positive atmosphere. This ultra-groovy and swaggering funk track captures that classic sixties sound. Features punchy electric guitar riffs and a prominent bass line, backed by short snare drums and a confident rhythm. This track would be perfect for a youth-orientated beach party or surfing scene. This beautiful acoustic composition is perfect for weddings, photography, commercial and video projects. Inspiring, uplifting and romantic it can be used as background music for your next wedding video. Inspirational, motivational, uplifting background music with an optimistic and cheerful mood. Perfect for media projects and video production with positive, happy energy. Fills the heart with hope and confidence, good for travel videos and motivational startup video productions. Happy Christmas and New Year music! Good background for the corresponding images, Xmas videos, Christmas slideshows, holidays promotion, winter slideshows, movie credits, New Year presentation, special events, memory slideshow, music inspiration openers, and etc. Audio for media, movies, documentaries, cinema, YouTube, web. Light atmospheric corporate indie pop music creates a positive and inviting atmosphere, encouraging viewers to explore further. This engaging background music adds a sense of credibility and professionalism to business projects, enhancing their impact. Whether you need to convey a message of success, progress, teamwork, or simply create a positive and inspiring ambiance, this positive inspirational motivational business and corporate track is an excellent choice. This is a beautiful acoustic composition. This amazing melody can add feelings of accomplishment, inspiration, and motivation to your media projects like commercials, family videos, advertising, or youtube videos. Inspirational, positive, and uplifting music. It contains electric guitar, warm electronic piano, and synth leads. This song is the perfect background for your real estate video, corporate project, or media production. Its warm and clean tone will fill with energy, hope, and confidence. Light and calm acoustic folk track where acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, and ukulele intertwine to create a delightful and cheerful melody. The composition has bright and shimmering tones and is perfect for creating a peaceful and joyful ambiance. Whether you're capturing the beauty of nature, documenting precious family moments, embarking on a travel adventure, or telling heartfelt stories, this composition will infuse your work with a sense of warmth, joy, and tranquility. This is upbeat, motivational, inspiring, and uplifting corporate background music. Beautiful clean guitar harmonics and light piano melody with inspirational corporate feel make this motivating soundtrack a perfect choice for your inspirational videos, product and service reviews, business presentations and infomercials, company or brand promotion videos, or other media projects related to positive change, growth, and success. Positive and uplifting motivational background. Fills with energy, confidence and hope. Good for inspirational videos, media projects, life and travel, motivational startup video production, websites. Calm and gentle acoustic folk background music played with guitar and piano. Perfect for romantic love stories and wedding videos, call hold music, travel photo slideshow, children video, positive advertising montage, and creative video projects, needing a rustic vibe. Beautiful acoustic music. Inspiring, uplifting, and motivational track suitable for most media projects. Perfect for your media projects where you need a pleasant and relaxing soundtrack with acoustic instruments. The track contains guitars, soft drums, and percussion. This light and inspiring acoustic soundtrack create a happy, summery vibe. Feature bright acoustic guitar and a bouncy beat that creates a happy and uplifting mood. It's perfect for YouTube videos that want to keep viewers upbeat without being too emotional or overly cheerful. A feel-good, positive acoustic track will uplift your spirits. Featuring a charming blend of instruments, such as piano, xylophone, glockenspiel, hand claps, ukulele, and acoustic guitar. Perfect for light-hearted, playful commercials and corporate videos, summer-themed content, and happy occasions. Super for family and kids product promo, children's video, sitcom opening. Positive and uplifting piano classical background. Fills with energy, confidence, and hope. Good for inspirational videos, media projects, life and travel, motivational startup video production, websites. Softly pulsing, mysterious and suspenseful atmospheric background music. Minimal Repetitive Sequences with Piano, Mallets, Percussion for News, Technology, Social Issues, Science, Game Show, corporate technology video and creative corporate video project. Medium Tempo. Calm and inspiring. Two solemn acoustic guitars and a piano combine to create a flowing and reflective inspired piece. This positive and inspiring soft background music with acoustic guitar, piano, and percussion can help you present your business ideas or products brightly. It has a gentle mood that creates a relaxing ambiance for any inspirational commercial, an uplifting tech product presentation, or a slideshow of your latest firm works. This track is suitable for YouTube videos, vlogs, slideshows, and websites. An upbeat acoustic Folk track with fast-strummed guitars, e-piano, glockenspiel, and hand clapping. Brings to mind fun and carefree times with family and friends, those perfect memories that last forever, and a sense of joy and togetherness. Ideal as an inspiring rural soundtrack for positive videos, motivational commercials, heartwarming stories, life's simple pleasures, outdoor activities, and the countryside beauty. This beautiful acoustic composition is suitable for corporate, motivational, inspiring, and uplifting presentations. The melody is played on acoustic guitar and accompanied by gentle-sounding piano chords. Pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for any media project. Uplifting, inspirational, and motivational background music with electric guitar, piano, synth, and pop drums create a positive and feel-good mood. Created for use in corporate and business environments, this music is meant to add a positive and inspirational touch to any project. This track will add a modern feel to your visuals and increase its appeal to the target audience. Ideal as background music for public appearances or any type of business-related video production. Inspirational corporate pop background music for your motivational video project. Perfect for motivational business presentations, music on hold, corporate slideshow, positive advertising montages, and creative video projects. Beautiful acoustic composition. Inspiring, uplifting, and motivational track. Perfect for your media projects. Ideal as background music for an inspirational and successful story, advertisement and TV commercial, brand company and news, science and invention, architecture and trade, technology and education, media project, podcast music, and more motivational video productions. This acoustic composition exudes a tranquil beauty, stirring deep emotions and inspirations. Its uplifting tones make it an ideal choice for enhancing your diverse media projects, adding depth and resonance. Inspirational motivational and dramatic corporate modern classical track. Featuring piano, Mozart-like strings, and analog synths. This neo-classical arrangement is a good choice for a wide range of multimedia applications like corporate projects, television dramas, commercial ads, movie trailers, educational videos, documentaries related to history, art, or culture, or any project that needs an uplifting and emotive backdrop. This inspirational corporate background music is ideal for any media project. Good for Youtube videos, life and travel vlogs, motivational startup, video production, websites, presentations, slideshows, and more. Featuring piano, electric guitar, and synth beats. Chill lo-fi beat. Old vinyl noise, Rhodes, electric guitar, and calm hip-hop beat with calm and lounge mood. Great for Youtube projects, instructional videos, advertising or commercial, various slideshow presentations, tutorials, etc. Inspirational and positive commercial background for your motivational video project. Perfect for motivational business presentation, on hold music, corporate slideshow, positive advertising montage, and creative corporate video project. Powerful and energetic hard rock track with an intense and heavy feel. Featuring a strong electric guitar riff, bass, drums and stomps. A fun-filled electro dance music track that combines pounding drums with electronic, funk guitars. Crisp hand claps are accompanied by slap-style bass lines on the hook for a pumped-up, high-energy sound. This music will get your toes tapping and head bopping to the beat. This track would be great for any fun movement projects, including sports-related shows, sporting events, club/bar scenes, fun videos, etc. Keep moving with this upbeat track. Uplifting and inspirational commercial background for your corporate and motivational video project. Perfect for motivational business presentation, music on hold, corporate slideshow, positive advertising montage, and creative corporate video projects. Bright, positive and motivating, inspiring and uplifting corporate music. Good for inspirational videos, media projects, life and travel, motivational startup video production, websites. Fun, upbeat electronic synth-pop background, with guitar and synth, building dance theme for entertainment, fashion, and a good mood, and leaving you feeling inspired. Heartwarming and aspirational acoustic folk melody featuring an encouraging guitar theme, innocent glockenspiel, bright hand claps, and rolling drums. This composition is charged with a spirit of hope and enthusiasm. Great for travel vlogs, road trips, inspirational commercials, children's shows, educational content, indie films, and more. Future Ambient this beautiful calm ambient music with soft piano, synth, and smooth beats to create gentle and relaxing mood. Perfect for documentary projects, ocean life underwater footage, inspiring moments, art exhibition, travel YouTube vlog, and more. Feel free to use this melody for various multimedia needs. A laid-back and groovy track with a smooth and chill vibe. Features funky electric guitar, bass, and lounge percussion. It's easygoing, chillhop, and perfect for videos, podcasts, and commercials. This background track is perfect for projects requiring soothing, hypnotic blues lounge music. The catchy sound of an electric guitar creates a relaxing atmosphere perfect for everything from nature documentaries to romantic films. Experience the gentle, yet uplifting melodies of this enchanting acoustic piece. The intertwining of delicate fingerpicking and emotive strings creates a sense of warmth and tranquility, perfect for adding a touch of heartfelt emotion to your project. Whether it's a romantic film, a nostalgic montage or a peaceful nature video, this track will capture the beauty of the moment. Energetic and upbeat, joyful track with a light, catchy sound. It consists of a piano, guitars, and other instruments. Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, movie trailers, business and travel videos, motivational presentations, visuals, and family videos. It's a beautiful, nice track that puts you in a good mood! It's a warm, acoustic guitar-driven track with light percussion, whistling, and bell-like tones. The acoustic guitar is performed in an original finger-picking rhythm, followed by a smooth chord progression throughout the piece. The overall tone of this piece is positive, upbeat, and cheerful, yet inspiring and moving at the same time. Meant to be a background music track it will work perfectly for corporate presentations, commercials, and projects in need of a gentle, uplifting atmosphere. This is a beautiful, calm and gentle background track. This music underscoring is emotional, relaxing, reflective, and quietly hopeful. Suitable for a wide variety of uses ranging from general-purpose usage to background music for corporate presentations, YouTube videos, educational material, etc. "Corporate Pinnacle" is a light and bright acoustic pop track featuring breezy acoustic guitar strumming, bright strings, and piano to create an uplifting atmosphere of optimism and encouragement. Ideal as background music for projects with a sense of wonder and possibilities. Ideal for corporate presentations, success stories, advertisements, how-to videos, uplifting life stories, educational content, podcasts, and more. Vibrant and happy Christmas indie rock song with bells, uplifting melodies and electric guitar. Perfect for commercials, Christmas and family videos, slideshows, dog training, vlogs and anything else you want to feel bright, positive and quick. Positive and happy folk track with a light, catchy sound. It consists of a piano, acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, and other instruments. Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, movie trailers, travel, and family videos. It's beautiful and nice background music that will put you in a good mood! Beautiful, charming, and gentle acoustic indie track that evokes feelings of serenity and joy. Featuring warm piano, flowing acoustic guitar, hand claps, and percussion instruments that create a happy and carefree mood. Ideal for indie filmmakers, family-oriented products, wedding videos, children's content, travel vlogs, educational content and more. With this beautiful piano and strings duo, you get the sense of time passing by. The memories of your past reviving, the moments you cherish becoming fonder, the love you share growing stronger. Soothing, playful, wistful, and poignant, this track is great for sentimental images of sweet home, travel through the past, remembering happy childhood memories. Energetic pop-rock with a driving and powerful feel. High energy and happy playfulness. Great for any production needing a driving and energizing groove. A steady and powerful electric guitar riff sets the pace, along with fat bass, lush pads, and sharp drums. A super funk rock track with a bit of swaggering garage-rock flavor. The drums and bass are locked into a solid groove while the lead guitars part is oozing with a swagger. Fantastic for promos, hip commercials, video games, product demos, or projects related to teens, tweens, and anything with high energy. Uplifting and inspirational commercial background for your corporate and motivational video project. Perfect for motivational business presentation, music on hold, corporate slideshow, positive advertising montage, and creative corporate video project. Beautiful and sensitive EDM Chill Step arrangement with a bittersweet mood. This captivating composition features a harmonious blend of strings, cello, synth beats, piano, and drum machine, creating a mesmerizing and emotionally charged atmosphere. Whether you're telling a visual story through vlogs, showcasing the beauty of art and photography, setting the mood for a fashion show or corporate event, or exploring the realms of design and lifestyle, this track sets the perfect tone. Calm, heartfelt, and peaceful indie folk track with gently driving percussion, dreamy piano, organic sound of sparse electric guitar, and a carefree vibe. It invites you to be lost in thoughts and embrace the world with open arms and an open heart. Great as background music for introspective moments, travel vlogs, indie films, documentaries capturing the beauty of nature, artistic projects, slideshows, and photo albums. Corporate music track, dreamy and hazy, with a modern, soft, and positive style that creates a hypnotic, chilling but hopeful atmosphere. This tune includes guitar, piano, synth, and perfect for corporate presentations and videos.
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