Ron Patton

Since Mar, 2013
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  • New Search by Ron Patton

    Smooth pop jazz with female vocal making for an easy going, laid back listening experience.

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    Mind Craft by Ron Patton

    Cool and relaxed chillhop track with a vintage flavor and the sound of sampled vinyl. Perfect to set the tone for podcast and TV music, NY city walk, art installation, presentation of a residential complex, real-estate projects or just to add an urban vibe.

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    Slow Learner by Ron Patton

    Smooth jazz with a chill out, laid back groove as a alto sax plays a sexy and soothing melody.

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    Dressed In Clouds by Ron Patton

    Pop, easy listening, chill-out instrumental with a tenor sax playing an occasional musical hook motif. Ideal for background music for on hold systems and YouTube videos

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