Ryo Utasato

Since Aug, 2012
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Ryo Utasato is a Japanese composer and singer/songwriter with a rich body of work that runs the gamut from electronica to ambient to world to rock and beyond. Her soundtracks have appeared in a variety of film and TV, and she's worked in such genres as sci-fi, drama, horror and action. Her work was also chosen for the theme of World Heritage series. Work Experience composers and vocalist / NHK Television (International / Japan), EMI Music Japan, Warner Music Japan, Lantis (BANDAI VISUAL), IZUMI Broadcast Production Company, TOHO Music,
  • Eastern Sky by Ryo Utasato

    Contemporary Middle Eastern orchestral background music featuring duduk, santoor, and percussion. Would be great for an oriental documentary or film, cinematic scenes of desert sands and oasis, mysterious and haunting exotic Arabic world.

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    Starlight Highway by Ryo Utasato

    Futuristic, emotional, cinematic synthwave track. A wonderful interweaving of digital sounds and retro melodies with a violin. This is ecstasy and the most vivid emotions for your ideas. Great tune for 80's style projects, sci-fi film trailer, art exhibitions, hidden mysteries, a modern retrospective. Enjoy!

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    Eastern Dream by Ryo Utasato

    Middle Eastern female voices and violins with strings. Deep, sensitive and sad music is a perfect background for a sad scenes and videos.

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    The Wind From Desert by Ryo Utasato

    This track is a great example of the World Fusion mixed with Middle Eastern Epic sound. Featuring Arabian female chanting, tribal percussion, and hybrid electronic orchestra sound. Ideal for scenes where the battle is drawing near. Also good for films about desert life, traveling caravans, forbidden love, espionage, and danger.

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    Remember The Moon by Ryo Utasato

    Romantic and beautiful new-age track featuring strings, female voice and synth sounds. Nostalgic and elegant, this background music is great for fantasy movies, mysterious scenes, hidden secrets.

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    Ancient Miyabi by Ryo Utasato

    Traditional Japanese melody with Koto and Flute with reflective, and beautiful sound. Make a walk into an ancient Japan. Music that penetrates the most hidden corners of the soul, plunges the body into relaxation mode, and stop the flow of thought. Suitable as background for Japanese culture, a historical documentary about samurai, meditation, spiritual revelation, and more.

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    Gidayu by Ryo Utasato

    Japanese traditional Epic Taiko and shakuhachi with Japanese male voice

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