Jon Wright

Since Jul, 2013
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Orchestral 171 Hybrid Orchestral 90 Classical 52 Modern Classical 43 Traditional Classical 23 Dance 13 Pop 12 Electronic 11 Ambient 9 Chill out 7 Acoustic 7 Classical Piano 7 Pop Rock 6 Gothic 6 House 5 New Age 5 Easy Listening 3 Celtic 2
Score Studio is the home of soundtrack and game music composer Jonathan Wright. He produces a wide variety of music, from epic, sweeping orchestral and orchestral/electronic hybrid scores to intimate piano solos with strong melodies and themes. All cues are written to create dramatic, fantastical, adventurous, intricate, sometimes amusing music, perfect for use in trailers, films, corporate productions and video games. His music has been used in trailers, video games and on TV, including shows on NBC, EuroSport and Channel Five (UK).
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