You can use free Melody Loops music in your personal or commercial projects in terms of the License Agreement. All free music is ContentID / copyright free and ready to use in YouTube videos, presentations, music on hold. Download music MP3s instantly.

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What is free music?

Free music, or creative commons music, is a type of music that is available to listen to and use without having to pay for a license. To ensure that everyone has access to this type of music, the artist allows others to listen and share it for free. These artists create music intending to be free, so they are also commonly referred to as "open source" musicians.

Copyright-free or non-copyright music is a tune you can use in YouTube's monetization videos without getting a copyright claim by the YouTube Content ID system and claiming 3rd-party companies like AdRev, Identifyy / HAAWK. The actual music' copyright ownership still belongs to an author.
All the free music from Melody Loops is copyright-free, and you can use it in your videos, presentations, slideshows, and podcasts.

How to download free music?

To download free music, you need an account with Melody Loops. Sign up for free and download music just in seconds. You may use the Longoloops tool to download free music in a required length - from ten seconds to one hour, change the volume level, and add fade effects.

How to download music on iPhone?

With modern versions of iOS (13+), you can download music files straight into your Files storage or use DropBox / Google Drive. You can't download music files into your Music area because of iOS restrictions. To add music files to your iPhone Music area, you need to:

  1. Download music files and import them to your computer's iTunes.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a cable.
  3. Sync your iPhone and your computer via iTunes.

How to download music on Android?

Android phones are limited to the use of music outside of the Google Play Music / YouTube Music library. You may download music with the Google Chrome browser, and music will be stored in your browser's Downloads area.

What is wrong with free music sites?

Most free music sites are limited to using their music in content creation or monetization. Tons of these free tracks are registered with the YouTube Content ID system, and you will be known about it when getting a copyright claim.

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library has millions of music tracks to use in your YouTube videos. The only restriction is that you can't monetize these videos, and all the ad revenue will be shared with the YouTube and music' author.

Can I use a famous song in my videos?

You can't take a famous song and add it to your video as background music. YouTube will strike a copyright claim about it, and your video will not produce revenue for you. In most cases, your video will not be removed by YouTube.

Download royalty free background music for any use.
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