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Since May, 2013
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Modern Classical 72 Chill out 60 Acoustic 55 Classical 53 Pop 40 Easy Listening 39 Orchestral 33 New Age 21 Indie 20 Classical Piano 18 Folk 18 Pop Rock 16 Ambient 15 Electronic 13 Dance 11 Traditional Classical 11 Ethnic 8 Rock 7
AGMusic is an accomplished composer, arranger, piano and a keyboard player that blends melodic ideas and genres. From an early age he ventured into the realms of jazz and classical music, AG has collaborated with countless artists around the world, lending his skills as producer, arranger, programmer, pianist and keyboardist and has been contributing music to numerous documentaries,commercials,trailers, stage performances, television shows and film and other forms of media. Goldstein writes in many different genres including Orchestral, Electronic, World, Pop/Rock, Jazz, Latin, New Age, and more.
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