Sean Balli

Since Oct, 2010
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Hip Hop 17 Dance 11 Pop 6 Rap 5 Electronic 5 Acoustic 4 Hard Rock 3 Fusion 3 Trap 3 Reggae 3 Rock 2 Orchestral 2 Lounge 2 Alternative Rock 2 Easy Listening 2 Metal 2
All genre instrumentalist
  • Back East by Sean Balli

    East coast hip hop loop featuring keyboard synths, bass, and modded pianos. Possible uses can range from songs, street themed scenes, urban products, etc.

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    Bittersweetness by Sean Balli

    Pop / dance loop with a semi-tropical feel featuring keyboard synths, flute, steel drums, and bass. Possible uses can range from dance / movement scenes, workout videos, etc.

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    Killuminous by Sean Balli

    Dirty South / Trap style Hip Hop instrumental featuring bells, synths, brass, and turntable FX. Possible uses can range from full songs, hype/tension scenes, etc.

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    Reapers Night by Sean Balli

    Mischievous/Dark theme instrumental featuring harpsichord, piano, strings, and custom FX. Possible uses can range from horror scenes, set ups, trailers, etc. This track loops seamlessly.

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    Black X-Mas by Sean Balli

    Hip hip instrumental with a dark holiday theme featuring bells, synths, & strings. Possible uses can range from an "evil holiday" scene to a underground hip hop song.

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    Midnight Grove by Sean Balli

    Trap / Dirty South Hip Hop loop featuring piano, bells, synths, and brass. Possible uses can range from full songs, hype, tension scenes, etc.

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    The Lone Ponderer by Sean Balli

    Theme loop featuring orchestral strings and timpani hits. Possible uses can range from preparation/thinking scenes, time lapses music, etc.

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