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Sean Balli

Since Oct, 2010
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Hip Hop 17 Dance 11 Pop 6 Rap 5 Electronic 5 Acoustic 4 Fusion 3 Trap 3 Reggae 3 Hard Rock 3 Orchestral 2 Lounge 2 Alternative Rock 2 Easy Listening 2 Metal 2 Ethnic 2
All genre instrumentalist
  • Intro styled instrumental featuring flutes, strings, and various percussion. Possible uses can range from safari and animal themed scenes, intros, etc. Semi-Energetic rock/metal instrumental loop featuring various electric guitars. Possible uses can range from sporting events, preparation scenes, etc. Pop / dance loop with a semi-tropical feel featuring keyboard synths, flute, steel drums, and bass. Possible uses can range from dance / movement scenes, workout videos, etc. Hip hip instrumental with a dark holiday theme featuring bells, synths, & strings. Possible uses can range from an "evil holiday" scene to a underground hip hop song. Theme loop featuring orchestral strings and timpani hits. Possible uses can range from preparation/thinking scenes, time lapses music, etc. Alternative metal/rock instrumental featuring electric guitar, pads, and drums. Possible uses can range from dramatic sporting events, car crash videos, extreme preparation scenes, etc. West Indian style Dancehall instrumental featuring various synths. Possible uses can range from "party" scenes, web videos, trailers, etc. This track loops seamlessly.
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