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Since Oct, 2012
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My dad used to play guitar when I was young, and I fell in love with it!
  • Festival Of Lights by Sungtae Kim

    This gentle and magical modern classical composition performed with just string pizzicato. An ideal Christmas background music to create a mood of happiness, celebration, and fun. Perfect for the celebration of the Glorious Christmas Holiday, Xmas shopping, winter holiday joy and warmth.

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    Harvest Time by Sungtae Kim

    It is Thanksgiving time and the whole family gets together to celebrate. A light and gentlevery acoustic and organic track appealing with a sense of festiveness with pizzicato stringsglockenspiel and vibraphone. Fit for commercials and children's media.

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    Home For The Holiday by Sungtae Kim

    A magical Christmas music perfect for setting up a wondrous and imaginative holiday atmosphere. Featuring pizzicato strings, piano, and sparkling jingle bells. Works great for a wide range of media projects and visuals to do with the Christmas holiday season.

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    Dancing Pumpkins by Sungtae Kim

    Spooky and quirky background instrumental music, full of eerie cartoon atmosphere and creepy Halloween fun. Also suitable to create an ominous atmosphere of tension, suspense and intrigue in detective plots, criminal cases, mafia and gangster games.

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    Quirky And Sneaky by Sungtae Kim

    A bright and mischievous orchestral track featuring pizzicato strings, marimba and other orchestral percussions. It has a fun, cheeky vibe. Great for anything from drama, reality TV and cartoons to kids productions.

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    Chinese Dance by Sungtae Kim

    Traditional Chinese track meets modern flavors. This jubilant track creates the perfect ambiance for Chinese New Year holiday gatherings.

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    Fleeing Away by Sungtae Kim

    Cinematic orchestral composition. Perfect background music for action, thriller, spy or suspense.

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    Joy To The World Hip Hop by Sungtae Kim

    The well known Christmas carol Joy To The World gets a modern hip-hop makeover with so much swagger. Perfect for holiday productions.

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    Slip Out of the Room by Sungtae Kim

    Cinematic orchestral composition with synth. The perfect song for comedy thriller or suspence.

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    Comedy Dramedy by Sungtae Kim

    An upbeat, quirky mix of orchestra, percussion and bass guitar provides fun, yet slightly tense. Works well for quirky comedy, dramedy, spy, children's cartoon.

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    Danger Impact by Sungtae Kim

    A hybrid cinematic track with huge percussions and string orchestra. Perfect for promos, commercials and trailers.

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    A Christmas Memory by Sungtae Kim

    A light and gentle, very acoustic and organic track appealing with a sense of festiveness with pizzicato strings, glockenspiel and vibraphone. Fit for commercials and children's media.

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    Curious Way by Sungtae Kim

    A light comedy track with a playful twist featuring pizzicato strings marimba and percussion implies a sense of motion, curiosity, and innocence. Great for dramedy, reality TV, children's & animal shows, comedies & cartoons.

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    A Jungle Chaser by Sungtae Kim

    A bright and energetic piece. The perfect song for action, fantasy or adventure

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    Thanks for the Memories by Sungtae Kim

    This is a dramatic cinematic composition with strings, piano, choir, and percussions. Great as a film soundtrack, corporate projects and videos, broadcast production and commercials.

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    Emotional Moments by Sungtae Kim

    A reflective, melancholy track which features piano and guitars. Simple and light instrumentation but the track has a surprising emotional depth to it and is perfect as an underscore for sad and profound scenes.

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    Fire Breathing by Sungtae Kim

    Cinematic ethnic drums track with huge drums and layered percussions. Great for action, dramatic scene and trailer.

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    Turks Voices by Sungtae Kim

    Atmospheric middle eastern track that builds from a soft and ambient beginning with Cumbus, Saz, The Ney, Duduk. Perfect for visuals that require emotional feeling, passion and warmth.

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