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Discover new original music/effects, royalty free, perfect for any video from YouTube to movies. Inspire your audience and get the best right now!
  • An uplifting acoustic composition. Includes acoustic guitar, piano, bells, and claps. Perfect for YouTube shows, podcasts, openings, intros, broadcasts, commercials, business videos, startup videos, promos, Vimeo channels, daily vlogs, corporate presentations, and corporate videos. Calm and relaxing meditative atmosphere, perfect for moments of reflection or unwinding after a long day. The soothing tones and tranquil melodies create a peaceful space for mindfulness or simply letting go of stress. Ideal for yoga, meditation, or therapeutic practices. A suspenseful and haunting dark cinematic track. Featuring dissonant ambient sounds and the creepy music box, its eerie tune plays a haunting melody that's both childlike and chilling. This background music will ramp up the tension for Halloween-themed projects, or horror films, focusing on unsolved crimes, ghost stories, mysteries, abandoned, haunted locations, or suspense scenes to heighten anticipation. A beautiful and uplifting composition. Includes piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar in the background, acoustic drum, snaps. Perfect for commercials, YouTube channels, Vimeo channels, corporate presentations, corporate videos, business videos, startup videos, TV promos, media and any project needing a motivational background. A calm, melancholic mood track played on acoustic guitar, designed to evoke nostalgia for the past. Suitable for documentaries, YouTube stories, thrillers. It perfectly complements wildlife scenes, drone footage, slow motion videos, and other similar projects creating an eerie atmosphere.
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