Sergio Schnitzler

Since Feb, 2012
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Studying a lot of music, physics and technology gave me the knowledge to understand the behavior of sound and perception which results in high standards of work. Contact me for further assistance. Enjoy the music!
  • Evolving by Sergio Schnitzler

    Simple lounge song performed on synthesizers featuring two different sections/harmony, in the middle section there is a softer percussion.

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    East To West by Sergio Schnitzler

    World song blend of synthesizers and aboriginal instruments like reed maden flute, goat's hoofs bracelet and reeds pieces (original samples taken by me). Song's style recalls southamerican altiplano (high plain) and the far east, like China

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    Finding Answers by Sergio Schnitzler

    Groovy instrumental song, blend of synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar riffs, happy and buoyant on A. Suitable for sports, pursuits, action movies.

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    Calm Down by Sergio Schnitzler

    Loopable version of a delicate, quiet song, performed on synthesizers emulating a piano and some muffled and sublte sounds.

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