Sergio Schnitzler

Since Feb, 2012
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Electronic 24 New Age 12 Dance 11 Chill out 9 Ambient 8 Lounge 8 Techno 6 Easy Listening 4 Pop 4 Minimal 3 Modern Classical 3 Trance 2 Rock 2 Reggae 2 Disco 1 Baroque 1
Studying a lot of music, physics and technology gave me the knowledge to understand the behavior of sound and perception which results in high standards of work. Contact me for further assistance. Enjoy the music!
  • Lounge chill out song, performed on synthesizers, featuring a lead synth performing a solo in a tapping style.

    Motivational song with some calypso style and synth congas

    Medium-fast tempo techno dance song, performed on digital synthesizers, in a mysterious mood, suitable for newsflashes, sports, crime documentaries.

    Bouncy mysterious song performed on synthesizers.

    Lounge lighthearted song performed on synthesizers and piano. Mood of having good times. Suitable for sports and fashion tv shows, corporate presentations.

    A quiet simple song performed on synthesizers; a few seconds of real cricket sound effect wich turns into another effects.

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