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Since Jul, 2013
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Pop 116 Electronic 96 Easy Listening 33 New Age 31 Dance 29 Modern Classical 28 Lounge 27 Pop Rock 18 Ethnic 18 Industrial 17 Acoustic 17 Rock 13 Techno 13 Folk 13 Orchestral 12 Funk 12
Michael is a studio musician and started his career over 10 years ago. The styles are very versatile and move mainly in pop and electronics. In repertoire there are numerous pieces for use in advertising, image and corporate videos. He also composes children
  • Versatile track with guitar, synth arpeggios and cello. Perfect for slideshows, imagevideos and much more. African pop track with lots of original instruments. Full arrangement with tribal choir. Authentic Indian world music with typical sitar sound for every travel project, documentary and more. A winking uptempo loop about our friends from Russia having fun with lots of vodka and dancing until the daybreak. Pay attention to the man with the false beard... ;-) A kind of african tribal beat with improvisation elements. A relaxed loop with acoustic guitar, piano and drumgroove. A synth arpeggio assists the straight rhythm. After a minute a solo acoustic guitar comes in. Easy and warm sound. A quite versatile underscore. Intense dubstep track with 157 bpm. Typical dubstep wobble basslines, effects, tight drums and synths. Driving home for christmas with this wonderful jazzy song. The typical sleigh bells for the right mood. An improvisation with piano, drums, upright bass, jazz guitar and some vibes with additional bell layer. Hip hop track that reflects urban street life. With vinyl noise and a medium dark mood. Suspenseful background music. Funny loop with tight rhythm, banjo figures, bluesharp and modern synth accents for a lively sound. Perfect for action scenes with kids, comedy and much more. Groovy fun loop with a cool sound and a quirky mood. Perfect for games, comics or comedy. Light and smooth electronic pop tune with chiptune influence and typical mini keyboard accompaniment. Suitable as backdrop music for educational content, kids invention ideas, robotic technologies, funny cartoons, vintage video game menu screen, toy shop, etc. A typical garage rock song. Suitable for film, video, trailer, podcast or broadcast. Great for movies with cars, sports and so on. Restrained and melodic asian fusion track with exotic sound and a a slightly melancholic touch. Suits perfect in documentarys, travel videos or even in a movie. Straight and positive track with a catchy saxophone melody and cool funky guitars. Versatile song with drive. Trendy sound for many applications. A loop featuring ukulele, glockenspiel and choir brings a warm and familiar feeling into your successful projects. Perfect for slideshows and advertising. Warm and easygoing summer song with bass, acoustic guitar and piano. Perfect background track for slideshows, advertising, travel projects and much more. Epic track with lots of medieval instruments like the hurdy gurdy or dulcimer. Perfect choice for cinematic applications in movies or games. A slow and portly song with typical saloon piano, banjo, slide guitar, and brush drums. Great for cartoons, funny videos, and kids' games. Happy dance song with playful melody. Lively and cool song with a technological touch. A static synth track with factory noise here and there and synthlines, pads. It sounds some sterile, but more technical. Could be used for technical coverage or reports, sci-fi, factory shots, motor sports, robot themes, big city scenes and so on. The ultra cool Klingons are jammin' like mad. Watch out for the lazerbeam ;-) Modern sound and a familiar groove. Tight and fast funk song with straight drum groove. Typical 70s instruments like clav, moog synth, e-piano, electric guitar and brass. Reminds a bit of a Robert Palmer song "Looking for Clues" from 1980. Funny and bouncy loop with catchy melody and some sound effects. Happy mood for comedy, children themes and so on. Cool pop music with electric and acoustic guitar, synth, whistler and a country flair. Special track for special projects. Suspenseful and epic film music with horns, strings and intense percussion elements for action movies and trailer. Bouncy loop with happy mood. With acoustic guitar, brush drums, strings and a catchy vocal theme. Dark cinematic track with a mix of orchestra and distorted guitars. The choir gives this piece a more demonic touch. A groovy disco track with 70s sound. Typical retro string arrangement and funky rhythm guitar. Brings back the good old vinyl days. Bass and drum sound reminds a bit of the Queen hit \"Another One Bites the Dust\" from 1980. A positive loop with a catchy glockenspiel melody. Funky guitar, piano and a straight rhythm. Easy and uplifting mood. Dark pop hip hop mix with a great sense of danger and foreboding. Imminent confrontation, conflict, preparing for a battle. Perfect for action films, dramatic scenes with urban themes, espionage, action thriller. Reflective song featuring a steel halo pan which is similar to a classic steel pan but played by hands. Great for retrospectives, movies, travel projects and many more. Background music without attracting attention. Traditional jazz sound for many applications. Country style song with banjo, electric slide guitar, fiddle and brush drums. Cool fun for comedy, commercials and more. African pop track with lots of original instruments combined with modern sounds. Full arrangement with short vocal accents. Some vinyl, some cool, some modern: something new. Rhythmic vinyl crackle sounds combined with synth themes and patterns make this song to an accommodating background track for corporate videos, slideshows and much more. Versatile background track with a light and easy listening mood. The frequencies are optimized for use as phone on hold. Perfect music on hold, the weather channel and many more. Modern sounding background song for corporate, hi tech, slideshows and much more. Tension building drum sounds with synth voices, soft xylo melodies and synth bass. A trailer for mountain climbing or an intro for a movie are some examples.
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