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This is calm peaceful and elegant background music with a beautiful atmosphere and warm mood. This track can perfectly fit for corporate, business and commercial videos, promo and presentation media projects or other use.
1:57 , 1:00, 2:05
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A minimal track for commercial and personal projects, vlogs, videos and more.
1:46 , 0:48U, 1:10, 1:31, 1:52
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A happy upbeat and fun song, featuring a ukulele and some light percussion, whistling, and bells. This track is perfect for your corporate slideshows, website intros, podcasts, tv advertisements, and funny videos. Enjoy!
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This is sparkling and shining corporate music with light and atmospheric sound. Nice background audio for business videos, presentations, promo and advertising videos, youtube commercials. Soft and transparent track with easy plucked sound and beautiful ambient vibe will be a perfect background for any of your multimedia projects.
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Bright, light and upbeat background music driven by muted electric guitar staccato arpeggio, blended with wide and expansive synth pads, piano chords, and soft drum beat with human claps. Great usage in any kind of corporate and business presentations, kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns, traveling and inspirational Youtube video shots.
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A positive and uplifting, fresh & fun energetic upbeat pop music. This track is great for vlogs, podcasts, promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movie trailers, TV ads, Youtube channel Intro.
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Inspiration indie pop dance in a reflective and soothing urban atmosphere. Featuring clean electric guitar, piano and modern beat. Great for modern contemplative city atmosphere.
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This is a fresh and modern corporate tune with pleasant, inspirational melody. Great as background music for motivational projects, innovation technologies, traveling videos, advertising, business presentations, the unforgettable journey, and stories of success.
2:00 , 0:28, 0:40, 2:28
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Positive, commercial background music in a rock genre, with a modern sound, upbeat mood and rhythmic beat. Great as a dynamic background music for websites, corporate products, business presentations and youtube video, podcasts, slideshows, and daily news.
1:47 , 0:30, 1:03, 2:12
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A positive, energetic and modern electronic track with an uplifting and happy feeling. Perfectly suited for commercial videos, product promo, tv and advertising.
1:24 , 1:30
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Melodic and uplifting Future Bass with punchy drop and cool groove. The track consists of powerful drums, bass, supersaw leads, uplifting buildup with rolls, claps, risers and melodic pitched voice chops.
1:23 , 2:30, 2:30U
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This track is a combination of styles like Hip-Hop, Future Bass, Acoustic wich was blended together. Featuring such instruments like acoustic guitars, piano, digital synths, powerful drum beat. This track is well-suited for drama movies, Youtube videos, podcasts, advertising of any kind.
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Dark EDM track perfect for commercials, presentations, advertisement projects, high-tech product review, showreel, fashion shows and other events.
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This is perfect background music for business and corporate projects. Beautiful and elegant sound create an optimistic and smooth atmosphere. This track can be perfectly used in Youtube video, media projects, slideshow, and other projects.
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A funky, mellow, hip-hop tune. Features include an uplifting flute melody, laid-back beats and various vox effects. Ideal for podcasts, corporate videos, presentations etc.
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Bright and uplifting House Pop EDM dance track with fantastic energy and pumping beats. Great for party scenes, festival commercial, glamorous fashion, amazing travel journey, or urban action.
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Inspiring, light, and upbeat corporate background music with motivational and optimistic energy. Positive and sunny tune for technology and business presentations, travel inspirational Youtube videos, success stories, an unforgettable journey, slideshow. This optimistic and festive track can perfectly fit for any corporate media projects. Featuring muted electric guitar, electric guitar, piano, synth pads, acoustic guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano.
1:08 , 2:00, 2:00U
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It's a Future Bass track - slow, melodic, positive and powerful. This track consists of various digital synth melodies and harmonies, powerful bass line, strong electronic drums beat. This track is great for travel videos, documentary, podcasts, presentations as well as all kinds of advertising.
1:09 , 2:26
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Trendy powerful future bass track with top sound quality can fit perfectly for fashion videos, club party videos, TV commercial & media projects.
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This is bright and shiny uplifting music with inspiring energy and motivational mood. This modern pop rock and indie style track is featured by electric guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, strings, electric bass, and catchy drums.
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Motivational and uplifting indie acoustic track. Features real acoustic guitars, percussion, vocals. It has a catchy indie folk beat with positive acoustic guitars, claps and piano. An upbeat and inspiring feel makes it perfect for any uplifting videos such as advertising, marketing, vlogs, podcasts, Youtube intros and more.
1:35 , 2:10
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Modern smooth jazz track with groovy atmosphere and funky beat. Background music with a contemporary vibe and feeling. Nice electric piano with electric guitar playing beautiful harmony and melody together with a catchy beat. Perfect background audio for your Youtube video, on-hold systems, or other production use.
1:47 , 0:34, 1:05, 2:19
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Full power, intense and exciting energetic rock track with a cool and groovy vibe. Perfect choice for any sports videos, energetic motion graphics, Go Pro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting, adventure commercials and more.
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This inspiring ambient music featuring relaxing electric guitar with delay effects in the calm but positive and motivational atmosphere. It is great for your corporate media projects, podcasts, vlogs, films, slideshows, documentaries, and other motivational videos.
0:34 , 1:01
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This is modern energetic dubstep meets glitch hop track for your next projects. Great for futuristic style projects, robotics, new technology, high-tech videos, needing modern and edgy sound.
1:45 , 0:34, 1:04, 2:04
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Positive and exciting summer pop-dance track. Accurate and spacy sound. Music Box creates premium commercial stock music for companies and business around the globe. In the style of Clean Bandits.
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Warm and mellow corporate background music. Perfect for business presentations, commercials, infomercials, educational content, podcasts, and more.
1:59 , 2:05
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This motivational and inspiring track will make your projects sound awesome! Great for corporate uses, successful projects, presentations, technology videos, interview, bright startups, fantastic time and more.
1:16 , 0:38, 1:07, 2:24
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Exciting and uplifting fast rock track with an upbeat, energetic and happy feel. Perfect for video projects related to sports, fun, action, happiness, and joy!
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Inspiring and motivating track. Fit perfectly for corporate videos, business presentation, commercials and promotional videos.
1:54 , 1:58
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This is driving and intense rock music with bright and cool sound. Very energetic and dynamic music for sports videos, films, advertising and commercials, Youtube videos, motivational and powerful projects.
1:50 , 0:34, 1:01, 2:49
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A fun acoustic, energetic track with catchy melodies and bouncing beats. The carefree, upbeat nature of this track makes it perfect for use in any media meant to convey a positive attitude.
1:23 , 2:40
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An inspiring and dreamy track. Bright instrumental music for corporate an business videos.
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Active, uplifting indie rock track. Fast tempo, good mood. Straight groove, acoustic guitar, overdriven guitars, synth sequences, guitar solo.
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Upbeat and positive track with a happy, fun and energetic feel. Featuring whistle, claps, ukulele, bells, acoustic elements and guitars.
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A positive and sweet acoustic song lead by piano. Perfect for relaxing casual games or easy-going videos with a bright mood.
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Inspirational, motivational and light background tune with beautiful and atmospheric melody. Good production audio for the slideshow, presentation, youtube, advertising, business project, motivational and successful videos, inspiring moments, bright achievements, film scores. I used electric guitar, muted guitar, piano, staccato strings, bass, drums, Glock, bright pads.
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Motivational and energetic instrumental track with rock guitars and modern elements. Could be used for any business purpose, corporate projects, infographics, and other visuals.
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Great uplifting, energetic, groovy dance pop music featuring electric guitars, pianos and catchy synth beat. Perfect for corporate use, party scenes, teenage flicks, dynamic youthful videos, commercials, new product promos, fitness and workout.
0:57 , 0:15, 0:30, 1:58U
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Upbeat and energetic Pop Rock track, featuring electric guitars, bass, and drums. It will certainly work well with commercials, advertising, sport videos, vacation videos, summer videos, TV, YouTube, promotions, party videos, slideshows and more.
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Positive inspirational track. Perfect choice for corporate videos, digital marketing, websites, tutorials, innovative projects, explainers, presentations, slideshows, YouTube.
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This is great motivational and inspiring music with the upbeat and optimistic mood. Beautiful pop rock with electric and acoustic guitars, piano, bass, drums, bells, strings, and pads. This positive instrumental tune will be an awesome background for any corporate video, slideshow, or multimedia project.
1:44 , 1:40, 2:32
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An optimistic and motivational corporate track. Featuring acoustic guitars, percussion, bass, and piano. Well suited for successful presentations, business videos, sales and marketing projects, TV commercials, as well as for other use.
1:11 , 1:00U, 3:30
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Positive, luxury and stylish Disco House track. Excellent for fashion show, catwalk, luxury brand presentation and background for photo session.
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Energetic and uplifting modern dance-pop music, with tropical house vibes. Featuring wide and expansive synth pads, solid drum beat. Good for advertising, commercial, Kickstarter, traveling videos, lifestyle and fashion visuals.
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Neutral and universal minimal background for various technological, marketing and documentary events, exhibitions, presentations, installations. Best choice for your videos, media and other content.
1:59 , 2:08
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Motivational, bright, and upbeat background music. Featuring by muted electric guitar, bass, staccato arpeggio, and soft drum beat. Great to use in any kind of corporate presentations, business advertising, Kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns, inspirational Youtube video, and more.
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Inspirational and uplifting music track, featuring piano, electric guitars and strings. Perfect background for corporate use, advertising, business projects, slideshows, presentations, promotions and more.
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Cool electro hip hop music, featuring modern aggressive synth bass, stabs and hits blended with solid fat drum beat. The music is great addition to sports video, fashion and commercial, as well as Youtube channel intro opener.
1:51 , 2:34
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Neutral and universal minimal background for various technological and documentary events, exhibitions, presentations, installations. An excellent choice for your videos and other content.
0:47 , 2:08
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An uplifting, mellow, upbeat and motivating background track with modern indie pop vibes. Ideal for corporate videos, advertisements, Youtube, slideshows and more.
1:48 , 0:31, 1:04, 2:21
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A flowing, breezy and cool instrumental production with a smooth chill-out lounge feel. Ideal for background music to video content of brands, products or services. Would also work perfectly for fashion shows, summer and beach party moods, elevator music, hotel and spa atmosphere background and more.
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Inspirational and uplifting music track, featuring piano, electric guitars and strings. Perfect background for corporate use, a new beginning, intro music for business projects, slideshows, presentations, promotions and more.
1:38 , 1:00, 1:43, 2:00U, 2:00
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Catchy, breezy and elegant instrumental music where traditional bossa nova meets relaxed funky beat. This beautiful fusion creates an intricate and witty mood, which is wonderful for lounge atmosphere in the restaurant, bar, casino gambling, boutique hotel, scenes of reflection.

How to choose music for your podcast intro, transitions and outro.

  • Select mood/genre most suitable to a theme and audience of your podcast. Think first about listeners and their music expectations, try to catch their attention from a very first seconds of your podcast. See below for themes recommendation.
  • For podcast intro find catchy music piece with length 7-18 seconds. It can be not only the beginning of the track but his most attractive part. You can use fade out effect to make it sounds more natural with a transition from intro music to a script part.
  • For podcast transitions (bumpers) between themes inside of podcast select pieces with length 3-7 seconds.
  • For podcast outro, you can use a natural ending of a track used for your intro with length 10-15 seconds. Or use a track which will more suitable to a whole theme of your podcast to make a final impression.
Please use follow genres/moods for podcast themes:

Arts & CultureArt, Modern Classical, Classical Piano, Gentle.

Business & EconomicsBusiness, Corporate, Confident, Neutral.

Comedy PodcastsComedy, Funny, Positive, Cartoon.

Education PodcastsEducation, Website, Science, Technology, Futuristic.

Fantasy & Science Fiction PodcastsFantasy, Epic, Fairy Tale, Sci-fi, Futuristic, Alien.

Food & Cooking PodcastsCooking, Easy Listening, Acoustic, Rustic, Mediterranean.

Health & Wellness PodcastsSpa, Relax, Nature, Chill out, New Age.

History PodcastsHistory, Classical, Medieval, Epic.

Kids & Family PodcastsKids, Family, Cartoon, Funny, Sweet.

Media & Entertainment PodcastsUrban, Hip Hop, Action, Teenage.

News & Politics PodcastsNews, Political, Serious.

Paranormal PodcastsMystery, Demonic, Alien, Haunting, Creepy.

Philosophy PodcastsAbstract, Modern Classical, Sophisticated, Elegance.

Radio Drama PodcastsDramatic, Emotive, Broken Heart, Storytelling, Cinematic.

Religion & Spirituality PodcastsSpiritual, Angelic, Elegance, Classical.

Science PodcastsHigh-Tech, Science, Innovation, Website.

Sports & Recreation PodcastsAction, Sport, Energetic, bright, Success.

Storytelling PodcastsStorytelling, Easy Listening, Positive.

Talk Show PodcastsIntro, Storytelling, Lounge.

Technology PodcastsTechnology, Innovation, High-Tech, Futuristic.

True Crime PodcastsThriller, Sport, Dangerous, Investigation, Spy, Crime.

License music to use in podcasts

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