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Dive deeper into the music ocean to find your pieces of treasure.
Browse and listen to music collected in categories - Music For.., Genres, Styles, Moods and Instruments. Find an appropriate category and clarify results by mixing them with proper tags.

Music player controls

  • icon To add a melody to the Shopping Cart
  • icon To delete a melody from the Shopping Cart select
  • icon Download music in needed length with the Longoloops Tool
  • icon Save liked tunes to the Favorites and share them with clients and friends.

What is royalty-free music?

Royalty-free music is licensed for a single fee, without the need to pay any subsequent royalties. Pay once, and you can use Melody Loops music wherever you like and as often as you like.

How can I use Melody Loops?

You can use Melody Loops as background music in videos, music on hold, in presentations, guided meditations, tv/radio ads, games, and others. Modify melodies as you wish, but you may not resell or redistribute music.

How to download a preview to try?

Find a track you like, click the Longoloops button on the music player. On the Longoloops screen, set the needed settings and download an mp3 preview to try and play with it. Create files from 5 seconds up to 1 hour long.

How can I use Free music?

You can use our Free music under the License Agreement. Profit and non-profit use are allowed.


Get Unlimited Music Download from $6/month with an Unlimited Downloads subscription.
Individual tracks purchase is available with Download Packs starting at $20 for three tracks.

Complete a purchase with a Credit Card or PayPal payment to get music files just in seconds.

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What do I receive when I order music from Melody Loops?

Purchasing music, you will get access to download .ZIP archive with music files inside and a License confirmation. Use the Longoloops tool to make files in needed length. All versions have high-quality sound.

Can I purchase one track now and use other downloads later?

For sure! Add liked track to the Shopping cart, complete your purchase, download files. Use remaining downloads for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Will I hear a beep sound in purchased music?

Watermark protection (beep sound) is available in previews only. All purchased tracks don't have a watermark beep sound.

How to use the remaining downloads?

To use the remaining downloads, you need to add liked tracks to the Shopping cart, click the 'Add to My Music' button, confirm your selection, and music will be added to your account.


Download and use purchased melodies anytime you need.

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Available file formats:

formats icons

MP3 - 320kb, 44kHz.

WAV - 16bit, 44kHz.

AIFF - 16bit, 44kHz.

Import downloaded files into your software like iMovie, PowerPoint, Premiere, Vegas, etc.

How to download a file that will work with my phone system?

Convert audio files into the required format by click on the 'On Hold' button at the Tracks page. Select your phone system and get files in the required file format — download .wav files to use with your phone system.

I bought music but lost files. Can I download the music again?

Please Sign In to your account to download the purchased music again.


With a multi-use Lifetime License, you can use the same music track in different projects without additional payments.

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How can I download a license confirmation?

To download a license confirmation, click on the License button on the Tracks page and save the opened page as a PDF file.

How to update my details in a license?

Modify your details on the My Details page and save a license again.

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Download royalty free background music for any use.
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