E.L. Mahon

Since Aug, 2011
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Orchestral 28 Jazz 22 Smooth Jazz 22 Modern Classical 22 Easy Listening 15 Traditional Classical 10 Classical 8 Lounge 7 Jazz Fusion 6 Pop 6 Chill out 5 Acoustic 5 Latin 5 Folk 5 Avant Garde 4 Classical Piano 4
About the Composer: Raised on cornbread, greens and fried chicken, this country boy has come full circle. Fargo, Arkansas is home but now he calls Colorado his ‘back home’ spot. After living in Hawaii “again” from 1999 to 2003, and basically calling it quits with his music career, he began writing again in 2003 thanks in part to a birthday party early that year in Hawaii at the home of one of his long time friends and musician buddies.The focus now is on his own genre of music appropriately named, “NueVision Jazz”. Classically trained on oboe and credited with being one of the youngest members of The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra at the age of 13, E.L. retired from ALL performing including
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