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Since Aug, 2011
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About the Composer: Raised on cornbread, greens and fried chicken, this country boy has come full circle. Fargo, Arkansas is home but now he calls Colorado his
  • Out There by E.L. Mahon

    Looking out over the horizon into the clear night sky full of stars and wonder. Featuring beautiful angelic female vocals sounding alike Enya, Celtic Woman, Sarah McLachlan.

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    O Holy Night by E.L. Mahon

    This is nice and mellow with cello and harp. From my Nuevision Jazz Christmas Medley 2014 release.

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    You Witch by E.L. Mahon

    A bit witchy. Has a slight Hitchcock feel.

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    Midnight Kiss by E.L. Mahon

    This is a sweet sexy instrumental that puts you in the mood for a little midnight love action. In Cafe del Mar style.

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    Wave Rider by E.L. Mahon

    Powerful and majestic orchestral background music with an ethnic oriental percussion. This fascinating and hypnotic tune is great for travel films, new discovery, as intrigue and mystery theme, vast space, Arabian desert, floating in the ocean, fantasy world, etc.

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    Hells Fire by E.L. Mahon

    Suspenseful and somewhat airy/scary track. Gives a sense of fire and brimstone with a dark and uneasy feeling.

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    My Morning Mood by E.L. Mahon

    Create a peaceful atmosphere of early morning tranquility with this smooth jazz track with lead sax. Whether geared towards the business or home market, it is perfect for including in your videos, movies, and audio productions. Jazz tracks are great for establishing a comfortable mood for the listener or viewer and for adding variety to your media library.

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    Good Life by E.L. Mahon

    A really cool upbeat tenor sax solo jazz-funk track that gets you up and moving. Fun times and straight forward.

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    The Last Planet by E.L. Mahon

    Think stargazing, deep space activities, underwater footage, the formation of new entities in the universe. New Age/ Ambient background music.

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    Back In Time by E.L. Mahon

    This is kinda of a throw back to the 60's type of the King Curtis saxophone era. A bit funky, driven and a slight raspy soprano sax instead of tenor sax. Beverly Hills 90210 style track.

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    Slap The Monkey by E.L. Mahon

    This track is one that will surely give you that jungle vibe. It features soprano sax and has a funky Tarzan thing going on. It's really cool...........

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    Summer Fun Boogie by E.L. Mahon

    It's Summer Time Baby. Fun on the beach, at the water park, just anywhere with dancing and fun times for the summer. Boogie down even on a cruise ship.

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    The Java Hut by E.L. Mahon

    Sophisticated instrumental in kinda 60's cool jazz vibe for spy scenes, casino gambling games, detective investigation, conspiracy, and art performance,

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    Im The Captain Now by E.L. Mahon

    Sparkling and laid-back smooth jazz composition with tenor sax lead and festive feels. It has a bit of a sound of the 80s and will create a slick, stylish mood for your project. Ideal for a special dinner, relaxing romance, Las Vegas casino, new promotion, limo cruising, highlights video, etc.

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    Just Let Me Love You by E.L. Mahon

    This is romantic smooth jazz with hook vocals and alto sax lead, that will definitely add some mellow vibe to your project. Perfect for romance, seduction, and bedroom moments

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    Hall Of Fear by E.L. Mahon

    A dark and somber track with the heartbeat sound going faster, scary and full of dread, in the style of Walking Dead. Great for zombie apocalypses movie, horror games, haunted darkness, frightening scenes, world of monsters, crime and ultimate evil.

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    Black Water by E.L. Mahon

    This track gives the impression of commando's tracking the enemy with stealth precission.

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