Sasha Volkov

Since Mar, 2011
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The kind rural musician, I demand some milk and new strings!
  • Morning In The Mountains by Sasha Volkov

    Morning....Slow walk alone with headphones. On the trails of the mountain upland. And everywhere the smell of summer and the sea. This is the music where you're free to decide how far you went to explore and drift into your own thoughts. So go ahead, and enjoy your favorite music.

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    Lights From The Holidays by Sasha Volkov

    Evening cafe, you see the city lights outside the window. A sweet melody starts playing, and the eyes of the beloved person light up instantly. The two of you share the glances between sips of warm cups of coffee or teas. How precious such moments are, filled with happiness and love. When you reminisce on this time later, that light-hearted and tender music comes to your mind.

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    The Merry Woods by Sasha Volkov

    This forest is welcoming, trees not too close and not too far let the sunlight In, opening a new place every once in a while, a small pond or a swift spring, a glade in blossom. Little inhabitans of this woods rustle here and there, giving you a feeling that you are about to enter a fairy kingom of gnomes who invite you at their feast!

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    Farewell by Sasha Volkov

    A lost childhood buddy, a son leaving his parents home , a past away friend... sometimes we all have to say: farewell...

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    Coconut Shore by Sasha Volkov

    Nothing better than sipping a sweet drink while laying on the beach under a palm.

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    Find The Key by Sasha Volkov

    I have many keys, but there is no key from your happiness - you will find it!

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    Horse Riding by Sasha Volkov

    Henry's faithful horse, and a bottle of fresh milk - what else does the real cowboy need for a morning walk on the farm?

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    My Blueberry Pie by Sasha Volkov

    A home-made blueberry pie with a glass of warm milk or a cup of fragrant tea in the company of your family and friends will give you a wonderful mood in a rainy autumn evening!

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