Tom Beuchel

Since Dec, 2011
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  • Across Oceans by Tom Beuchel

    A calm, meditative track with lush synth pads and deep ocean ambiance. Perfect for meditations or anywhere a chill, melancholic feel is needed.

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    Hidden Sanctuary by Tom Beuchel

    A calming and zenish track featuring a lush, gentle synth pad. Perfect for meditations, underwater footage or anywhere a calm, focused energy is needed.

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    Leaving Earth by Tom Beuchel

    This is a swirling synth piece with pulsing delay rhythms. Great as an ambient texture for underscoring anything needing a darker, more artificial vibe while still conveying musicality.

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    Wayne Street by Tom Beuchel

    This is a simple, free-flowing jazz piano tune. The mood is emotive, but not too intrusive, making it a great option for background music in applications seeking an "earthier" jazz sound.

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    Calloused by Tom Beuchel

    This is an alternative rock track with electronic elements in the vein of Linkin Parks' Hybrid Theory. The brooding, ominous tone is great for invoking that era of music.

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    Disparate Planes by Tom Beuchel

    Ethereal guitar chord drones create a meditative pad. Great for underscoring emotional moments in projects.

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    Resilient by Tom Beuchel

    This is an uplifting track built around a piano melody that conveys optimism and a victorious struggle through tough times.

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    Five-0 Funk by Tom Beuchel

    This is funk/blues piece featuring a solo Hammond organ improvising over a blues scale. The rhythm instruments include guitar, clavichord, bass, and drums.

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