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I love sound and music.
  • A stirring, uplifting and deep ambient track based on custom recorded voices and synths. Meant to create a strong sense of longing and nostalgia. An ominous, dark, scary horror theme. Perfect music for introductions to scary films and games, but can also be used in other parts as well. A dark, spooky and strange cinematic track. Perfect for genres in fantasy, horror, paranormal and more! A bright, cheerful version of the classic Christmas carol "Deck the Halls" . A creepy, strange ambient theme. Perfect for horror and other similar projects. A very dark and ambient background track. Perfect for video projects, cinematic productions, video games and more! A relaxing, soothing, and contemplative harp piece with heavy reverberation. A dark, ambient and reflective piano piece with abstract background sounds. Great for lush and dreamy scenes, thoughtful moments, distant planets, stargazing in film and documentaries. A slow, emotional, silent piano piece. This ethereal track is about a broken heart, death and loss, lost love, funeral slideshow music and memorial video. A mysterious, strange and spooky music box featured track. Perfect for horror films and mysterious thrillers, paranormal activity, ghosts, Halloween background music, and any project needing a haunting feel. An ethereal ambient track, with a sad drone, degraded mood and sound. If it were not for the strange mood, it would almost be meditative. But due to the sounds, it has an almost eerie, dark quality. A strange, creepy and alluring cinematic piece. Perfect for horror, psychological thrillers and more. A peaceful music box loop, perfect for commercials, transitions, presentations, apps, games and more. A very strange ambient soundscape. Perfect as a background to video projects, especially those dealing with strange and unexplained phenomena. A relaxing, exotic, ethnic percussion piece, featuring a hang drum. Perfect for cinematic productions, games and more! A very soothing, soft, and tender piano and string piece. Perfect for romantic scenes, love scenes, sad scenes and more! A modern classical solo piano piece, with a sensitive feeling and deep emotions This passionate, romantic background music is great for true love stories, trust and dedication, remembrance of lifetime moments, and more. A beautiful, emotional piano piece. Very poignant in the performance. It's perfect for many projects and videos. A sad yet sweet, nostalgic, and hopeful piano track. This looped version may actually add to its effect, as it never resolves itself, thus remaining in seemingly never ending state of longing, sadness, and melancholy. A heartwarming, inspiring alternative acoustic piece. A peaceful lullaby with a nostalgic, slightly melancholic tone. Perfect to contemplate a full moon through the night clouds, moments of loneliness and reflection, solitude and intimate sense. Perfect for the natural landscape or sensitive melodrama. A fun and quirky cinematic western style track. Great for depicting scenes appearance of cowboys, wagon trains rolling across the prairie, shots, scenes of talk with the sheriff under the scorching sun, political commercials emphasizing can-do American spirit. An uplifting, motivating and hopeful instrumental. Featuring, piano, percussive guitar harmonics, and subtle background strings and warped piano. A dark, lonely, ghost inspired track. Perfect for cinematic productions, games, and apps, especially those with paranormal subject matter. An offbeat, relaxing, cool jazz track. Featuring bass, drums, piano, and saxophone. An unnerving, eerie and dark ambient soundscape. The strings sound demonic and fascinating at the same time. This minimalistic style perfect for filming mystery peojects and horror scenes. A sad passage featuring a piano and violin. It's almost a slow, dignified march, perhaps for a funeral. Suitable for emotional scenes, sorrowful drama, depressive feelings, and sense of grieving. A peaceful acoustic guitar track perfect for presentations, commercials and more! A dark, strange cinematic soundscape. Slow tempo track with hypnotizing, creepy sound. Perfect to create a mysterious or psychedelic ambiance, mysterious suspense mood or ominous atmosphere. A beautiful, positive, and longing string trio. Featuring 2 Cellos and a Violin playing the lead melody. A strange and intriguing acoustic guitar solo piece. Perfect for tense, dramatic acoustic underscore, melancholic and reflective feel, pensive cinematic scenes, moments of hesitation and uncertainty, emotive tension. Lots of movement and unexpected changes. Using an electric guitar and string section, this track evokes a sense of awakening, wonder and discovery. Perfect as an ident, introductions, and more! May even be perfect as an alarm, ring tone or for other phone applications. A dark and somewhat disturbing piano ambiance, perfect for horror and science fiction. It has an otherworldly, apocalyptic vibe. Traditional Scottish folk music with the feeling of independence, hope, and honor, featuring bagpipes. Great for the celebration of St. Patricks Day events, film scenes about glory and death, travelogue, and every project needing Celtic vibe and feel. A strange, authentically medieval music loop featuring wolf howling sound. Suitable for historical documentaries about ancient world, medieval life, royal castles and distant times. A peaceful, jazz inspired piano piece, with a sweet, longing mood. A disturbing soundscape, where its melody (if you can call it that) sounds a bit like the big squeak of a large, haunted carnival ride. A victory loop. Perfect for ads, apps, games, presentations, and more! The sound of a harp in a large cave. Strange, alluring, and otherworldly. A dramatic, melancholic, yet hopeful classical string piece. Ideal sad background music for broken heart, deep sadness, death and loss, lost love, funeral slideshow music and memorial video. A contemplative, questioning piano piece, with a great amount of heart and soul. Perfect for background videos involving love, death, memories, and more! A repetitive, otherworldly drone soundscape with calm and hypnotic mood. Ideal for adding some mysterious atmosphere to psychological, erotic thriller or investigation documentary. With themes including murder, mystery, ghostly world, lurking danger, mental madness, the world between fantasy and reality. A strange, alluring percussion track. Perfect as a background. Creates a sense of intrigue and wonder. A soothing, yet strange and sad string piece. Featuring 2 cellos, violin, and viola. A peaceful, soothing piano piece with a hybrid synth ambiance accompanying. A peaceful track featuring an acoustic guitar, with ethereal flute playing the lead. A mysterious, questioning sonata for harp and flute. This relaxed and classic melody will be perfect for romantic movies, art documentaries, nature videos etc. An outgrowth of the piece "Epic Journey," this is a more angelic and peaceful take. Featuring a beautiful female vocal, and a pensive, subdued string section. A slightly paranoid, homage to the 80s soundtrack. A heavy progressive rock track with a frenetic and chaotic vibe. Great for trailers, intros and other similar projects. A bright, cheery and somewhat ambient Ukulele track. Perfect for commercials, presentations, apps, and more! A strange, night inspired acoustic track. Mostly peaceful, but also contemplative and questioning. A strange, unique track, with a repeating, cyclical piano part, and strange instrumental accompaniments. Meant to create a sense of paranoia, fear and isolation. A strange and bleak ambient soundscape. Conveying a unique sense of wonder and sadness. A festive track meant to evoke the feeling of being in a busy Santa's Workshop. Featuring string plucks, bells, and sleigh bells! And you can almost hear the sound of train whistles at times. Perfect for the Christmas season! A sad and somber orchestral piece, with a mood of farewell and departure. This classic melody is perfect for all kinds of emotional scenes, sorrow, tearful moments, nostalgia, and visuals. A dark, strange and menacing ensemble string piece. Ideal for crime scenes, thrilling investigation, mystical dark video, serious spy action, etc. A poignant, emotional yet dramatic eclectic underscore to draw expressive and highly dramatic feelings. Featuring electric guitar, strings, and synthesizer, conjuring up vivid sonic landscapes and a rather unusual mix of hope and uneasiness. Perfect for thoughtful, ponderous scenes, inner drama, perhaps documentaries, it meanders between more optimistic and rather pessimistic moments. A strange, magical, intriguing orchestral theme. Perfect for cinematic productions, especially those in the fantasy genre. Can be used in other productions as well. A dark, spooky track featuring low, demonic strings, an ethereal music box and ghostly voices. Great for ominous scenes, mysterious horror movie, darkness, depression, bi-polar, psychological thriller, black magic, dark comedy, Halloween.
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