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  • Natural Breeze by ABCstudio

    Inspiring acoustic folk-pop with an exciting and lovely feeling of freedom. 4 versions included.

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    Heartwarming Journey by ABCstudio

    A breathtaking, emotional, beautiful cinematic music. Starting with a gentle piano theme and slowly evolves into its full bloom. With every progression, new dynamic layers of orchestral strings appear that lead up to a soulful, positive finale. 4 versions included.

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    Some Positive Thinking by ABCstudio

    A modern, stylish, smooth electronic corporate track with a minimal, clean, futuristic sound. Great for technology, the contemporary world changes, space, innovation, youth culture, innovations, and more!

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    Cheerful Moments by ABCstudio

    This catchy and uplifting acoustic track is an excellent addition to videos about everything that lights you up! It includes acoustic guitar, woodblocks, bells, claps, and a light ukulele. With its catchy melody and feel-good atmosphere, it instantly drives childlike feelings of fun and happiness. This track can be used as an underscore or as the main music track on commercials, movie teasers, and more personal projects such as photo slideshows, children's projects, and more.

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    Ukulele Vibes by ABCstudio

    Grab some feelings of optimistic emotions with relaxed summer ukulele guitar track. 4 versions included.

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    Best Summer Ever by ABCstudio

    Smooth house music means - relaxed and atmospheric music, but with dynamic energy to make your next presentations or commercials sound good and increase the viewer's attention. The track is quite chill but has an optimistic mood. Great as background music to present vacation destinations, hotels and resorts, and real estate.

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    Irresistible Swagger by ABCstudio

    Awesome and groovy, funky house music will inject excitement into any production! It is full of positive and optimistic energy, fun, and slightly retro with an enjoyable laid-back vibe. This track is ideal for any project that needs a cheerful sound. Great piece for nightclubs discos, product demonstrations, promos, and much more.

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    Flourishing Life by ABCstudio

    Positive and optimistic corporate track with a soft, confident vibe. It's perfect for presenting new products or innovative technologies, background video soundtracks, commercial adverts, websites, and YouTube videos.

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    80s Night Drive by ABCstudio

    80s-style Synth Pop electronic music in modern sound. Analog sound in the atmosphere of the 80s, with a futuristic, vintage, nostalgic feel. 4 versions included.

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    Legends Never Die by ABCstudio

    Legends Never Die is an epic and extremely dramatic piece of music featuring a building symphonic orchestra, powerful percussion, rousing brass, and tubular bells. The piece builds in intensity with cinematic elements that will be sure to bring goosebumps to any listener.

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    Erhu Meditation by ABCstudio

    Beautiful, atmospheric Asian music that combines electronic ambient textures with a traditional Chinese instrument - a diversity that results in a unique and original sound. The music is built on a repetitive pattern, perfect for video projects related to space, time, meditation, healing, nature, mystery, and spirituality.

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    Around Our Little Planet by ABCstudio

    A beautiful, touching, new-age fusion that brings together traditional instruments from around the world with a modern electronic beat to create an inspiring collage of multicultural vibes. A great choice for projects related to travel, humanity, ecology, green energy, vacations, travel journeys, documentaries, and more.

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    Digital Bubbles by ABCstudio

    Sweet electronic piece, with a playful, fizzy, squeaky sound. Great for projects related to design, fashion, technology, innovative advertisement campaigns, and much more! 4 versions included.

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    Fullpower Percussion Drums by ABCstudio

    Use this amazing piece of drums music to supercharge your video project with intensive energy of rhythmic playground.

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    My Journey Of Success by ABCstudio

    Positive and happy acoustic indie folk track that is uplifting, warm and inspiring. Ideal for any commercial production, bright advertising, and catchy videos involving lighthearted scenes.

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    Joyful Marimba by ABCstudio

    Light, positive and happy marimba tune with a joyful and easy feeling. Perfect for providing a playful and cheerful vibe for your project.

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    Our Journey Begins by ABCstudio

    Cinematic and dramatic composition with piano, symphonic strings, brass, and epic drums. Has an adventurous and empowering sound. Great for movie trailers, video games, and a wide range of promotional media.

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    This Is Corporate by ABCstudio

    A positive, inspirational, and motivating corporate rock track that features a muted electric guitar lead followed by classic rock beat. We take pride in making top-shelf bg music to help you supercharge your visual projects.

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    Technologic Dreams by ABCstudio

    Light ambient technology background. Fits perfectly for a variety of corporate promotional videos. Use this premium commercial stock music with modern high-end sound for your next project.

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    Sunset Waves by ABCstudio

    Cool, relaxing, inspirational lounge music with a warm, fashionable, stylish mood. Combines modern synthetic and soft digital glitch sound. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, on-hold music, and other media projects.

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    Africa Safari Kids by ABCstudio

    Light, positive and happy track with a joyful and easy African feeling, featuring different percussions, and ukulele!

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    Electro Pulse by ABCstudio

    A clean, dynamic, minimalistic electronica with elegant, groovy, advanced sound. Great for projects related to design, style, technology, modern lifestyle, innovation, and much more. 4 versions included.

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    Summer Vacation Dreams by ABCstudio

    Summer Vacation Dreams is a cheerful and uplifting electronic background track for happy videos, commercials, youtube, and other advertising content. Perfect for all kinds of happy stories and projects which require a carefree energetic beat or commercial that needs a dose of positivity!

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    African Stomps by ABCstudio

    An energetic percussive track with claps, stomps, and African percussions. Perfect for presentation, typography, action trailer, intro, commercial, game, movie, teaser, fps, etc.

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    Happy And Joyful by ABCstudio

    A cute and happy summer tune, full of sunshine and joy. Perfect for children events, happy commercials, comedy spots, funny slideshows, kids footage, and any sort of positive media that requires uplifting and joyful background music. 4 versions included.

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    Dance Nation by ABCstudio

    Energetic, upbeat, trendy dance-pop track, with vocal chops, catchy tune, and uplifting vibes. Great for commercials, TV ads, corporate presentations, YouTube videos, fashion brand clips, product launches, lifestyle content, new fest conception, and any project that needs a fresh, modern, and exciting mood.

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    Party All Night by ABCstudio

    A positive, energetic and modern electronic track with an uplifting and happy feeling. Perfectly suited for commercial videos, product promo, tv and advertising.

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    Atmospheric And Energetic Ambient by ABCstudio

    Inspirational and uplifting track featuring a dreamy synth tune, atmospheric pads, warm synth bass and electronic beat. This energetic ambient track is great for trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, radio and film.

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    Glitch Vision by ABCstudio

    High-quality, energetic music with massive basslines, glitch sound effects, and incredibly powerful electro. It will perfectly complement any youthful, energetic visuals. It's ideal for fashion ads, workout videos, commercials, and more. The perfect soundtrack for everything that is trendy, and cutting-edge.

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    Together As One by ABCstudio

    Stylish, fast tempo percussive stomp rock track with a groovy vibe and uplifting feel. This melody is a charge of vivacity and energy, impossible to sit still. Works well for enhancing action scene, parkour tutorials, high speed, bank robbery, caper story, successful teamwork cooperation, diligent boards, extreme sports events, promo videos of delivery service, and more

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    Clap It Up by ABCstudio

    Energetic, exciting and powerful percussion track to supercharge your promotional videos. Featuring stomps, claps, and drums - great for action and sports moments.

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    Exotic Lagoons by ABCstudio

    Minimal, and cool lounge music with smooth chill vibes. This track includes jazzy guitars, piano, bass, drums, and warm percussion. Perfect for spa videos, modern fashion shows, podcasts, vlogs, and more.

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    Electro Power Rock by ABCstudio

    Energetic and aggressive Electro Hard Rock track with an exciting and intense feel. Perfect choice for any extreme sports, motion graphics, Go Pro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting, adventure commercials and more.

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    Upbeat Kids by ABCstudio

    Happy, positive and bright, joyful and catchy little tune. Ideal for promotional, motivational, children, comical projects.

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