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  • A lovely, inspirational acoustic track with an easy-going and empowering mood. The light strumming of the guitar gives this music a peaceful but energetic feel that makes it perfect for many uses. This track is perfect for adding an element of comfort, happiness, and success to projects requiring a relaxed feel. A lovely, bright, and pleasant romantic acoustic track with an easy-going mood. It has an emotionally uplifting sound to it and is perfect for romantic videos, commercials, or any other video project you might need. This track features strings, acoustic guitar, and piano. A sweet and mellow acoustic pop track, with a tropical vibe. The melody is playful and upbeat and could make you think of vacations by the beach or walking in the sand barefoot. Perfect for commercials, travel videos or summer holidays. Features acoustic guitar, ukulele, marimba, hand claps, and bells. This calm and sincere acoustic ballad is a great accompaniment for a romantic scene and for moments that need a little warmth and positive emotion. Great for underscoring any situation where you want to add some lightness and positivity. This is a versatile and inspirational soft-sounding pop-rock track with an uplifting vibe. The music was recorded using real instruments. Featuring acoustics and synth sounds, it will fit perfectly in projects that require a positive and confident mood. Due to its nature, it works perfectly as background music for videos, presentations, and many other uses. A wonderful, charming gentle corporate tune with guitar, brass, and glockenspiel. The brass brings a unique atmosphere that is both captivating and upbeat. Perfect for commercials, informative videos, and openers. This is a perfect elegant melody for various projects. A smooth, uplifting, lighthearted easygoing funky tune with a groovy twist. This track has an upbeat feel that could accompany visuals of people living their lives, laughing and smiling in good moods. This beautiful, uplifting indie pop track evokes the sensation of walking in the sunlight on a crisp fall day. A perfect mix of acoustic and electric guitar, piano, drums, and bass creates a hopeful vibe that captures friendship and love. Ideal for a narrative about overcoming difficult times and making it better. This is a sensual reggaeton pop track with a mellow, dancing beat. The instrumentation includes flamenco guitars, plucking synths, and a bouncy dance groove. The track captures the essence of a Latin summer mood and creates a lively and energetic atmosphere, that is perfect for various productions. Inspiring and captivating acoustic folk tune, based on a sentimental ukulele melody, followed by a dramatic cinematic buildup. The melody is based on a sentimental ukulele melody that's both charming and emotional, creating a sense of warmth and heartfelt sentimentality. Ideal for commercials, short films, and documentaries that want to create a sense of intimacy and connection with their audience. This sweet and joyful acoustic tune is perfect for happy occasions with friends. The light-paced beats, happy guitar melody, and jangling bells will get you smiling and dancing. Perfect for commercials, children's TV shows, upbeat holiday videos, family movies, or anything with a happy positive vibe. A lovely, inspirational soft rock track with a motivational and empowering mood. Perfect for inspiring moments in life, spiritual or religious content/documentary, advertising or corporate production, as well as, many other uses. This beautiful, touching, and inspiring background music could evoke deep emotions. A motivating and dynamic acoustic pop track with an exhilarating rush of energy from the very first strum. It begins with beautiful acoustic guitars and builds to an emotional climax. The perfect soundtrack for media projects that aim to conquer challenges, uplift your spirit, and strive to reach new heights. Anything is possible just believe. This sparkling loop creates an extraordinary tropical atmosphere. Perfect as the peaceful and relaxing background music which will add the feeling of freedom to your project. You can use it in every educational or gaming video, tropical landscapes, underwater or green jungles, or as a soundscape for travel videos. Set a cool and pleasant party mood with happy electro-pop music. This track with smooth synth beds and subtle percussions sounds very attractive and bright. This inspiring underscore has been designed to evoke a sense of discovery, freedom, and play. Great for TV shows, movies, and video games related to travel, discovery, and fantasy action. A groovy and funky track, with a great electric guitar riff and a surprising synth bass line. This song is perfect for presentations, commercials, or video products that need a driving and energetic beat. This catchy tune will give your audience just enough groove to keep them moving. This happy little cue is ideal for advertising and promotions. Featuring a bouncy piano, simple ukulele, and clapping, it creates a fresh and jolly mood that feels very optimistic. Its quirky style makes it an excellent choice for commercials or television programs, as well as websites and mobile applications that want to bring in young customers. Playful, upbeat, and joyful ukulele music with a happy, sunny mood. Perfect for commercial or background use, this acoustic track is simple yet effective. Ideal for travel or lifestyle commercials and infomercials, commercial YouTube content, jQuery slideshows, and more! This sentimental acoustic track is great for anything relevant to sadness, lost love, and similarly themed depression or just feeling down. Sad piano chords and electric guitar notes play a sad melody together with a strong sense of calm in the music. A great song for movies, dramas, and any other related projects. This track is a beautiful and heartwarming instrumental composition with a soft and "moving on down the road" type sound. It features electric piano, acoustic guitar, clapping percussion, electric bass, and drums that create a feel-good atmosphere. Great for commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, travel journeys, motivational videos, and more. This light and optimistic acoustic track in folk-pop style has a joyful vibe. Featuring a ukulele, clapping, hand snapping, and an electric guitar, this tune is perfect for entrepreneurs, feel-good videos, motivational videos, kids and family videos, and any project needing a fun and positive vibe throughout. This happy-go-lucky, bouncy, and colorful track that is also somewhat laid-back, with an optimistic, uncomplicated feel of the good life. The upbeat Ukulele jingle will make you want to smile. Easy-going but not too simple. Perfect for kiddies or positive scenes in advertisements and films. This is a contemporary Americana folk instrumental track featuring acoustic guitar, electric bass, and drums. Its simple, hopeful melody evokes spring in the mountains, new beginnings, and starting over. This instrumental background music fits perfectly as an underscore or bed for outdoor scenes, rural splendor, or renewal and hope. This bright, cheerful, and positive track with a Latin sound will add a feel-good vibe to your video project. It's ideal for branding projects, commercials and presentations, and background music for advertisements and marketing campaigns. This is a unique, and fresh EDM tune with a beautiful whistle melody, that generates a feeling of optimism and anticipation. It combines modern styles of popular artists such as Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and Coldplay. Ideal for highlighting optimistic and positive scenes in trailers, commercials, or any other projects that need an upbeat, positive mood.
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