• Royalty free On Hold music

    • Inspirational Times by Ivan Markelov

      Bright, inspirational, optimistic corporate music for ads, and motivational video. This track will give you the courage you need to achieve great things. The track features electric guitars, piano and strings. his track works well in commercials, corporate videos, presentations, on-hold muzak, and any other projects that need confident background music.

      Success In Coming by Sikosbest

      Inspirational and positive commercial background for your motivational video project. Perfect for motivational business presentation, music on hold, corporate slideshow, positive advertising montage, and creative corporate video project.

      Romantic Guitar by Azovmusic

      Soft and calm music with elements of the corporation. Well suited for medical projects, and new technology for health, as well as for scientific projects and corporate presentations. Also good for infographics and as call hold music.

      Touch Of Hope by DPmusic

      Emotional acoustic background music. Perfect for presentations, promo, and YouTube videos. It also suits slideshows, advertising projects, corporate videos, and any other inspirational visual content. Clean sounding acoustic guitar with beautiful percussion instruments arrangement make this track very special.

      Harmony Of Silence by Nazar Rybak

      It is a light, optimistic, motivational tune with a pleasant, calm, inspirational mood. A motivational video with a theme of teamwork and cooperation to achieve success. Ideal for business or technology videos, presentations, slideshows, music on hold, and more.

      Good Energy by MixSound

      Inspiring and motivational corporate music. You can use this track as a background in your projects, technology videos, slideshows, TV or advert, music for podcasts intros and phone hold music, music license for small business.

      Personal Growth by Azovmusic

      Fun background music with an upbeat and joyful mood. Features whistling, glockenspiel, hand claps, ukulele, and pizzicato strings. Ideal for children's videos and travel. A good choice for motivational videos, YouTube, and advertising.

      Successful Company by Giraffe Music

      A perfect track for your corporate presentations, technological slideshows, and podcasts. Also great as background music for your on hold telephone messages. The great beat and rhythm will make you feel confident and self-confident while listening to this song.

      Tropical Summer by ArtIss

      Calm and gentle acoustic folk background music played with guitar and piano. Perfect for romantic love stories and wedding videos, call hold music, travel photo slideshow, children video, positive advertising montage, and creative video projects, needing a rustic vibe.

      Children Fun by MixSound

      Cooking Recipe is a folk track that creates a calm and happy atmosphere. The acoustic guitars, bass, and drums create a chill vibe with no big changes in the mood. This track is best suited to use in cooking videos or when creating an ad with a positive vibe. It is useful for travel vlogs and TV shows, but also good for us in your Instagram or Youtube.

      Make Me Feel Good by ABCstudio

      Modern Corporate Music with a blend of stylish and modern elements is perfect for travel, technology, financials, gadgets, business presentation, phone on hold and much more. In this track I've used Electric Palm Muted Guitar, Bass Guitar, atmospheric pad, strings, percussion and Drums.

      Catch The Inspiration by Ivan Markelov

      Soft, calm and relaxing music with elements of the corporation. Good choice for presentations, medical projects, technology, business projects, real estate video and new technology for health, as well as for scientific projects and corporate presentations, infographics and as call hold music, etc.

      Beloved Family by DPmusic

      Inspiring and positive, this royalty-free corporate track evokes the feeling of success. Featuring airy guitar plucks, piano, and drums that keep things upbeat. Its uplifting mood makes it perfect for ads, explainers, vlogs, or promo videos about growth and success.

      Cooking Recipe by DreamSounding

      A subtle and melodic tune with catchy breaks plucks, and melodies that help create a sense of calm and security. Always Possible is an inspiring musical track that will brighten up your project with a positive message. Rises optimism to any business project or presentation, to use as a phone on-hold music.

      Good Times For Us by ihsandincer

      This track was originally produced as on hold music for interactive voice responders and office phones. Loopable, relaxing, and not annoying, it can be used as any kind of background music.

      Clear Skies by DreamSounding

      Optimistic background music for infomercials, promotional videos, podcasts, or any other uses.

      Minimalist Approach by ihsandincer

      Calm, soft, and professional corporate background music. Features electric guitar, electro piano, and synth beats to give it a smooth and professional feel. The track lends itself well to many applications requiring positive or uplifting music. Perfect for a variety of media projects including business presentations, advertisements, on-hold music, and commercials.

      Upbeat Acoustic Happiness by Tunelight

      A warm acoustic track for projects which need a warm and tranquil background sound. Good choice as commercial background music, music for radio ads, podcasts intro music and phone on hold music.

      Blue Sunshine by DreamSounding

      A lovely, inspirational acoustic track with an easy-going and empowering mood. The light strumming of the guitar gives this music a peaceful but energetic feel that makes it perfect for many uses. This track is perfect for adding an element of comfort, happiness, and success to projects requiring a relaxed feel.

      More Higher And Higher by AG Music

      Technology Life is a cool, smooth instrumental with modern electronica influences, a positive mood, and an inspiring atmosphere. This track will perfectly fit any creative, innovative, and motivational videos and advertising projects, technology, science, slideshow, and music on hold for business phone systems.

      New Begining by Sikosbest

      A beautiful and calm, atmospheric corporate track featuring electric guitar, soft piano, and quiet synth beats. Chill and the smooth, this soundtrack is excellent as hold music for business projects, new product demonstration, lounge zones, hotel lobbies, or shopping malls. Also suitable as looped music for slideshow and presentation or anything that requires relaxing and peaceful sound.

      Great Wonder by DPmusic

      A heartfelt and optimistic folk-acoustic track that celebrates the journey of life. With its gentle fingerpicking guitar and inspiring lyrics, this song encourages listeners to embrace life's ups and downs and keep moving forward with hope and determination. Perfect for any situation that requires a touch of warmth and motivation.

      Evening Clouds by Rolikmusic

      This is the perfect inspirational corporate music for your next great project. Soft and Uplifting track with a light and happy feel motivates you to start your day and feel upbeat about the tasks on hand. It's drums and guitars create a great sound for your next inspirational video, real estate video, product promotion, hold music or any other products or services that need that extra edge.

      Health And Care by Ivan Markelov

      A beautiful futuristic chill track, featuring dreamy synth, warm pads, a bright piano that create an uplifting mood. Ideal for technology commercials, scientific research, corporate presentation, voice-overs, as on-hold music for sophisticated projects, VIP style, etc.

      Formula For Success by MixSound

      An optimistic and inspirational corporate track, created with a variety of instruments, synth fx, and evocative arpeggios. The music will perfectly fit into any video with an inspiring message. It can also be used for promotional videos, photo slideshows, and misc advertising flicks. The only border is your creativity.

      Calm Tech by MediaM

      Breezy piano jazz featuring catchy piano and marimba melody. Solid upright bass holds a rising bluesy motif. Staccato clarinet flourishes add a joyous retro-feel, suggestive of 1920s traditional jazz. Brush drums trip along to add movement and dynamism. Could be useful for tutorial videos such as cooking demonstrations where a fun, unobtrusive backing is needed.

      Happy Days Ahead by Yoav Alyagon

      An easy-going and relaxing royalty-free electronic track with electric piano leads, bells and strings. Suitable as background music for a hotel lounge area, elevators, cafe, and luxury boutique, spa retreat, medical centers, or as on-hold music for phone systems.

      Team Must Be Happy by SnowMusicStudio

      Upbeat corporate motivational background music with an energetic, happy and inspiring mood. Perfect for corporate projects, advertising, radio, TV, trailers, innovation videos, presentation, news and any corporate projects.

      Life Is A Chance by Ivan Markelov

      A fast, upbeat and lighthearted tune for technology and corporate design projects. This track uses a variety of synths but mainly focuses on warm, ambient pads that create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The song is fairly short as it is made to loop. It works well as on hold background track or as background music in general.

      Sweet Joanna by Alex Borg

      An uplifting acoustic composition that will make a great background for commercials, YouTube videos, wedding videos, and more. This track is packed with positive energy and makes a perfect choice for any content about love and family relationships.

      Bright Morning Sunlight by ihsandincer

      It is an inspirational and bouncy corporate royalty-free music piece for your optimistic video projects, such as commercial presentations, tutorials, vlogs, travel and holiday visuals, motivational videos, music on hold, or summer footage.

      Inspiring Dream Piano by Azovmusic

      Cool and stylish future chill track with pumping sound and relaxing mood. This royalty free music can perfectly fit as background audio for lounge zones, afterparty relax, videos form the height (drone, helicopter), cinematic landscape, spa and resort presentations, as on hold music in call center or ringtone, as background in shopping mall or any other media and multimedia projects.

      If You Just Believe by DimmySad

      New Begining is a corporate track with a motivational and inspiring mood. Perfect for business presentations, startups, entrepreneurship, and small business. This piece of music aspire confidence and motivation. Perfect for any kind of project that focuses on new beginnings, and new ideas.

      Inspire Success by MediaM

      This one is a beautiful acoustic jazz track with a lovely mood and warm sound. Nice background for romantic videos, dinner time, coffee time, weddings, elevator music, shopping mall music, hold music, music for call center, travel videos, real estate, people talk videos and many more.

      Group Achievement by TimTaj

      Modern, smooth, and positive corporate cue with technological and innovative feel. Perfect as background music for presentations, technology video, business teamwork, on hold music, media devices, wireless networks.

      Inspiring Folk by Azovmusic

      Optimistic, confident, and motivational corporate background music with piano, deep bass, guitar, strings, and drums. A good choice for promotion, advertising, slideshows, television, media projects, marketing, films, corporate and business projects, presentations, and much more!

      My Business by Sikosbest

      It's a beautiful and inspiring, easy listening track. Fit well as a background for advertising and commercials, tutorials and explainers, presentations and promo, on hold music, corporate motivational videos, marketing, and other inspiring projects.

      Inspirational Calm by Azovmusic

      Inspiring and positive track in an easy-listening corporate genre with a strong motivational uplifting feeling. This track will surely bring the spirit of success, joy, and excitement to any video project! Check out the additional versions in this package for maximum flexibility and comfort in your production. Instruments : acoustic and electric guitars, piano, vibraphone, warm pads, strings, bells, bass guitar, percussion, drums. Recommended usages : promotional media, uplifting marketing videos, facebook, youtube, vimeo, television, radio, slideshows, corporate presentations and advertising, films, documentaries, festivals, podcast, videocast, phone on hold music, education training, apps/games, audiobooks and projects related to technology, sports, design, fashion and lifestyle.

      Sense Of Gratitude by DPmusic

      This beautiful acoustic composition is suitable for corporate, motivational, inspiring, and uplifting presentations. The melody is played on acoustic guitar and accompanied by gentle-sounding piano chords. Pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for any media project.

      Your Time Has Come by DimmySad

      Inspirational and positive commercial background for your motivational video project. Perfect for motivational business presentation, on hold music, corporate slideshow, positive advertising montage, and creative corporate video project.

      Soothing Medicine by TimTaj

      A light and spacey atmospheric track that is suitable as background music in a wide range of productions. An excellent choice for organic living, energy-saving devices, green technologies, eco house, on-hold music services, social media content, and more.

      Horizon Of Hope by TimTaj

      Upbeat and inspirational acoustic corporate music track with driving electric and acoustic guitars, and piano. An easy-going and energetic mood will evoke a feeling of happiness and inspiration. Works excellent with corporate videos and commercials call on hold, videos about traveling, fun and leisure, vacation and trips, etc.

      Motivational Goals by Music Ideas

      Laid-back and chill-out track, featuring electric guitar, rhodes, vocal samples, and beats that create a mellow and soothing atmosphere. This relaxing background music, with a light and airy essence, is ideal to be used in many media settings including corporate promo, website advert retail marketing, or phone on hold music.

      That Upbeat Feeling by Infraction

      It's a cheerful and bright track in an easy-listening corporate genre with a solid motivational, inspiring feeling. Recommended usages: promotional media, uplifting marketing videos, corporate presentations and podcasts, videocast, phone on hold music, education training, apps/games, audiobooks and projects related to technology, design, and lifestyle, school prom night.

      Family Happiness by DPmusic

      This track will perfectly fit inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films, TV, nature and photo slideshows, commercials, corporate videos, phone music on hold and more.

      Successful Direction by MixSound

      Confident and cool corporate background music with piano, Hammond, guitars, and a rhythm section with claps. Perfect for motivational business presentation, music on hold, corporate slideshow, upbeat advertising montage, and creative corporate video project.

      Inspiring Innovation by AG Music

      Lounge smooth jazz royalty free hold music, ideal for situations that require a relaxed ambiance. Suitable for urban real estate, luxury goods ads. Also good for art galleries, evening champagne dinner, Valentine's day present, or just to create a cozy atmosphere.

      The Future Technology by Ivan Markelov

      Dynamic, inspiring, and uplifting acoustic corporate music with atmospheric acoustic and electric guitars, and vocal samples. This track will evoke a feeling of joy and motivation. Works excellent with corporate videos, business projects, presentations, commercials, etc.

      Plum Blossom by EdRecords

      This beautiful chill beat track can be played to help create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. This music is perfect as background music for daily routine videos, relaxing time, de-stress hold music, and much more.

      Warm Relationship by APmuse

      Pop style corporate royalty free music with a modern tropical beat. Great for use in commercial, business presentations, advertising, Youtube videos, catchy slideshow, or as on-hold music.

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    Keep customers on the line while waiting for an answer:

    • Add music on hold to your business phones and call centers.
    • Increase caller retention by up to 74% by minimizing clients' churn.
    • The on-site convert tool will make files exactly for your phone system.
    • Select liked melodies and purchase a music license to use them without paying additional fees and royalties.
    • We will refund your money if you don't like how it works.
    Background music on hold reassures callers and potential customers that they are connected and that the company cares about them, all while ensuring that even the wait is enjoyable with good music playing.
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    An Effective Tool for Customer Relations

    If it’s a caller tune hold, then it is important that the tune you select feels like a warm greeting. Choose a soft and merry tune, or perhaps a jingle specific to your business.

    More than seventy percent of callers, on average, are put on hold when calling a business. This means that for more than half of your existing and potential customers are going to inevitably go through this. You can actually use this small timeframe to your advantage.

    Do Not Advertise

    This is a common mistake. The whole idea of good background music on hold is that you empathetically communicate to the caller that all phone lines are busy and that the customer service agents will get to you as soon as they can. If you fill that gap playing recordings of your ads, chances are that people are going to cancel the call. They did not call you to have you talk about your services while you put them on hold. Imagine how you would feel if you’re calling to complain about service quality and you get to hear advertising gimmicks while on hold.

    Nothing That Would Ramp Up Their Mood

    When it comes to picking out a tune, make sure that you get one that sounds light and ‘feel-good’. If the mix on your on hold phone setting is aggressive, even if slightly so, a person who has some concerns about your product or service may be subconsciously influenced to be even more aggravated. There’s ample research on that. On hold music is just another behavioral cue you can use to your advantage.

    It is very important that you download a good tune and play that mp3 & wav continuously so that the caller understands that the business is sensitive towards their needs as well.

    On hold music file requirements for phone systems

    Modern phone systems use music files suitable for working with old analog phones for compatibility and playback capabilities. Some support MP3, but most require 8bit / mu-Law WAV files.

    With Melody Loops, you can download music files for the following phone systems and requirements:


    WAV, 16bit, 8kHz, mono, PCM, under 100MB.


    WAV, 16bit, 44.1kHz, stereo, PCM, under 10MB.


    MP3, 16bit, 44.1kHz, stereo, under 10MB.


    WAV, 16bit, 8kHz (8000Hz), mono, µ-Law (mu-Law) for USA/Canada/Japan, a-Law for Europe/World.


    WAV, 16bit, 8kHz, mono, PCM, up to 30sec, under 0.5Mb


    WAV, 8/16bit, 8/16/32/44/48kHz, mono/stereo, PCM/µ-Law.

    Comcast Business

    WAV, 16bit, 8kHz, mono, PCM.


    MP3, 16bit, 44.1kHz, stereo, under 10Mb.


    WAV, 16bit, 8kHz, mono, PCM.


    WAV, 16bit, 8kHz, mono, µ-Law.

    GoTo Connect

    WAV / MP3, 8/16bit, 8/16/32/44.1kHz, mono/stereo, PCM/µ-Law.


    MP3, 16bit, 44.1kHz, stereo, under 10Mb.


    WAV, 8bit, 8kHz, mono, µ-Law.

    Ooma Office

    WAV, 16bit, 44.1kHz, stereo, PCM, under 5Mb.


    WAV, 16bit, 8kHz, mono, PCM, up to 80Mb.


    WAV, 8bit, 8kHz, mono, µ-Law


    WAV, 8bit, 8kHz, mono, µ-Law, up to 20Mb


    WAV, 8bit, 8kHz, mono, µ-Law, up to 6.385MB.

    Skype for Business

    WAV/WMA, 16bit, 8/16kHz, mono, PCM.


    WAV, 16bit, 8kHz, mono, PCM.


    WAV, 16bit, 8kHz, mono, µ-Law.

    Vodafone Business

    WAV/MP3/WMA, up to 10 minutes.


    WAV, 16bit, 44.1kHz, stereo, PCM.


    WAV, 16bit, 8kHz, mono, PCM, up to 5MB.

    Zoom Phone

    WAV, 16bit, 44.1kHz, stereo, PCM.

    Download royalty free on hold background music for any use.
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