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Composer from ukraine. I work in the styles of corporate, cinematic, ambient, classic, electronic, pop.
  • Optimistic background music for infomercials, promotional videos, podcasts, or any other uses. A perfect track for your corporate presentations, technological slideshows, and podcasts. Also great as background music for your on hold telephone messages. The great beat and rhythm will make you feel confident and self-confident while listening to this song. Upbeat and inspirational corporate business composition with a motivational atmosphere featuring catchy, playful guitar harmonics, atmospheric piano melodies, smooth pads, a warm bass, optimistic staccato strings, and an easygoing beat. Perfect for image and TV spots, commercials, corporate videos, advertising, presentations, tutorials, YouTube, and more. Inspiring and motivational corporate background music with a positive, uplifting and inspiring mood. Likeable sound of grand piano, soft electric guitars and subtle drums create a bright atmosphere that is ideal for presentations, websites, voice-over or any other audio production in need of background music. New Begining is a corporate track with a motivational and inspiring mood. Perfect for business presentations, startups, entrepreneurship, and small business. This piece of music aspire confidence and motivation. Perfect for any kind of project that focuses on new beginnings, and new ideas. This uplifting, light and inspiring orchestral piece of music is perfect for your next project. It has a triumphant, heroic feel with soaring orchestral strings, a piano, futuristic synths, and ambient pads. This music is ideal for advertising and inspiring videos. It could also be used to create the mood at an art gallery or museum. Beautiful and dramatic technological corporate background track with piano, slow drum beat, atmospheric synths, and pads. This track creates a modern and elegant atmosphere perfect for presentations on business, finance, and design. Also ideal for commercials and films made in the tech environment. This corporate pop track is a perfect choice for any presentations, advertising, and business projects. It creates an uplifting and motivational mood. Electric guitars and piano lead, accompanied by strings for inspirational background music. Use this track to add some joy and positive feelings to your videos! This track will perfectly fit inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films, TV, nature and photo slideshows, commercials, corporate videos, phone music on hold and more. Beautiful, emotional, inspiring, positive classical composition with a triumphant and inspiring mood. It is a perfect background for various projects such as films, art documentaries, video games, slideshows, presentations, and more. This inspirational, corporate track is perfect for training videos and presentations, web videos, promos and commercials. Capturing the inspiring and motivational element of modern day corporate culture. Featuring memorable synth motifs and arpeggios, solid electronic drums, percussion with innovative sound design and production. An inspiring, dramatic orchestral cinematic soundtrack. Perfect for: epic trailers, games, presentations, inspirational and motivational projects, and nature, and fantasy videos. Bright and beautiful classical orchestral underscore full of the timeless elegance of the enchanting strings melody. This brilliant and captivating composition could serve as the perfect companion for a wide range of projects. Perfect for classical projects, classical intro, trailers, documentaries, films, classical videos, magical adventures, positive videos, video games, commercials, or advertising. This captivating composition leaves an alluring lasting impression, elevating your content to new heights. Epic adventure track with harmonic depth and emotive power. Featuring strings, brass, piano, percussion, drums, choral voices, and synths. Perfect as background music for film scores, epic adventures, fantasy landscapes, scenes requiring high levels of drama and excitement, RPG games, live performances, dramatic opening or closing, and more. This track is made to help your ideas reach society. Motivational and inspiring music that wonderfully suits different types of videos, commercials, social advertising, promotional videos, and presentations in various branches such as business, social media, sports, travel, beauty, health, IT, biology, bioengineering, science, education, innovative technologies and so on. I Can Everything - epic track with strings, brass, piano, percussion, drums, and synths to convey a sense of grandeur and determination. This majestic and dramatic cinematic background music is perfect for a wide range of projects that want to inspire and evoke a sense of triumph and the belief that anything is possible. Perfect for motivational videos; dramatic scenes, climactic moments, or as a powerful opener; movie, game, or audiobook trailers; educational platforms, or life-changing services; award ceremonies; personal triumph or milestone stories. A powerful epic orchestral score with a sense of grandeur and strength transport listeners from the very first notes to a world of glory, courage, and valor. This composition features thundering drums, bold brass, and majestic strings, creating a grand and heroic atmosphere. Perfect to enhance the anticipation and excitement for epic stories, film trailers, battle preparation scenes, great victory, sports footage, competitions, noble heroes, and great adventures. This modern corporate track is perfect background music for your presentations, business videos, intros, outros, transitions, and commercials. You can use it for inspirational videos with an uplifting mood and a positive overtone. It will help to express bright optimism, confidence, and trust in the future. A nice and easy acoustic pop song with a feel-good vibe. Great background music for ads, television, and reality. The main instrument is the acoustic guitar, but there are other instruments too, like piano, synth pads, and bells, to keep it interesting. Epic orchestral track with a dramatic and heroic action feeling. It contains big strings, powerful brass, and a huge percussion section. The rich, cinematic textures stir the emotions and bring narratives to life, making this track an excellent choice for trailers, movie intros, video game sequences, or any project seeking to convey a grand, heroic, and action-packed atmosphere. Technology Life is a cool, smooth instrumental with modern electronica influences, a positive mood, and an inspiring atmosphere. This track will perfectly fit any creative, innovative, and motivational videos and advertising projects, technology, science, slideshow, and music on hold for business phone systems. A vibrant, triumphant, and uplifting Christmas track will bring the holiday spirit and joy to your production. Featuring festive bells, piano, joyful orchestral strings, claps, tambourines, and drums. It is the perfect Christmas theme for any commercial or advertisement, YouTube video, and TV show, whether it be Christmas day or any other holiday season. This track is a high-quality, modern-sounding orchestral composition. The piece creates an inspiring and uplifting mood that creates a feeling of adventure and journey. It uses strings, percussion, piano, and electronic instruments to create a sense of urgency and excitement. My Epical Travel is a breathtaking musical journey that transports you to epic battles, heroic quests, and sweeping adventures. The soaring orchestral arrangements evoke grandeur and drama, while the intricate melodies and lush harmonies add depth and emotion to the story. This is the perfect soundtrack for any epic tale, from fantasy adventures to historical dramas, that demands a powerful and captivating score. Modern and energetic dubstep track with synthetic instrumentation and flowing melody, which has a synthetic feel. The overall mood is positive, uplifting, and motivational. Suitable for technology inventions, IT sphere, science and other topics about modern life and future. A cool-sounding track perfect for your vlogs, Youtube videos, and more. This inspiring, triumphant composition will boost your audience's energy, making them happy, and inspired. The track has an epic sound to fit well with videos about success or achievement. Be sure not to miss this one! Positive, modern, and inspiring corporate background track with uplifting piano chords and lively drums. This music can be used as a soundtrack for a presentation video, slideshow, or any project needing inspiring and motivating background music. Elegant, graceful and positive orchestral piece with a light strings arrangement fits perfectly into a variety of uses. This track is ideal as background music for romantic movies, movies, commercials, special events, advertisement teasers and documentaries. Beautiful, corporate music track with a slightly modern feel. A gentle and motivating track driven by light percussion and beautiful synths. Builds to a full and delightful climax. Useful for projects involving success and achievement, motivation, and luxury brands such as clothing or cars. This is a modern corporate background music track with glitch effects, synth beats, and minimalistic melody. Optimized for various types of media use - from films and trailers to tv shows and commercials. It can be used as the main theme or just as a filler track. Perfect for business projects, advertisements, presentations, infographics, new technologies, and more. Inspirational, uplifting, and very motivational soft corporate music. Perfect as background music for inspirational and successful stories. Also good for advertisement and TV commercials, science and invention, technology and education, media project, and more. This track will help you to create an inspiring atmosphere, a successful mood and high-quality video. It can be used by a wide range of industries, including business, corporate, slideshow songs and documentaries. Perfect for advertising and commercials, podcasts and podcasts, music videos, short stories and YouTube channels. It is a light, optimistic, motivational tune with a pleasant, calm, inspirational mood. A motivational video with a theme of teamwork and cooperation to achieve success. Ideal for business or technology videos, presentations, slideshows, music on hold, and more.
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