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  • Grand Award by RMSound

    Triumphant and victorious hybrid orchestral music. Suitable for award ceremony opening, awarding the winners, great achievements in sport, majestic ceremonies, Graduation Day, Olympic champions.

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    Champions Award by RMSound

    It's triumphal and celebratory, majestic and inspiring music featuring fanfare brass, soaring strings, and powerful percussion. This beautiful epic and cinematic track perfect for any inspirational, successful, and uplifting projects!

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    Lucky Morning by RMSound

    Inspiring, uplifting and glorious corporate soundscape, that bring all the energy of early mornings together. Perfect for advertising, infomercial, new product launch, high expectations, and scenes conveying joy, happiness and success.

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    Be Modern by RMSound

    Indie uplifting corporate tune featured tuned guitar and piano. This melody is your go-to track for high quality motivational and inspirational music, all ready to use in your next video, podcast, webinar, presentation, social media post, or on-demand video right now!

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    Calm Place by RMSound

    Light, technology, inspiring, motivated, minimal background tune with the pleasant, calm, inspirational, innovational, and peaceful mood. This tune is a mix of corporate music, ambient and chill out music.

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    Favorite Game by RMSound

    It is an energetic corporate track that features real guitars, piano, violins, drums, bass, and electronic accents. This piece is a perfect choice for business presentations.

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    Food Making by RMSound

    Positive and beautiful jazz track with funky elements. Perfect for cooking shows, food presentations, commercial video and vlog, hotels and restaurants, travel and commercials.

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    Power Of Hero by RMSound

    This Epic Cinematic Music is perfect for any inspirational, motivational or epic project that requires an emotional and powerful background. Great for videos, time-lapses, movie trailers, teasers, intro, gaming videos, slideshows.

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    African People by RMSound

    Beautiful ethnic music with flute, strings, percussions, electronic pads and mysterious voices. Perfect for nature, various thematic videos, travel vlogs, youtube projects, slideshow, trailers, presentations as a background.

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    My Love Forever by RMSound

    This is inspirational acoustic background music with a peaceful melody and a warm organic sound. Perfect for any emotional video projects on your YouTube channel. Ideal for a video montage of lighthearted scenes, nostalgic photo slideshow or romantic wedding.

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    Scary Lullaby by RMSound

    It is hybrid electronics / orchestral horror theme perfectly suited to create tension, suspense and a dark feel.

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    Ceremony Awards by RMSound

    Triumphal and solemn track with piano, drums, brass, strings, cello, and other instruments. It is celebratory, majestic, and inspiring music featuring bold, triumphant brass, soaring violins, and explosive percussion. Beautiful, powerful, and inspirational music!

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    Salsa Party by RMSound

    This hot-burning salsa arrangement will make you feel like you're on the beach with a margarita in hand listening to Buena Vista Social Club or Santana. Featuring steel pans, guitars, piano, trombones, trumpets, and lots of percussions. Alluring and slinky, this background music is great for sunny sweet fun, couples dancing, Bacardi Rum cocktail party, tropical paradise, island vacation, honeymoon travel, romcom, or sitcom.

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    Battle Of Gladiators by RMSound

    An inspiring cinematic piece with a larger-than-life sound. Perfect for cinematic films, epic intros, film trailers, video game teasers, commercials, advertising, slideshows, promos, gameplay trailers, wildlife and drone footage, cinematography projects, and more!

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    Winning And Awarding by RMSound

    It's triumphal and celebratory, majestic, and inspiring music features fanfare brass, soaring strings, and powerful percussion. This beautiful epic and cinematic track perfect for any inspirational, successful, and uplifting projects!

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    Digital World by RMSound

    Stylish corporate background music in modern style. Creates an atmosphere of peace, calmness, relaxation, and success. It evokes images of elegant technologies, futuristic innovations, advertising, and presentations.

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    Hero Story by RMSound

    Beautiful, cinematic, emotional and inspirational trailer with powerful brass and elegant strings. Perfect for historical films, movies about superheroes, trailers, games, and many other projects!

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    Arabic Night by RMSound

    Oriental background track. Perfect for ethnic projects, films about Arabian, Turkish, Persian culture or history.

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    Elegant Motive by RMSound

    Elegant and soft acoustic track with an inspiring piano and a beautiful guitar solo. Great for advertising, business presentations, slideshow, timelapse, motivating video, video about nature, architecture and other projects.

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    Royal Crown by RMSound

    This beautiful epic track with powerful wind and staccato strings. Perfect for films, games, inspiring movie, sports, advertising, new discovery, video trailers and teasers.

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    Evening Fairy Tale by RMSound

    Captivating, magical, and intriguing orchestral underscore with a steady pulse and classical vibe. Featuring pizzicato strings, brass, and xylophone. Perfect for cartoon animations, kids video, kitchen recipes, DIY videos, historical events, etc. This melody is sure to drive your presentation to success.

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    Heroic Theme by RMSound

    This action track is excellent background music for your trailer, TV programs, computer games. It features a range of violins, cellos, bass, horns, and more.

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    Grand Battle by RMSound

    Epic, powerful, and captivating cinematic trailer music with a real feel of Hollywood blockbuster and thrilling atmosphere. Great as background music for film trailers, big action-adventure movies, chase scenes, sci-fi action, and anything requiring high-intensity sound.

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    Wonderful Asia by RMSound

    Asian inspired music with traditional instruments and orchestra. The track could be useful in a morning TV show, China and Asian countries travel documentaries, or other projects that need an ethnic flavour.

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    Nice Meeting by RMSound

    A pleasant melody and an acoustic guitar create a good mood. The track is suitable for a family break, weekend, slideshow, travel.

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    Award Ceremony by RMSound

    Triumphal and solemn track with piano, drums, brass, strings, cello and other instruments. A celebratory, majestic and inspiring music featuring bold, triumphant brass, soaring violins and explosive percussion.

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    Heroes In Action by RMSound

    It is an epic and dramatic orchestral track that unites a majestic, heroic theme and a percussive, powerful, exciting action sequence.

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    Ambient Landscape by RMSound

    Beautiful ambient corporate music featuring electric guitar and calm synth beats. This chill and smooth soundtrack is great for business slideshow, new product presentation, commercial projects, and more

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    Over The Sky by RMSound

    It is a minimal and modern composition full of emotion and nostalgia. Perfect for films, documentary projects, relaxing timelapse, organic natural products, inspirational videos.

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    Children Dreams by RMSound

    This is a soft and dreamy acoustic track. It has a ukulele, bells, claps, acoustic drums, pads and deep bass. This track has a very soft start and a beautiful ending. The perfect choice if you're looking for background music for kids' videos, advertising, or any media projects.

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    Award Opening by RMSound

    Majestic and epic awards music.Perfect for awards and winner video, awards show, nomination.Also good for trailer and advertising video.

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    Date In The Rain by RMSound

    Inspirational, beautiful cinematic soundtrack. Touching, solemn, gentle. Ideal for background music in slideshows, inspirational commercials, motivational and inspirational presentations, and sentimental videos.

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    Coffe Time by RMSound

    Calm and relax corporate track that features real guitars, pianos, drums. This song is perfect for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, TV ads, YouTube videos, corporate presentations.

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    Inspiration And Dreams by RMSound

    Inspirational, bright and beautiful emotional synthpop music. Perfect for motivational videos, advertising, inspiring journey, social media projects, slideshow, videoblogs showreel and openers. In music intertwine different emotions: inspiration, memories, romance and the spirit of travels!

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    Beach Summer Party by RMSound

    Modern motivational and upbeat pop track with an inspiring and uplifting feel. Perfect for tv, film, advertising, radio, commercial projects and promotional presentations, summer videos.

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    Happy Event by RMSound

    Happy, optimistic and fresh, cheerful and joyful track with a light, uplifting, positive, catchy sound. Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, family and web advertisements.

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    Business Idea by RMSound

    Professional and modern inspiring background music for your corporate or business project. Used instruments is guitar, bass, piano, synth, arco strings and drums.

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    Legendary Award by RMSound

    Triumphal and solemn track with piano, drums, brass, strings, cello and other instruments. This epic soundtrack is great for victorious projects, motivational videos, historical documentaries, cinematic or game trailers.

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    Cartoons Toys by RMSound

    Classical orchestral cartoon track. This is a good subject for a comedy cartoon, for comedy and animation movies, commercial, youtube videos and for all your projects.

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    History Rising by RMSound

    A beautiful orchestral heroic poem with melodic lines of strings and brass. Excellent for games, epic videos, and action projects.

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    Asian Technologies by RMSound

    This is a beautiful and uplifting piece of traditional Chinese music. This track offers a taste of the Chinese New Year celebration. Take a musical journey through China. Recognize how people celebrate their festivals in different ways. Enjoy the knowledge of Chinese culture. Feel the joy, warmth, and 'China-ness' whether it will sound the main cities' streets with their vibrant liveliness or the remote farms in the mountains echoing with festive activities.

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    Fight For The Future by RMSound

    Epic adventure trailer track with cinematic electronic beats and back vocals sounds. You will use it for show scenes or for trailers of films or games.

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