Mister Mark

Since Apr, 2012
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Southern born on the gulf, raised in Texas and later Paris, I came into music via gospel, The Beatles, concertos and gypsy fiddles.
  • Cancun Sands by Mister Mark

    Breezy and airy blues reggae groove with carefree summery vibes. Two melodic guitars over an organ bed, bass, drums and light tambourine. Ideal for TV and radio commercials, phone hold music, etc.

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    You Have To Take This Turn by Mister Mark

    Traditional Chinese festival music with indigenous instruments for happy and joyful celebration. Perfect for Chinese New Year, Asian street food recipes, travel videos, and more.

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    Guitar Trails by Mister Mark

    A pair of acoustic guitars, bright and optimistic.

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    Amazing Scale by Mister Mark

    A breathtaking grand orchestral passage rich in strings.

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    As Far As The River Goes by Mister Mark

    Traditional and uplifting Chinese folk music played with original acoustic Pipa and Asian instruments. Ideal for positive energy, joyful celebration, Lantern Festival, Chinese New Year celebration, globe trekker style travel documentaries, etc.

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    Smooth The Bolts by Mister Mark

    A swinging and hip trumpet leading over a jazz trio of piano, drums, and bass. Perfect as background music for a short movie, television jingles, hold phone music, club lounge scenes. Feels like back to the olden days of the 1920s.

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    Slow Flood by Mister Mark

    Breezy saxophone slowly gliding over piano, bass and brushes. Suitable for lazy evening, relaxing moments, after work, late night romance, drinking late at night, smooth seduction.

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    San Felipe Stroll by Mister Mark

    A carefree ukulele riff, full of the sunshine, blue sky, and bright mood. Perfect underscore for simple, happy life, gathering together with family and friends, life on the beach. No worries, everything is okay.

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    I Know For Sure by Mister Mark

    The positive country-style track. Easy-going melody with a tune of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and drums. Think of kids playing in the yard to scenes of people rolling out in the morning to start the day. Most suitable for family vacations, podcasts, YouTube video about home and landscaping.

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    Blues Plate Special by Mister Mark

    A slow but emotional blues guitar riff, with bass and drums. Sincere and honest emotive playing.

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    Velvet Painting by Mister Mark

    Two guitars weaving a sultry pattern over a Fender Rhodes, quirky bass, rhythm section and shaker. This warm and soulful, funk blues groove will suit well for laidback situations, big city life, street traffic, product introductions and feelgood atmosphere.

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    Half A Piece by Mister Mark

    Pleasant jazz composition with a casual, yet luxury feel. The melody consists of saxophone riff over bass, drums and chill piano. Perfect as background music for lounge bar atmosphere, summer terrace, laid-back mood, lazy afternoon. This beautiful track will make your project unforgettable!

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    Tranquility Drive by Mister Mark

    A surreal cool chord bed of synths with drum machine rhythms.

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    Clouds Overhead by Mister Mark

    Jazzy and swinging vibe, funky groove, trumpet solo over piano, bass and brushes.

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