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Since Jan, 2013
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Acoustic 92 Folk 55 Easy Listening 48 Pop 18 Modern Classical 10 Country 5 Latin 3 Dance 3 Acoustic Blues 2 Chill out 1 Baroque 1 Traditional Classical 1 Waltz 1 Funk 1 Rhythm & Blues 1 Classical Piano 1
I have been playing, writing, performing and recording music for over 20 years.
  • This composition is very folksy and mellow, but with a driving feel, like just jamming in a major key around a campfire. Featuring brightly strummed and picked acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano, bass and drums, this song is very upbeat, bouncy, and feel good. Evokes images of achieving a successful milestone or project. 60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele and piano. Has a pretty, laid back but driving feel, perfect for catchy but non-distracting background music for any number of applications. Evokes images of lying in the sun on a secluded beach. This is a very simple, light and breezy ethereal ambient composition that is designed to act as background music for just about any application. Low key, positive, evokes images of floating or sailing on calm seas. Slow, laid back acoustic feel - imagine sitting in the evening by a campfire watching the stars come out on a summer day. With a positive, relaxing and driving feel, this song is reminiscent of laying out on the beach in the summer time listening to seagulls and a nice sea breeze. Using slack key acoustic guitars, piano, percussion and bass, this song keeps a medium but strong and consistent pace. Featuring fingerpicked and strummed classical (nylon stringed) acoustic guitars, a cabasa, a bass, and a flute sound. Joyful and inspirational with a sense of purpose. Old fashioned and sweet, this upbeat tune is all you need for happy nostalgia!
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