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Since Jan, 2013
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I have been playing, writing, performing and recording music for over 20 years.
  • Ukulele With Sleigh Bells by Joel Hunger

    Upbeat, happy, cheerful, and fun, this song adds a bit of holiday festivities with sleigh bells jangling in the background, but is also usable any time of year. Instruments are mainly driven by a strummed ukulele along with a childlike melody played on the piano.

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    A Little Folksy Jam by Joel Hunger

    This composition is very folksy and mellow, but with a driving feel, like just jamming in a major key around a campfire.

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    A Little Bit Old Country by Joel Hunger

    Featuring acoustic guitar, piano, bass, and drums. The composition is acoustically driven and in waltz time with an old time feel.

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    Jazzy Afternoon by Joel Hunger

    60 second loop featuring rhythm ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano, bass and drums. Very groovy, driving positive feel, and a bit jazzy.

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    Clapping Ukulele by Joel Hunger

    This is a bouncy, happy tune, featuring acoustic guitar and ukulele along with some light piano and a simple whistling melody.

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    Thoughtful Night by Joel Hunger

    60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, piano, bass and drums. Has a driving, but thoughtful and sentimental feel, almost a bit wistful or melancholy.

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    Folksy Loop by Joel Hunger

    The song begins with a solo finger picked guitar and then builds into a moderate driving pace. Very positive, optimistic feel, as if watching the sun rise from the side of a mountain. Mellow and feel good, and quite folksy.

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    Snow On A Winter Night by Joel Hunger

    This light calm and mellow tune drives in a loping 6/8 time, evoking images of a pretty light snow falling on a winter night while graceful ice skaters glide around a rink. A light harp and piano, accompanied by acoustic guitar and mellow vocal ooos set a serene nostalgic feel.

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    Chasing Success by Joel Hunger

    This song is positive and driving, with a victorious feeling without being in your face.

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    Flying Softly by Joel Hunger

    60 second loop featuring fingerpicked acoustic guitar, piano and bass. Has an ethereal, floating feel, very sentimental, thoughtful, pretty, light and subtle.

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    Lets Go Shopping by Joel Hunger

    This chipper and upbeat tune is bright and optimistic, starting out with a simple melody played on the piano, and soon joined by a ukulele, electric piano, drums, bass and percussion.

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    A Walk in the Trees by Joel Hunger

    Slow, laid back acoustic feel - imagine sitting in the evening by a campfire watching the stars come out on a summer day.

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    Minor Groove by Joel Hunger

    60 second song featuring fingerpicked and strummed acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, piano and an organ. This song has a swingy, driving feel moving forward with a determined purpose.

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    Looks Like Success by Joel Hunger

    Featuring brightly strummed and picked acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano, bass and drums, this song is very upbeat, bouncy, and feel good. Evokes images of achieving a successful milestone or project.

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    Uplifting Acoustic Tune by Joel Hunger

    This song is mainly driven by fingerpicked acoustic guitars with a simple, positive sounding piano melody. Medium to fast paced, this track is full of optimism and visions of a bright future ahead.

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    Happy Feeling by Joel Hunger

    60 second loop featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, drums, and bass. Has a mellow but happy feel.

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    Late Summer Dancing by Joel Hunger

    60 second loop featuring a ukulele, acoustic guitar, a piano, bass and drums. Has a driving, fun, optimistic, positive, on the beach in the late summertime feeling.

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    The Sun Shines Down by Joel Hunger

    Summer is getting late but there's still time for a little more sun! This acoustic guitar driven song is a medium to fast paced ode to outdoor markets, fountains, and generally hanging out on a hot sunny day. Perfect for an upbeat and positive presentation.

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    Relax A While by Joel Hunger

    60 second loop featuring finger picked acoustic guitar, strummed ukulele, and a light piano. Very positive, optimistic, and relaxed. The acoustic nature of the instruments give it a folksy, woody feel - very laid back and nice.

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    Light Footsteps by Joel Hunger

    60 second loop featuring lightly picked acoustic guitar, piano, and bass. Very pretty and light, driving but slow to moderately paced.

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    Crashing Waves by Joel Hunger

    This loop is one in a series of 5 tracks that are simply a fingerpicked steel stringed guitar backed by a light pad. All tracks were recorded with a similar mellow and sentimental feel at 102 BPM.

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    Purposeful Intent by Joel Hunger

    Medium to fast paced, this song is driven by a finger picked acoustic guitar and drives well, with a feeling of some intense purpose and movement. Emphasizes a minor key but is also positive sounding. Perfect for background music for any number of application

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    Toy Guitar by Joel Hunger

    60 second loop featuring finger picked classical nylon stringed guitar slightly detuned for a woodsy feel, with a light bass and electric piano accompaniment. The effect of this song is quite light and subtle, a quiet but pretty classical sounding composition.

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    Just Fingerpicking by Joel Hunger

    60 second loop of a single fingerpicked acoustic guitar playing very basic, positive sounding chords. The feel is moderate paced and mellow, like a song that might be played around a campfire.

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