Mikael Manvelyan

Since Mar, 2016
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Pop 69 Modern Classical 37 Electronic 31 Lounge 23 Easy Listening 17 Pop Rock 15 Orchestral 13 Dance 10 New Age 6 Acoustic 6 Rock 5 Fusion 4 Hybrid Orchestral 4 Folk 3 Classical 3 Ambient 3 Breakbeat 2 Alternative Rock 2
Mikael Manvelyan is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He has been composing production music for over 10 years in many musical genres. From Dramatic and Orchestral scores, to Pop, Rock, Electronic, Corporate, Jazz and World tracks. Mikael's diverse compositions work well for almost any production, including Online Media, TV, Film, New Apps and Commercials. Many years of professional broadcasting experience giving him a better understanding of how to craft music that will sit perfectly on a wide range of production mediums.
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