Dave Brenner

Since Nov, 2010
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Electronic 48 Lounge 15 New Age 12 Ambient 12 Heavy Metal 11 Metal 10 Techno 10 Chill out 9 Dance 8 Easy Listening 6 Avant Garde 6 Drum and Bass 6 Rock 6 Hard Rock 6 Breakbeat 5 Cyberpunk 5
Deep Forms produce music for use in broadcast, podcast, video and also just for easy listening. Our music is produced using the latest hardware and software to create high quality music and loops.
  • Tension Cinematic by Dave Brenner

    A powerful, sinister, dark, scf-fi, style track with stabs and booms complemented by dark effects with ghostly sounds and ambiences. Great for film and cinematic productions that require a powerful and memorable background or underscore.

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    Mysterious Cinematic by Dave Brenner

    A loopable dark and spacey track with epic roars and spooky sci-fi style lead played on a sitar. Great for film and cinematic productions that requires a powerful and memorable background or underscore.

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    Inspiring Sunshine Day by Dave Brenner

    A light inspirational track with acoustic guitars, bass guitar, percussion, and synths gives it a cheery, upbeat, happy feel. Great for adverts, websites, films, and any project needing an inspirational and motivational background. It can be looped for extended periods.

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    The Beautiful Rain by Dave Brenner

    Relaxing, peaceful, and airy track with a gentle chillout beat and overall dreamy atmosphere. Very expressive and transparent. Similar to Vangelis. Perfect for media visuals of airlines, underwater footage, meditation, contemplation, relaxation, and anything requiring atmosphere of tranquility and peace.

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    Pounder by Dave Brenner

    A heavy guitar based track which drives along with a steady pounding rhythm.

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    Rock Power by Dave Brenner

    A loopable driving rock and metal track with a catchy melody. Great for video, TV and anything that needs a high impact rock backing.

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    Military Arrival by Dave Brenner

    Military marching style track, great for a war battle scene. This track has a very powerful and aggressive tone that builds throughout with a pounding drum and tom loop, accompanied by cinematic brams, deep orchestral strings, huge guitar riffs, and distorted basses.

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    Groove Metal Power by Dave Brenner

    Ever needed a powerful track to stand out from the crowd? This piece is a guaranteed way to catch an audience's attention. An explosive metal track that totally rocks. Cool shaker, solid drum and bass groove, and crunching rock guitar riffs. Ideal music for sports, extreme sports, commercials, and party scenes.

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    Japanese Garden by Dave Brenner

    A gentle oriental Japanese sounding loop with a catchy melody completed by background wooshes and ambiences. Great for video that needs a light and airy backing track.

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    The Dream Drifter by Dave Brenner

    Upbeat track with a funky bassline and melodic synths provide a bouncy and laid back vibe.

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    Rocking Metal Groover by Dave Brenner

    A quirky and catchy heavy metal track. Has a great guitar riff, pumping bass and drums, and cool synthesizer melodies. Great for TV, film, and anything that needs a high-energy rock backing.

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    Drive Through The Night by Dave Brenner

    Bouncy driving beat with strings and a gentle synth style lead. Great for advertising, YouTube videos and anyh production needing a faster paced audio track.

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