Dave Brenner

Since Nov, 2010
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Electronic 46 Lounge 13 New Age 12 Ambient 12 Techno 10 Chill out 9 Dance 8 Heavy Metal 8 Easy Listening 6 Avant Garde 6 Metal 6 Drum and Bass 6 Breakbeat 5 Cyberpunk 5 Experimental 3 Trance 3
Deep Forms produce music for use in broadcast, podcast, video and also just for easy listening. Our music is produced using the latest hardware and software to create high quality music and loops.
  • The Beautiful Rain by Dave Brenner

    Relaxing, peaceful, and airy track with a gentle chillout beat and overall dreamy atmosphere. Very expressive and transparent. Similar to Vangelis. Perfect for media visuals of airlines, underwater footage, meditation, contemplation, relaxation, and anything requiring atmosphere of tranquility and peace.

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    Rock Blaster by Dave Brenner

    Fast paced rock and heavy metal track suitable for high energy backing loop, featuring drums, distorted bass and guitar.

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    Mysterious Cinematic by Dave Brenner

    A loopable dark and spacey track with epic roars and spooky sci-fi style lead played on a sitar. Great for film and cinematic productions that requires a powerful and memorable background or underscore.

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    Power Driver by Dave Brenner

    Rock and heavy metal track with a relentless driving rhythm great as a powerful high energy backing loop, featuring drums, distorted bass and guitar. Great for MMA fights, wrestling show, extreme sports, race and chase games, etc.

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    Pounder by Dave Brenner

    A heavy guitar based track which drives along with a steady pounding rhythm.

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    Free Forms by Dave Brenner

    Pleasant upbeat melody with big strings and a gentle synth style lead. Great for advertising, YouTube videos and general positive background music. Perfect for personal growth or a journey of your dreams, Globe Trekker tv show, travel to Saudi Arabia, India, Kuwait, Bahrain etc.,

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    Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho by Dave Brenner

    An upbeat Christmas theme featuring all your classic Christmas instruments and sounds including Santa voice. Works great as full track with or without Santa and blends in perfectly with Christmas and New Year themes.

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    Starrocks by Dave Brenner

    Groovy rock track with a catchy descending and rising melody

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    Horizon by Dave Brenner

    Laid back big strings with a gentle bell melody giving a huge sense of space.

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    Japanese Garden by Dave Brenner

    A gentle oriental Japanese sounding loop with a catchy melody completed by background wooshes and ambiences. Great for video that needs a light and airy backing track.

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    Cooler Than Cool by Dave Brenner

    Laid back electronic with a gentle pad melody giving a huge sense of space. Hypnotic and dreamy this sparkle and pulsating track is great for corporate use, science experiments and commercials or video games.

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    Woodland by Dave Brenner

    Woodland sounding drums and bass complemented by a gentle string section, with a deep sub bass backing.

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    Flying Free by Dave Brenner

    Positive sounding track providing a sense of motivation based on strings and synth leads. Works well with advertising videos, business projects, presentation, marketing, alien planet, sci-fi movie trailers, and commercial purposes.

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    Space by Dave Brenner

    Huge cinematic space sound pads with a gentle drum and bass backing.

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    Highlights by Dave Brenner

    A gentle catchy piano melody complemented by a mild string section.

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