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Since Nov, 2010
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Electronic 50 Lounge 15 New Age 12 Ambient 12 Heavy Metal 11 Metal 10 Techno 10 Chill out 9 Easy Listening 9 Industrial 9 Dance 8 Cyberpunk 6 Avant Garde 6 Drum and Bass 6 Rock 6 Hard Rock 6
Deep Forms produce music for use in broadcast, podcast, video and also just for easy listening. Our music is produced using the latest hardware and software to create high quality music and loops.
  • A powerful tension track with spooky and dark sounding synths and wood elements with added distant mysterious sounds and effects. Great for adding tension to a video or project! Works well on sci-fi, horror and mystery. A gentle oriental Japanese sounding loop with a catchy melody completed by background wooshes and ambiences. Great for video that needs a light and airy backing track. Military marching style track, great for a war battle scene. This track has a very powerful and aggressive tone that builds throughout with a pounding drum and tom loop, accompanied by cinematic brams, deep orchestral strings, huge guitar riffs, and distorted basses. Catchy rock guitar licks and riffs that sear into your brain with their intensity and Southern American feel. A driving up tempo track with heavy punk-rock guitars will perfectly suited for film, web or anything background you may need it for. A loopable driving rock and metal track with a catchy melody. Great for video, TV and anything that needs a high impact rock backing. A big beat backing track complemented with 80's vaporwave synth and retro drum machine. Great for building suspense in your scenes. Gives the vibe of intrigue for sci-fi films. Also good for a supernatural occult twist, bipolar mental disorder, psychological thriller, etc. This corporate track is designed to sound professional, peaceful, and relaxed. Ideal for any use where you want to ease your audience into a calm mood, such as a presentation or introduction. The laid-back and easy-listening track features gentle lead and luscious pads. Great as a backing track to any professional video or project. Spacey and mysterious sounding layers with interesting sounds and textures giving the feeling of being in a magical or fantasy realm in space or at sea. Music to complement a stroll though beautiful woodland forest.
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