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  • An acoustic corporate track featuring folk guitar, piano, and soft pad. This inspiring, uplifting, and motivational original composition comfort listeners with a sense of joy and happiness. It's easy to understand why this background music is perfect for tutorials, presentations, nature video projects, and more! This track is suitable as background music in inspirational, emotional, and motivational videos, films, advertising, and product presentations. The piece has a bright atmosphere that makes it perfect for commercials, slideshows, advertisements as well as corporate presentations or slideshows. Motivational track in pop-rock style. Featuring a synthesizer, drums, and electric and bass guitars. This catchy and bright composition will be a great choice for any video project, including corporate, educational, promotional videos, commercials, and any other project that needs an inspirational and optimistic feeling. A corporate track is a perfect musical background for business presentations, company videos, and commercials. This positive and uplifting production music is ideal for motivational videos, advertising projects, and happy or upbeat podcasts. for video commercial projects. advertising, presentation slideshows. "Introduce Yourself" is a relaxing and easy-listening acoustic piece that creates a soothing and inviting atmosphere. Featuring gentle guitar strumming, piano, and warm pads. Ideal as background music for projects that need a touch of elegance and introspection, providing a backdrop that is both calming and inspiring. Examples of use: personal vlogs, nature videos, DIY tutorials, or any project that aims to create a friendly and down-to-earth image, Luminous Serenade - Beautiful track in acoustic folk style featuring picking guitar, piano and percussions. Suitable for inspiring and warm video projects. This motivational track is a perfect background for an inspiring, emotional, advertising, commercial, slideshow, video presentation, travel, vlog, tutorial, etc. A great track to represent the feeling of discovery and decision-making. This track features upbeat melodies and driving rhythms that create a sense of energy and determination. Perfect for corporate training videos, commercials, or motivational videos. "Success is Coming" is a fresh and positive corporate track in the style of modern pop-rock. Featuring with synthesizer, piano, percussion, and some electric guitar riffs. If you create your own commercial video and need a track that can be used at any length, this song will be ideal. Great for presentation, advertising, tutorials, and background music for other modern, joyful commercials. Green Garden - acoustic track featuring with folk guitar, piano and warm pad. Have inspiring, happy and warm moods. Suitable for tutorials, PowerPoint presentation music, nature, family and beautiful video projects. Summer track in style of acoustic with ukulele. The track is happy and upbeat moods. Perfect for photo slide show, vacation video and TV advertising, backgrounds on the media. An optimistic and playful, acoustic track with ukulele, strumming guitar, hand claps, and percussions. It has a joyful and happy mood, with a touch of inspiration. Great for any project that needs some joy and happiness added to it. Ideal for advertising, summer vacation, children's videos, family fun, sunny days, and other bright moments. This motivational, uplifting, and inspirational track is ideal for any corporate media project - advertising, intros and outros, training videos, inspiring stories, presentation highlights, and explainers. Bright and positive with a strong character, this track will make your audience feel great! This happy and clappy acoustic track has a positive feel and uplifting mood. Featuring an upbeat ukulele, acoustic guitar, hand claps, and percussion elements. Great background music for advertising, corporate business, video presentation, or any kind of promo video project that need some kind of advantage to make your customers laugh. Bright and uplifting acoustic background music with a joyful, positive vibe. Featuring ukulele, bass guitar, piano, glockenspiel, whistling, and handclaps. Ideal for use in corporate advertising campaigns and commercials for the whole family to enjoy, Youtube videos with kids and pets. Also great for projects that need an optimistic tone. The inspirational acoustic track features harmonic guitar, piano, glockenspiel, voices, and warm pad. Have beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, and warm moods. Suitable for tutorials, presentations, nature, advertising, and beautiful video projects. This is motivational background music in a lite rock style. Great for travel, corporate or business commercials, training applications, or sports projects. Real instruments such as electric guitar, synth bass, and drum beat give it an authentic sound. This music score adds a touch of happiness, excitement, and good feeling to your next project. A vibrant and uplifting acoustic folk track featuring cheerful acoustic strums, gentle piano melodies, rhythmic handclaps, and a sprinkle of light percussion. Ideal for commercials, travel vlogs, corporate presentations and any project needing a touch of sunny optimism. You are Beautiful - Romantic inspiring track in style of Piano and Orchestral. Suitable for wedding, valentine, presentation and inspirational video projects. Favorite Moments - the inspirational acoustic track is featuring with folk guitar, piano, and warm pad. Have inspiring, happy, and positive moods. Suitable for tutorials, presentations, nature, family, and beautiful video projects. Motivation track in a folk-rock style. Featuring with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, and modern rock rhythm. Suitable for travel, advertising, tutorial, and positive commercial videos. Start Fresh is a modern corporate theme with an inspirational melody and enthusiasm. You can use this track as background music to emphasize your product presentation, portfolio, or slideshow. The clean and smooth sound makes it perfect for any business project! A smooth and inspiring corporate track with rhythmic piano, acoustic guitar, and drums creating a positive atmosphere. The mood of this track is uplifting, inspiring, and motivational. Perfect for advertising, slideshows, presentations, Youtube videos, television shows, and more. A subtle and melodic tune with catchy breaks plucks, and melodies that help create a sense of calm and security. Always Possible is an inspiring musical track that will brighten up your project with a positive message. Rises optimism to any business project or presentation, to use as a phone on-hold music. Melodic Rush - Bouncy and uplifting track in Indie Rock Style that creates an optimistic and energetic ambiance. Suitable for commercials or ads promoting products or services that align with an adventurous, and optimistic lifestyle. This track could be a great match for various types of YouTube content, especially vlogs, travel videos, DIY projects, or any visual content that aims to inspire and entertain viewers. Upbeat Christmas track featuring bells, glockenspiel, woodwind, sleigh bell, tubular bells, and orchestral instrumentals. Happy and warm moods. Perfect for Christmas commercials, advertising and celebration videos. Trendy corporate background music with a modern Asian influence. Using the synths and drum patterns, it has a light techno feel and a contemporary new-age vibe to it. This track would work great as an opener for information technology videos, infomercials, high-tech trade shows, and promoting businesses that provide modern technological services. Good Things Await - an acoustic track featuring folk guitar, piano, and warm pad. Have inspiring, happy, and warm moods. Suitable for tutorials, presentations, nature, family, and beautiful video projects. Let You Know - is acoustic track featuring with guitar, warm pad and electric piano. It works well as background music to portray a moment of calm, or to accompany any visual content that needs an inspirational feel. Suitable for commercials, tutorials, presentation, and video projects. Positive corporate track for modern, elegance, and smart videos. Great music background for business topics designed to inspire and motivate, new technical project presentations, advertising voice-overs, phone message systems, and more. Have a Nice Dream - Corporate track. Perfect background for an inspiring, modern business project, advertising, commercial, slideshow, video presentation, travel, vlog, tutorial, slideshow, etc. A motivational and inspiring corporate music track will make your project remarkable. This tune was made with a modern futuristic touch using electric guitar, piano, and acoustic drums. This corporate music track will help you to convey truly professional and positive message to your audience. Perfect for commercial videos, motivational advertising, inspirational podcast or just as an instrumental background for your multimedia project. "Nature of Beauty" is an acoustic track with the organic sound of guitar picking and strumming, accompanied by a gentle piano, warm pad, and subtle percussion. This composition radiates a sense of natural beauty and tranquility. Perfect as background music for romantic interludes, family gatherings, cozy nights by the fire, countryside living, advertisements involving family and friends, and other projects needing a pleasant and cozy ambiance. If you're looking for an inspirational corporate track with a lite rock style then check out this song. It's a positive, motivational track that is perfect for any project including corporate, business, and product promotions as well as positive productions. Featuring lead guitar reverb and delay, piano, acoustic guitar strumming, bell, and synth. A beautiful, very romantic, and inspiring background music. Perfect for weddings and other romantic occasions, such as Valentine's Day. This music is suitable for wedding videos, family videos, presentations, and other projects where you want to convey feelings of love and compassion. A crisp, sunny, and very positive track in lite rock style with energetic drive. Features clean electric guitar, pulsating synthesizer, catchy rhythm. Ideal for commercials and advertising videos, corporate background, and as a more upbeat track for a blog topic or YouTube video. "You are Important" is an inspirational track that can be your warm and soft background music for any video. With a piano, string pad, arpeggio synthesizer, this is the perfect tune for advertising or promotional videos, commercial products and, motivational presentations, and more. Powerful track in pop rock style. Featuring distortion guitar, synthesizer, uplifting rock rhythm. Suitable for travel, advertising, tutorial, VLOG, and commercial videos. This beautiful acoustic folk track captures the essence of love and romance. Features a delicate acoustic guitar, gentle bells, a warm pad, and subtle drum percussion, creating a light, smooth, and easy-going mood. Ideal for inspirational narration, a heartfelt wedding photo slideshow, advertising campaigns, romantic films, or positive videos. This composition provides a backdrop of tranquility and positivity. Happy track in Pop music style. For uplifting Christmas video commercials, advertising, and opener. Similar Jingle Bells song mood. Sun Rises in the East - Background Music for corporate, advertising, VLOG, travel, tutorials and any positive projects. Featuring ambient sound elements. Warm and gentle moods. Motivation track in lite rock style. Featuring with electric guitar, synthesizer, and modern rock rhythm. Suitable for travel, advertising, tutorial, and positive commercial videos. Scary Haunting is a cinematic track. Suitable for background music on film and short films. Very mysterious, haunted, and scary. The mood of this track is dark and gloomy. Suspenseful and scary, ideal for Halloween or other horror-themed projects. Reach the Goals - Motivational track in Lite rock style. Featuring with electric guitar, synthesizer, modern rock rhythm. Suitable for travel, advertising, tutorial and positive commercial videos. This track conveys a hopeful, optimistic, and inspiring feeling. The piano has an arpeggio pattern that adds a nice touch to this uplifting music. In addition to the piano, there is a bell and tremolo guitar, the clock tick rhythm, and a pad synthesizer, all of these elements combine into this beautiful track with inspiration, confidence, and hope. This track is an optimistic corporate piece that features mute guitar, piano, synthesizer, and percussions. It is perfect for a background. It will work well with company news, advertising, promotion videos, technology videos, phone on hold, and many more. This acoustic pop track has a warm, inspirational, happy, lively mood. It has a folk guitar strumming and a pleasant bell, which creates a positive atmosphere. The percussions will make this track suitable for advertising, corporate and personal projects. "Beautiful Lightning" - A soft and serene track that creates an inviting, homely feel. The finger-picking acoustic guitar intertwines with delicate piano melodies, while warm pad and smooth drum rhythms join in, adding layers of depth and emotion. It's the perfect backdrop for showcasing beautiful homes, apartments, or other real estate properties. Also, it is t great for educational content and podcast episodes, as it won't distract from the presented information. Sweet Loves - Romantic track in retro pop style with classical piano, bell, violin solo, and shuffle swing rhythm. Melody and harmony are cute, pretty, beautiful, elegant, and lovely moods. Suitable for weddings, marriages, Valentine's themes, and advertising. Nostalgic and sweet track in British rock style. This composition is best suited for corporate branding, ad campaigns, websites, or new product launch videos. Whether you're working on corporate branding, ad campaigns, websites, or new product launch videos, this composition adds a vibrant and flowing atmosphere, creating a positive and inspiring corporate image. Festive and uplifting Christmas track with wondrous orchestral sound. Perfect as background music for winter holiday projects advertising, happy celebration all night long, corporate Xmas parties, Disney TV specials, family gatherings, scenes when Santa tiptoes to the Yule tree with gifts and more. Interested in a corporate track to accompany your latest work? You're in the right place. The perfect business track for your ad campaigns, movies and TV commercials, business, the future and technology videos, learning and motivational videos, YouTube videos. Christmas Celebration Time - Upbeat Christmas track : Featuring Bells, Glockenspiel, Woodwind, Sleigh Bell, Tubular Bells, Orchestral instrumentals. Happy and warm moods. Perfect for Christmas commercials, advertising and celebration videos. Achieve the Dream – Inspirational, motivational, and uplifting royalty-free corporate pop track. It embodies the spirit of ambition and success. The music pulses with energy and positivity, making it a fantastic choice for corporate videos, teamwork, promotional content, personal development, entrepreneurship, advertisements, presentations, ambitious start-ups, or any project seeking to motivate and inspire. Inspiring indie-folk track with acoustic guitar, banjo, glockenspiel, and warm pad. This track evokes a feeling of joy and happiness. It's perfect for advertising videos, tutorials, presentation music, nature, family videos, and any other project that needs an uplifting background music. Jingle Bell on the Rock. A well-known Christmas track in the traditional Xmas Rock style. Would work well for a commercial, advertisement, TV movie or just for a good time! Motivational synthwave background music with an analog synthesizer, delay guitar, piano, pads, arpeggiator, and texture synth. The track will give you an unforgettable feeling of success, the lightness of the morning, and the energy of days off. Turn your mood on! Elegance and motivational electronic track for your incredible corporate projects. Suitable as background music for social advertising, business presentation, tutorials, positive video intros, software development, etc. This is modern corporate background music. Featuring mute guitar, piano, warm pad, and electronic synthesizers. It creates a cozy, warm atmosphere full of confidence and stability. The track is great for commercials, travel journeys, presentations, and educational tutorials.
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