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Since May, 2012
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My background is a family full of musician hence since young age I have been learning and playing different instruments such as guitar and piano. At the age of 21 I decided to move to England (I am Italian) to better my chances of gaining a career in the music sector and specifically to pursue my dream of become a composer for television and films. So far some of my compositions have been used by TV channels such as Eurosport, ITV and Sky. I always strive to accomplish great sounding compositions and there is no better feeling than hearing people congratulate you for making great music! :)
  • Enemy Superhero by Andrea Quarin

    Huge and Epic modern orchestral track. Massive walls of particular distorted guitars lead to a huge drums sound and epic, ostinato's strings with horns and trumpets making the track even more epic! Be ready to feel powerful and fearless, ready to battle !!

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    Secret Garden by Andrea Quarin

    Enigmatic, dreamy, tense modern orchestral score with a dark harp sound as lead instrument. A secret garden is revealed, but is it a beautiful, warm one or a cold, sad one?

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    War Of The Worlds by Andrea Quarin

    Epic, majestic modern-orchestral score with sharp and edgy strings, powerful huge choirs and majestic, energy-packed drums. The War of Words is happening right here right now!

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    Joy and Wonder by Andrea Quarin

    Uplifting, energetic, and feel-good track perfect for build-up scenes or segments. Lovely warm, clean guitars, big string pads, and gentle piano melodies breeze through the second part of the track creating a very positive and incredible feeling!

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    Rock Chick by Andrea Quarin

    Sexy, bouncy and energetic rock tune that reminds the likes of 'Bohemian Like You' song. This glamorous and powerful song is ideal for cutting-edge/energetic segments and video editing.

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    Mission Possible by Andrea Quarin

    Americana! Great rhythm...very interesting open drums and a the cheekiness of mission impossible!!!!

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    Growing UP by Andrea Quarin

    Positive, Uplifting and energetic track with nice ''U2'' clean guitar style and powerful lush strings. Perfect for uplifting sequences, sport videos and corporate videos, PowerPoint presentations music.

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    Olympic Champion by Andrea Quarin

    This colorful, energetic and bright easy listening music evokes great positive feelings and is very uplifting. Acoustic piano, guitar aka U2 and lush strings melodies make up a great positive, feel-good track for any corporate or video use.

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    Ibiza Beach Party by Andrea Quarin

    Positive, feel good, energetic dance track with electric piano chord patterns and a bouncy drum groove. Ready to party in Ibiza?

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    Rock War by Andrea Quarin

    Energetic, explosive, driven rock track with massive distorted guitar walls and a punchy drum sound. Great for shooter games.

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    Xmas Shopping by Andrea Quarin

    Uplifting, energetic, fun and positive pop-rock tune with a feel of Christmas festivities arriving.

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    Joy Build Up by Andrea Quarin

    Uplifting, positive and energetic track with nice precise rhythm guitars, gentle piano melodies and big, lush string pads. A cello's solo comes in at the end making the track very emotive and beautiful.

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    The Gladiator by Andrea Quarin

    Epic, powerful majestic track with big orchestra sounds...massive sound timpani's and trombones section! The Gladiator is ready to fight!

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    Belief and Achievement by Andrea Quarin

    Uplifting and energetic pop/rock track that evokes belief and achievement. Very powerful!

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    Happy Feet by Andrea Quarin

    Whistling, hand-clapping and chanting .. a very positive and uplifting New Folk track indeed! It builds momentum and it's joyful and positive. Perfect for advertisement, video/photo montage and happy/uplifting segments.

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    Happy Yogurt by Andrea Quarin

    Uplifting, energetic and happy New Folk tune with Xylophone, acoustic guitars, cow bells and whistling. A great crescendo and build up towards a rich and full middle part. Perfect for positive videos, video/photo montages, corporate presentations and advertisement.

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    Free Running by Andrea Quarin

    Free Running through NY City! The runners only have 30 seconds left to arrive to destination "Z" ... their life it's at stake! Only one can win ... the energy level is high ... the stamina even higher ! Who will survive ... who won't!?! ... High Octane, powerful, energy-full and fast peace rock/metal track with huge drums, dirty bass sound and walls and walls of distorted guitars ... get ready for the ending as it is a majestic, huge driving explosion!!!!

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    Battle Field by Andrea Quarin

    Inspiring, peaceful and emotive orchestral piece with beautiful strings melodies. This track evokes victory and achievement.

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    Immortal Warriors by Andrea Quarin

    Powerful, epic modern orchestral/ rock track. Big, deep and haunting choir lines combined with sharp strings patterns and heavy, very distorted, huge guitar walls. The ancient roman warriors are amongst us once again to spread blood and misery!

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    Miami Vice by Andrea Quarin

    Positive, feel good, bouncy dance track with a nice, light piano melody in the middle and warm percussion rhythms. Hot, Miami Vice style.

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    Chasing Ghosts by Andrea Quarin

    Energetic, driven, fast peace modern orchestral score with tense strings, huge percussion patterns and majestic low/boomy sounds. It's climax is of epic proportions.

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    Mystic River by Andrea Quarin

    Mysterious, enigmatic, emotive piano piece. It evokes distant memories, sadness but at the same time is gentle and mellow.

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    Space Odyssey by Andrea Quarin

    Abstract, haunting electronic track. It's's haunting...It's deep!!

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    Morning Whistling by Andrea Quarin

    Happy-clappy tune that will put a smile to anyone! Whistling, live hand clapping and accordion compose this easy-listening / new folk loop. Perfect for video advertisement, happy video/photo montage and uplifting segments.

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    African Party by Andrea Quarin

    Chilled-out, happy and relaxed track that resembles a fusion of reggae, African and alternative pop/rock music. Chilled out clean guitar solo.

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    Success and Achievement by Andrea Quarin

    Success, achievement and positiveness ... This song evokes a feeling of great power and build up. Perfect for sport video clips, corporate background music and positive and emotive segments

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    MasterChef Winner by Andrea Quarin

    Powerful, energetic and inspirational track that builds up to a huge finale. History in the making. ''And the winner of Master Chef 2015 is ...... ''

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