Pavel Svejentsev

Since Sep, 2010
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Latin 12 Electric Blues 12 Ambient 11 Rock 10 Blues 9 Electronic 9 Experimental 9 Dance 9 Jazz 8 Smooth Jazz 8 Hard Rock 7 Lounge 7 Modern Classical 6 Chill out 5 Rhythm & Blues 5 Easy Listening 5
Arranger, composer, performer on guitar,bass, saxophone
  • Sirens Of Titan by Pavel Svejentsev

    Slow experimental suspenseful tune with a lot of FXs and noise. Good for haunting movie scenes and video game trailers, psychological thriller, creepy visuals, unexpected crime.

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    Tres Puentes by Pavel Svejentsev

    Stylish medium tempo salsa cha-cha-cha Latin tune featuring percussion, double bass, electric organ, brass, and Carlos Santana style electric guitar. Good to add a warm relaxed vibe to your media production.

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    Good Old Blues by Pavel Svejentsev

    Steady Southern blues with that old time sound and flavor. Featuring drums, double bass, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, blues harp, then adds harmonica to give a very genuine touch. No chord changes. Ideally suited for projects requiring a rootsy Americana feel.

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    Summer Lullaby by Pavel Svejentsev

    Slow, steady, peaceful track with no pronounced melody, featuring nylon and steel string guitars, chello section, pizzicato basses, french horns and trombones.

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    Dark Cloud by Pavel Svejentsev

    Big sounding hip-hop tune with cyberpunk elements. Featuring electronic drums, electric fretless bass, grand piano, strings playing arpeggios, synthesizers and effects. Good for dramatic moments in gaming or video.

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    Urban Legend by Pavel Svejentsev

    Smooth electronic track featuring electronic drums, percussion, synth bass, effected piano, synthesizer pads and effects.

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    Esperanza by Pavel Svejentsev

    Medium tiempo cha-cha-cha with cuban flavour, featuring electric and acoustic guitars, fretless bass, marimba and latin percussion.

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    Black Africa by Pavel Svejentsev

    Afro funk track. Drums, afro percussion, electric bass, wah electric guitar, electric organ, brass, flute.

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    Wintercold by Pavel Svejentsev

    Medium slow Cm pop rock with some suspense feel. Electronic drums, synth bass, synthesizer, pads, electric piano, overdriven guitar, chellos, timpani

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    Autumn Bossa by Pavel Svejentsev

    Medium slow modern bossa nova featuring electric and acoustic guitars, electric piano, upright jazz bass, strings, drums and latin percussion.

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    Varadero Girl by Pavel Svejentsev

    Folkloric Cuban salsa guajira tune featuring rich brass, flute playing the melody, grand piano and guitar arpeggios, congas, percussion. This upbeat tropical music best suits for any vacation video, travel adverts, video games such as Tropico, also good as on-hold music.

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    Skater by Pavel Svejentsev

    Medium slow ska track featuring drums, electric bass, electric organ, synthesizer pad and brass with trombone solo.

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    Guajira by Pavel Svejentsev

    Authentic Cuban song "Guajira" with slow touch of melancholy. Piano, double bass, latin percussion - congas, guiro, bell tree, rain stick, cowbell, vibraslap, timbales, string pad.

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    Vaquero by Pavel Svejentsev

    Steady modern country rock track. Drums, upright bass, electric piano, acoustic guitar, harmonica.

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    Pollito by Pavel Svejentsev

    Medium acoustic bluegrass track featuring drums, upright bass, acoustic guitar, ukulele, banjo and leading violin.

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    Oscar by Pavel Svejentsev

    Modern cha-cha-cha tune featuring latin percussion, electric baby bass, acoustic guitar, electric piano, electric guitar playing melody

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    Starship To Hell by Pavel Svejentsev

    Slow but aggressive hard rock tune combining groovy traditional power trio background with a sound of modern synthesizers. Good for media production needing a powerful rock background.

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    Pink Elephant by Pavel Svejentsev

    Stylish early 70´s slow polyphonic psychedelic rock tune featuring drums, electric bass, synthesiser pads, electric guitars and synth brass. Good for movie.

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    Misissippi Sunset by Pavel Svejentsev

    Slow acoustic blues featuring New Orleans type of sound and drunk ambience. Main instruments are upright bass, acoustic guitar playing riff, resonator guitar, blues harmonica, shaker, finger snaps and voice shouts. Groovy and mellow, good for a western movie, American spirit, country-oriented documentaries, rural living, and more.

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    Shine by Pavel Svejentsev

    Slow, spacious 12/8 british psychodelic rock in Gm. Drums, electric bass,electric organ, electric guitar, synthesizer pads, synthesizer female vox.

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    Cienfuegos by Pavel Svejentsev

    Medium fast C son montuno cuban salsa. Drums, congas, bongos, cowbell, clave, upright bass, acoustic piano, marimba, flute.

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    Spherica by Pavel Svejentsev

    An abstract space feeling tune, spacious and positive. Lots of noise and synthesizer FX. Good for gaming or movie. Use your headphones to enjoy the spacious mix.

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