• Royalty free Clapping music

    • Corporate Honor by Azovmusic

      Uplifting and motivational corporate acoustic background to put your audience in a good mood and leave you feeling inspired. Perfect for motivational business presentations, music on hold, corporate slideshow, positive advertising montages, and creative corporate video projects.

      Runaway From Love by Mike Nowa

      A happy ukulele tune with occasional glockenspiel and clapping, as well as human whistling. This is a great track for background music to add some positive emotions for a happy slideshow, cooking recipes, humorous content, children's holidays, funny videos about animals, cartoons, children's animation, and more.

      Good Times For Us by ihsandincer

      Cinematic Epic and Electronic powerful stomp clapping music.

      Crossing The Andes by ihsandincer

      A South American/Latin styled track, featuring live nylon string guitars, acoustic guitars, violin, percussion and drums. Great for travel visuals, Latin contents, cooking and more!

      River Run by Infraction

      This warm, summery folk piece with country overtones perfectly depicts a cozy rural life. Gently strummed acoustic guitar, hand-clapping, and a ukulele create a countryside atmosphere, while bells and whistles add a rustic touch. This music would suit lifestyle marketing, nature videos, or any project that needs to evoke a feeling of country living.

      Clap And Jump by ihsandincer

      Happy and upbeat instrumental music. Used ukulele, hand clapping, bells, acoustic guitar. Gives a cheerful and positive vibe.

      We Are Like A Family by ihsandincer

      This happy, positive, and uplifting track with ukelele, mandolin, and acoustic guitars is ideal for bright sunny days, rural scenes, shots of the countryside and nature. The music evokes a feeling of wholesomeness and comfort.

      Feeling Positive by Matthias Harris

      Hopeful, optimistic acoustic background music with gentle piano, acoustic guitar, and lots of clapping. This track will charge your audience with enthusiasm and happiness. Perfect for TV film opening, advertising campaign, corporate promotion or any media requiring something just a little bit different.

      Breezy Travels by Christian Aen

      Cute and soft ukulele music with the human whistle. Good for short films with friends or animals, family viewing, tasty food videos or feel-good moments. This track features ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, and hand clapping.

      Inspiring Sunny Day by Nazar Rybak

      This acoustic Americana background music is one to be added to your music collection. It provides a light-hearted mood with a hint of laid back vibe. It starts with acoustic guitar played in various ways and then adds electric bass and drums. This track would be great for playing in the background during travel videos, commercials, or anywhere you want to set an easygoing mood.

      Holding On by GreenBird

      Positive, acoustic track with bright ukulele, rhythmic hand clappings, and happy bells. Very childlike and enthusiastic, this track is full of cheerful energy. Great background music for funny educational cartoons,, TV commercials, positive bright video, and other inspirational projects.

      Children Folk by Azovmusic

      This is a very minimal and simple upbeat happy instrumental perfect for kids music, children and teenage videos and Youtube movies. Features happy piano, cute bells and marimba. Features claps and clapping, perfect video game music and app music. This positive instrumental is cheerful and gives a sweet cute mood.

      Easy Times Jazz by Eitan Epstein Music

      Motivation track in lite rock style. Featuring with electric guitar, synthesizer, and modern rock rhythm. Suitable for travel, advertising, tutorial, and positive commercial videos.

      Share The Smile by ikoliks

      Positive, happy and sunny pop-folk track featuring ukulele, hands clapping, whistling, acoustic guitar, bells, piano, and percussion. This sweet and warm, carefree and easy-listening music is great for expressing friendship or love, team building and synergy. Also good for commercials involving children, kids, and inspirational lifestyle.

      Happy Up Here by Media Sushi

      Easy, flowing, and joyful melody with a easy going clapping, whistle and folk rhythm, Just Bring a happy vibe to your project with this lighthearted piece that embraces a child's ability to be carefree and enjoy the simplicities of youth, enhanced by glockenspiel melodies and upbeat ukulele, Ideal for YouTube, Vimeo, Makeup Tutorials, Vloggers, School and Business videos, etc..

      Good Vibes All Day by ihsandincer

      A groovy, uplifting royalty-free corporate indie-pop track, with electric guitars, piano, synths, stomps, claps, drums, and vocal shouts. This modern energetic upbeat song is ideal for ads, promos, startups, and other media projects.

      Keep Calm And Chill by Soundroll

      Positive and uplifting children' music track. Featuring ukulele, double bass, acoustic guitar, piano keys, bells and hand clapping. Ideal for kids related projects, educational tutorials, cooking show, family advertising with scenes of sunny sky and perfect weather.

      Have A Fun Trip by APmuse

      Upbeat Happy background music instrumental that features happy ukulele, cheerful whistling, carefree clapping, and positive piano and bells. Perfect music for presentation, music for youtube videos or advertising ads and videos.

      Flamenco In The Sun by Andy Littlewood

      A positive and uplifting acoustic corporate track with pop rock elements. Ideal choice for projects which need a positive vibe, presentations, music on hold, podcasts.

      Retro Shoes by ihsandincer

      This is super happy, corporate motivational royalty free track with upbeat ukulele, bright bells, piano melody, whistling and body clapping percussion. That brings happy summer mood and energy of modern party for your videos.

      Training Day by Infraction

      Happy indie acoustic pop folk song. Fun and cheerful acoustic guitar with a driving bass drum beat and hand clapping. Joyful and upbeat positive instrumental and catchy melody. Perfect acoustic background music for modern tv advert and advertising commercials, Youtube videos, presentations and more.

      Tropic Summer Breeze by Media Sushi

      Gentle and tender background music, with folk-pop elements featuring dreamy acoustic guitar and piano. Great for various commercials, presentations, advertisements, love content, time-lapse, cool visuals, and much more.

      Football by TimTaj

      An uplifting sunny pop track featuring electric guitar, sax, brass, glockenspiel, whistling, hand clapping, stomping, and cheerful mood. Great background music for cool TV advertising, funny commercial, family children videos, startup presentations, Kickstarter videos, web projects, youtube and more.

      Funky Dance by ihsandincer

      An upbeat, happy acoustic track with an optimistic and joyful mood. Perfect for all kinds of happy, positive, cheerful, and playful content. Also is great for young children's vlogs and fun family situations, all kinds of adventurous videos, YouTube channels about healthy food, and so on.

      Chill Hotaka by Emilio Merone

      Modern, optimistic and energetic corporate track. This uplifting and confident background is great for presentations, advertising, commercial and any business projects.Featuring electric and acoustic guitars, e-piano, hand clapping, drums and strings.

      Just Another Beautiful Day by DimmySad

      Whistling, hand-clapping and chanting .. a very positive and uplifting New Folk track indeed! It builds momentum and it's joyful and positive. Perfect for advertisement, video/photo montage and happy/uplifting segments.

      Warm Folky by Azovmusic

      Powerful, energetic and percussive football music with strong toms, atmospheric claps, cheers from the fans, the sound of the stadium and the referee's whistle. If you are looking for background music for the World Cup, then this music is for you. Ideal for football games, advertisements, football world cups, sports brand presentations, crowds of fans, football blogs and other sports projects.

      Modern Advertisement by ihsandincer

      This upbeat acoustic music combines a bright feel with happy vibes. The ukulele and acoustic guitar strum a light rhythm over joyful bell melodies, clapping hands, and drums to create a track perfect for ads, animation, business, explainers and more.

      Just Having Fun by Yoav Alyagon

      Happy-clappy tune that will put a smile to anyone! Whistling, live hand clapping and accordion compose this easy-listening / new folk loop. Perfect for video advertisement, happy video/photo montage and uplifting segments.

      Be Childish by Ivan Markelov

      This laid-back, relaxing lounge track features the dusty upright piano, electric guitar, vinyl noise, and electronic elements. This track is ideal for creating a casual soundscape. It's the perfect background music for your video project, film, or podcast.

      Tutorial by TimTaj

      Positive and fresh background music track with good vibes, lovely whistling, sweet ukulele, and clapping. Perfect for your kids related project, happy family commercial, lovely narration, happy end, etc.

      Fly All Night by EdRecords

      This is the soundtrack for a beautiful day in the sun. It has an upbeat positive good mood created by ukulele, electric guitar, piano, strings, glockenspiel, and clapping. Perfect for a children’s or kid’s show, app, film, cartoon.

      My Happy Memories by MixSound

      Upbeat and uplifting ukulele music will make you smile. The beautiful and delicate acoustic track brings absolute joy and creates an enchanting atmosphere for various projects. This is exactly the right background music for your projects about family, home cooking, traveling, and all those small things that make life priceless.

      Green Meadows by ihsandincer

      This track is a very happy and upbeat piece, that gives a cheerful and positive mood. Featuring ukulele, hand clapping, bells, and piano.

      Motivational Emotions by TimTaj

      The positive and sunny folk track featuring strumming acoustic guitar, piano, clapping, and a warm pad. Happy and uplifting melody for a family occasion, cooking show music, rural oriented projects, and much more.

      Happy Driving by Azovmusic

      Uplifting and dreamy indie pop track features warm guitars, melodic bass, drums, claps, synth melody and inspirational mood. Perfect for advertising, travel vlogs, summer videos, love stories, and holiday visuals.

      Feeling Lucky by DPmusic

      Games electronic music with 8-bits like sound effect, energetic beats, clappings and driving mood. Nice for sports, funny moments, arcade games, youth theme, Television Animation, education, and more.

      Walking On Sunlight by ikoliks

      Flamenco guitar track bursting with passion and excitement. Features castanets, percussion and smouldering lead guitar. Sounds like The Gypsy Kings. Feel the summertime vibe. Works well for Spanish and Mexican themes, TV cooking and travel shows, scenes of flamenco dancing, gypsy folklore stories.

      Summer Is Coming by ihsandincer

      Funny positive playful background music with pizzicato strings, piano, clapping, sticks and whistling. Perfect for your happy, optimistic, romantic, advertising or business videos and projects.

      Inner Strength by TimTaj

      Fun and quirky happy instrumental background music with a whistle and glockenspiel melody over ukulele, clapping, xylophon, guitars and percussion. Ideal for explainer videos, animation, advertising and everything that needs a happy upbeat instrumental background track.

      Our Way Of Joy by Audio Walker

      Positive and happy folk track with a light, catchy sound. It consists of a piano, acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, and other instruments. Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, movie trailers, travel, and family videos. It’s beautiful and nice background music that will put you in a good mood!

      Infographic For Kids by Nazar Rybak

      This is light, happy and cheerful music with positive and carefree mood, chunky piano and happy clapping. Perfect background audio for sweet commercial, carefree lifestyle, educational videos for children, innocence and sweet dreams.

      The Boys Of Summer by ikoliks

      This happy song with ukulele, bells, clapping, piano an upbeat tune. Perfect for background music for TV, radio, YouTube video, game and web site.

      Fun Groove by ihsandincer

      Relax and unwind to this vintage jazz background music. The soothing sounds of this retro lounge music make for a peaceful yet stylish atmosphere for cafe and restaurants, jazz night clubs, cocktail party backgrounds, and more.

      Happy Walker by Christian Aen

      Happy, funny, silly track in cha-cha-cha style, featuring beatbox, human voice, clapping and ukulele. Perfect background music for promotional media, YouTube children channels, kids blogs, comical projects, travel videos, carefree time, TV use, and more.

      Dont Stop by APmuse

      Bright and positive whistling ukulele instrumental music with a happy, clapping, folksy mood. Great for happy commercials, motivational projects, summer adventures, simple things, inspirational videos and bright moments.

      Are You Scared by ikoliks

      A stylish, rhythmic, and bright house dance music that makes a perfect sound bed for commercials, new product promos, and TV films. Features pulsating arpeggios and catchy sax sounds, a pounding beat, and a punchy bassline. Great for commercials, fashion shows, and fitness videos.

      Trappy Marching by Dopestuff

      Very positive and happy music. Delivers an uplifting mood from the first beats. Acoustic, electric and slide guitars, powerful drums and clappings. Good choice for advertising videos if you want to attract the audience with your positivity and happy life style.

      Longest Summer by ihsandincer

      This Happy Instrumental is perfect upbeat background music for Youtube videos, movies and TV advertising, and music for presentations. Features Ukulele, Mandolin, Bells, and clapping for that Bright carefree and cheerful sound.

      Percussion Stomps And Claps by RGMusic

      Positive, upbeat, happy, and friendly acoustic indie folk track with lots of energy. This track is full of positivity that will help you to lift your spirit. Perfect for a travel documentary, lifestyle video, or advertisement. Featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, glockenspiel, and stomp.

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    Clapping music is a form of minimalist composition written back in 1972 by Steve Reich and used only two performers and nothing save for the human body as instrumental pieces. The first performer maintains the same tempo and rhythm mimicking that used for the African bell pattern, while the second moves across 144 bars, moving one-eighth note to the right every 8-12 until the two are in unison. Download good clapping music today for your ideal background setting.

    Music is best expressed through the rhythm and motion that it can conjure. It need not be overly complicated, but with the simple incorporation of body sounds, otherwise, singularly unappealing music can be transformed into something vibrant, energetic, and visible. That is the case with clapping music. This form of music is ideally suited for two performers who spend the duration of the performance clapping.

    Focusing on what music can be made naturally by the human body, the clapping music piece was designed to experiment with what the body could produce sans instruments. Soon after the initiation of this musical experiment, it was discovered that the mechanism of phasing in and out of the set tempo between the two performers was not the best-suited style. Instead, the now-famous clapping music transferred its focus on a single performer clapping the song's basic rhythm, using a variation of the bell pattern found in African music for the duration of the musical piece.

    The second performance claps the same pattern as the first, but rather than keeping 12/8 time, the second performer shifts by one-eighth note every 8-12 bars to the right. Both performers keep up this rhythmic exchange until the second performer has made a shift through all of the 12 eighth notes. With such striking resolution, both performers end up playing in unison, mimicking the first performer's pattern, only 144 bars after the song's start.

    When looking for royalty free clapping music, download a background mp3 wav with good quality and minimal changes. The variations from the original African bell pattern remain with only one additional beat. Such a minimal transition results in the musical composition ringing more interesting as the syncopation progresses.

    This unique clapping music has been performed and displayed in a contemporary art museum and book format. The arrangements have now transformed beyond the human body, incorporating a new solo piano version popular today.

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