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    • The Mystery by Infraction

      An energizing, inspirational, and motivational EDM house music that sends out positive vibes. The perfect track to get you up and going in the morning or put you in a good mood any time. This track is ideal for Youtube videos, videohive projects, sports, fitness, workout videos, beauty vlogs, festivals, and presentations.

      Summer Is Coming by ihsandincer

      This uplifting and energetic dance-pop music will make you feel enthusiastic and self-confident. Featuring live electric guitars, funky bass, drums, synths, percussion, and EDM drums. Perfect choice for commercials, advertising, and other projects that need a positive sound.

      Ocean Of Mystery by Alex Grey

      Positive tropical dance music in Kygo style, with a great summer atmosphere for the vacation time. A modern sound is merged with a beautiful melody. Made with love, soul, and skill.

      Last Race by AleXZavesa

      This energy and groove phonk house a royalty-free music track. Powerful bass and drums beat, rhythmic percussion, and distortional cowbell. This track is perfect for a fighting game, racing, and drift video.

      The Big Band Show by Media Sushi

      Big band swing with brass section and cool swinging drums in an upbeat mood. Suitable as an opener or background music for casino, TV show, film, theatre, musical, dance show, animated film, circus, advertising, YouTube video, vlog, etc. A Gatsby party would be the perfect setting for this tune.

      Disco Night by Alex Grey

      Disco club, electronic dance music, positive and cheerful mood. Nightlife, dancing, meeting, dating.

      Summer Beach Tropical by MixSound

      This track will help you to create a video on the beach, in the tropics, on vacation, at the swimming pool, in a spa, or at the airport. This track is suitable for advertising and business videos. Ideal for the presentation of any goods and services, for upbeat commercials about luxury goods, health and fitness, and tourism.

      Sunny Walk by MintWhale

      Dreamy electronic music in deep house style, with Rhodes chords, pads, synth melody, bells, airy vocal chops, and cool beats. The track will be useful for creating a contemplative, deep atmosphere. Perfect for corporate visuals, travel vlogs, documentaries, product presentations, commercials, adverts of dance events, and more.

      Bollywood Night by ihsandincer

      Energetic Indian dance music track with punchy and upbeat beats, similar to Panjabi MC. Featuring incredible ethnic rhythms, female chants, Indian flute, in combination with sitars and drums. Perfect to create a celebration of life atmosphere for a colorful journey to far away places, Bollywood films themed projects, Hindi party, travel vlog about Asian countries, Delhi and Mumbai streets videos, etc.

      The Way Up by CozyVibes

      This corporate dance track will help you to bring your projects to a new level! It has an uplifting mood that evokes feelings of happiness and joy. This melody creates a happy, youthful vibe with its uplifting piano melodies, soaring synths, bouncy pop drums, and catchy female vocals. This track will work well with commercials, advertising, outdoor sports, YouTube vlogs, party videos, and more.

      Monday Morning by Infraction

      Monday Morning is a bouncy and cool EDM music that is guaranteed to get you up out of bed. Features energetic dance beats and contrasting delicate female vocal parts. This looped version can be used for many projects, including workout videos, beauty vlogs, festivals, openers, and presentations.

      French House Party by Sascha Giebel

      Groovy stylish French House Disco track with a strong bass line, lots of analog synth sounds, funky guitars and a straight danceable drum groove. Perfect instrumental dance music background for fashion shows, stylish presentations and commercials or party related themes.

      Tropical Heat by TimTaj

      Sunny, fresh and summery tropical background music with warm tropical synths, bass, kick drum and percussion. This track will take you to paradise islands and sunny beach where people relax and enjoy milkshakes. Suitable for any tropical video, resort business, travel video, beach project, vacation video, advertisement, film, summer vlog, promo, holiday and other summer projects.

      The Keep On Moving by Infraction

      The Keep On Moving is a quality dance royalty free track! Deep House music is useful for youtube videos, VideoHive projects, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentations! Crazy mood and energy of a modern summer party for your videos! I used dance leads, electric guitar, piano, house beat.

      Upbeat Summer Party Pop by DimmySad

      It is an energetic and upbeat electronic dance music track with a vocal chop melody inspired by festive EDM music. A happy, fun, and pumped-up vibe for your commercials, business projects, vacation videos, uplifting summer videos, vlogs, travel, and holiday visuals!

      Dominican Sun by ihsandincer

      This uplifting and dynamic Latin track reflects the spirit of Cuba and its Afro-Caribbean music. With its acoustic guitars, trumpets, accordion, and percussion, this track is perfect for parties, events, and travel vlogs.

      Your Summer Lifestyle by Infraction

      Beautiful tropical house track with an energetic dance beat, electric guitar, and whistling melody. Perfect for summer videos, workout, and travel slideshow. Also great for beauty vlogs, and any other videos where you need energetic background music to accompany your message.

      Fashion Style by DPmusic

      This is modern pop dance music with catchy and trendy sound. Beautiful atmosphere with groove rhythm and plucky melody. Featuring instruments are piano, synth pluck, pads, synth bass and drums. This contemporary music can perfectly fit for any YouTube video, cool events, vacation and summer videos, ad campaign, fashion parties, etc. In the style of the best tropical house hits like "Shape Of You" by Ed Sheeran, "Lean On" by Major Lazer, Kygo, "Cheap Thrills" by Sia, The Chainsmokers, etc.

      Summer Island by FabianKreutzerSound

      Positive and inspiring summer tropical house track with marimba, bass, soft beat, and EDM synths. Suitable for vlogs, podcasts, presentations, and advertising relating to summer, travel, lifestyle, and vacation.

      Uplifting Future by Dopestuff

      It is an upbeat, positive, and modern dance track that blends dubstep, future bass, trap, and pop music. Excellent for YouTube intros, action videos, Instagram stories, and TikTok.

      Jingle Bells Hi-Tech by Plastic3

      This is super positive Jingle Bells Christmas Hi-Tech dance music, New Year track for children with holiday beautiful mood in a techno style! Really easy, motivational and melodious track with celebratory bells:)This modern music track can be used as a cheerful happy musical background for websites, video projects, films for children, festive slideshows, youtube video and presentations.

      Fly By Night by EdRecords

      The bright and glossy style of this lounge music will add a luxurious feel to projects needing a positive vibe. The shimmering synth beats and catchy bass line bring an upbeat, relaxing vibe that everyone can enjoy. This track is perfect for commercials, fashion videos and travel ads, videos about high-end products, and more.

      Sunshine Joy And Party by Audio Walker

      Breathy, heartfelt and simply stunning EDM pop track with groovy acoustic guitars, exciting sound effects, shiny piano pads and catchy synths. Great for youth lifestyle, commercials, fashion shows, or any production needing that modern dance vibe.

      Ibiza by Alex Grey

      Loud dance music, night clubs, warm sea, sandy beaches, romantic mood. Young people have some rest, they drink cocktails, looking at the stars and green laser beams in the sky.

      Latin Mojito by DreamSounding

      A bouncy and uplifting pop-dance song that includes a ukulele, guitars, synths, claps, and a driving bass line. The track invokes the feeling of sun-drenched beaches, campfires, teenage summer, and restless nights out with friends. It's best suited for commercials, independent movies, travel videos, and other content that appeals to young audiences.

      Birds Of Joy by Infraction

      Modern and energetic, EDM house dance music with catchy rhythms and pumping beats. Ideal for great summer open-air party, fun in the sun, dreaming big dreams, motivational workout videos, beauty vlogs, upscale product launch, etc.

      Synthetic Pop by Soundroll

      Soft and electronic synth pop tune with a retro feel of early 80's (the eighties). 8 bit dance music great for video games, children projects, corporate multimedia. Featuring warm analog synth leads and drum machines.

      Well Dance All Night by TimTaj

      Energetic and upbeat EDM background music with powerful kick, fat bass, modern synthesizers, drums and percussion. A good choice for nightclubs and parties, advertisements, commercial projects, vlogs, movies, radio, dance festivals and more.

      Summer Upbeat Pop by Media Sushi

      Energetic tropical house music loop with a great summer vibe featuring a female voice and modern dance rhythm best for party videos, fun zone attraction, aqua and swimming activity. Promote your events with this hot melody.

      The Football Game by Infraction

      Fresh, energetic, summer dance music for your incredible projects. Like World Cup celebration, Ibiza night party, travel videos, graphic motion, energetic people, fitness exercises, and more.

      Future Summer by ArtIss

      Your summer pop music track! This bright, fun, and upbeat song are ideal for any product content that needs to feel uplifting and joyful. The track features a catchy melody, a bouncy beat, bells, and whistles that make it stand out from the others. It can be used in a number of different productions, including advertising, vloggers, or talk shows.

      Around Me by Infraction

      Trendy Tropical House music in Kygo style for cool summer projects. Happy, light, and upbeat. Perfect for vacation time, dance party, commercials promos, happy positive mood, fashion shows, Youtube advertising. Enjoy!

      You Light Up My Life by TimTaj

      Happy, inspiring, and uplifting EDM pop-dance music with encouraging piano, electric guitar, pad, bass, synth, and drums. Good for inspirational projects, commercials, slideshows, TV, movies, radio, travel, summer videos, and more.

      The Summer Pop by SnowMusicStudio

      Positive tropical dance track similar to Kygo. Cool for summer projects, Youtube videos, videohive projects, sports and fitness, workout videos, beauty vlogs, open-air festivals, party openers, travel videos and more.

      Paris Fashion Week by Infraction

      Quality royalty free dance music. Useful for youtube videos, videohive projects, fitness workout, stylish videos, beauty blogs, openers and presentation. I used dance leads, electric guitar, piano, house beat.

      Hello Summer by DimmySad

      Is an upbeat, energetic summer pop track with electric guitars, percussions, drums, brass and funny, positive mood. Perfect for advertising, promotional, party movies, summer videos, travel and holiday visuals.

      Power Dance by TimTaj

      This energetic techno house dance music with hot synthesizers will get you moving! This track is guaranteed to raise your ideas and summer projects to a whole new level. Enjoy!

      Rush Time by Evgeny Kiselevich

      Active, energetic piece, based on a repetitive synth riff. Uplifting and hot dance music with a typical for that style breaks, risers, FX. Great for Corporate, Presentations, Commercials, Informercials, Live Events, TV Themes etc.

      Funky And Driving by Azovmusic

      This energetic and snappy funk tune from the clubs of the city is sure to get your audience grooving along with it. The track is just right for podcasts, adverts, travel videos, lifestyle vlogs, infomercials, and much more!

      Tropical Bollywood by ColourTunes

      Cheerful, and positive tropical pop-dance track similar to Avicii but with some Indian elements. Inspired by modern Bollywood films! Perfect for an Indian fashion show, or ethnic film trailer. This soundtrack features bansuri flute, acoustic guitar, tabla, dhol, ghatam, madal, deep passion eastern strings and lead synth. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

      Dreamy Time by Dopestuff

      This music has a dreamy, floating vibe. It features atmospheric keys and drums, vocal chops and synths, glitch effects, and otherworldly textures. Great for fashion and lifestyle brands with a focus on travel like luxury hotel chains or high-end resorts.

      Party All The Night by Audioflame

      Energetic, pop edm track with upbeat & catchy positive, electronic dance mood. Track consists of bright edm piano, a lot of different energetic synths, deep pumping pads, catchy drums, modern summer plucks and other electronic accents. This track is perfect choice for fashion projects, advertisements, commercial, chill videos, TV, Instagram, YouTube.

      The Best Summer by ArtIss

      Positive dance music with tropical sounds, catchy melody and uplifting sunshine mood. Bright summer track for vlogs, beach parties, promos and travel videos.

      Dancing Sunbeams by ikoliks

      This one is a cool summer pop track with a great vibe of a beach party. It's a perfect choice for summer videos, corporate, explainers, inspiring projects, vlogs and podcasts, YouTube and Instagram content, TikTok videos.

      The Mirrors by Infraction

      Extraordinarily uplifting and energetic dance-pop music. A bouncy mix of house beats and electric guitar. Great to create a happy mood, teen-targeted promos, outdoor fest, Ibiza summer party, weekend trips, dream vacation destinations, etc. Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational indie pop for incredible projects such as: youtube videos, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentation!) Happy mood and energy of modern summer party for your videos!) I used dance leads, piano, house beat and electric guitar!) Perfect for beauty blogs, sport, fitness, festivals, advertising videos, presentations and openers!

      Foreign Fun by Infraction

      Hot and energetic EDM dance music with a rich synthesizer sound, SFX sounds, and catchy beats. Perfect for a high-energetic workout session, motivational projects, dynamic animations and presentations. Enjoy!

      Tropical Happiness by MixSound

      This energetic and cheerful EDM composition in a tropical style is created to fit your need for upbeat summer videos, travel vlogs, commercials, and summer-related projects. Also, this track can be used as background music for your fashion shows, as an inspiring intro, or as an opener for your YouTube videos.

      Lets Have A Fun by Audioflame

      Trendy upbeat pop dance track for a positive mood. Perfect for: travel, party, extreme, fashion, nature videos, tv, commercials, corporate projects, radio, presentations, promotion, advertising, YouTube videos, slideshows and much more.

      Country Side Happiness by Eitan Epstein Music

      An uplifting acoustic country dance music, full of fun and joy. This optimistic and vivid background music will suit well for the countryside and rural celebrations, cowboys square dance party, the wild west comedy, village country life. Also good for rodeos, television and commercial productions looking for happy mood!

      Motivation Drives by APmuse

      An energetic, bright, upbeat background music featuring electric guitars, atmospheric harmonics, strings, deep bass, and gentle piano. A great choice for any inspiring projects, such as social media, real estate purpose, video marketing, vlogs, YouTube channels, slideshows, presentations, broadcasting, and more.

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    Dance music is one of the new ways of expressing music and various dances. There are many songs in which dance suits. Such music demands fast beats. Dance music has evolved in today's time as the medium of entertainment. Such music is composed on a fast track and sung on a frequent chorus.

    The best part is that such music can be used in any dance, which makes the music more pleasant and entertaining. Such music is in great demand nowadays as most music composers and artists are going for such music.

    Dance music evolved long back, but 80s dance music has special to offer. This music made people crazy as it was on different beats. Like Michael Jackson, who mainly composed 80s dance music, some of the artists of that time left long-lasting impressions on listeners. The new forms of dance music developed at that time made millions of listeners just crazy about it. The music used to be soft and fast, with the finest rhythm inexplicable. It has a different impact on the minds of music lovers as they can enjoy super-fast music along with crazy dance.

    Electronic dance music is full of lights and glamour, with many instruments. It is one of the newly developed dance music. Electronic dance music is in great demand as all the dance songs are composed. It includes high glowing lights and immediate steps by dancers. It made the dance steps look more systematized and faster along with the beats. Many instruments are used for such dance music. It makes the dance appear frequent and more channelized. Listeners nowadays love to hear such dance music. Most artists in recent times are coming up with such music.

    Dance club music is speedy and full of remixed songs. The jockeys mix number of pieces in just one play. In this way, many songs alternately get played in remix form. Dance club music includes songs mostly in fast and remixed records, energizing the dancers. This quick form of music makes the listeners dance on the floor for hours. It is one of the music played in clubs, parties, and other events. In such music, all the listeners are forced to dance and create fun.

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