• The Land Between The Rivers

      Cinematic epic Middle East background music. It features traditional oriental instruments like the oud, kanun, and darbuka and orchestral arrangements, like strings and horns. This exotic and emotionally resonant background music is ideal for drama and anticipation, making it ideal for storytelling, documentaries, or travel videos that evoke the vast landscapes of the desert.

      Arab Strings

      This is uplifting and positive Arabian background music. It is excellent for Arabian holiday and celebration background music, Ramadan and Muslim holidays, middle eastern projects, Eid al-Fitr videos, happy and fun moods, travel shows, Arabic and oriental commercials, Arabian festivals and parades, Youtube videos, and much more. Main instruments: Arabian percussion (Darbuka, duff, Tabla, tar, and more), acoustic guitar, Tanbur, Qanun, and more.

      Tension In The Middle East

      This track is great for Arab and ethnic scenes, desert and oriental landscapes, world travel videos, Aladdin style films, etc. Instruments and orchestration: percussion, Arabian flute, synth pads, shakers, tambourine.

      Sound Of The Sand

      Arabic Eastern background music track combines traditional Middle Eastern musical elements with modern cinematic orchestration, resulting in a potent and evocative soundtrack. Perfect for travel projects, political dramas, suspenseful thrillers, war documentaries, historical narratives, News broadcasts, reports, podcasts, and more.

      Indian Dreams

      "1001 Nights" is an instrumental track that captures the essence of the mystic and enchanting Arabic culture. With its haunting and evocative melody, the track takes the listener through the ancient Arabian Nights tales. The use of traditional instruments like the oud, qanun, and duduk, combined with a modern approach, creates a unique and mesmerizing atmosphere. The rhythmic pulse and hypnotic drones develop a sense of mystery and exoticism, transporting the listener to the heart of the Middle East. This track is perfect for creating an atmosphere of intrigue and wonder, whether in a film, game, or other media.

      East Sunset

      This is an oriental middle eastern music full of peaceful mysterious atmosphere. Featuring Arabic percussion and oriental duduk. Great for Arabian ethnic moods, jungle background, tribal and African moods, desert scenes, mysterious moods, suspense and adventure. World music projects, travel journey shows and much more.

      Eastern Chill

      An evocative, ethereal, ambient chillout track. Features include exotic plucked strings and mysterious-sounding pads. Ideal for relaxation and meditation. Also suitable for drone footage, travel, and luxury high-end products.

      My Mustang

      This is an Oriental Arabian drums and percussion ethnic music, full of Rhythm and beat. Great for middle eastern and Arabic shows, African and jungle scenes, positive and happy ethnic music, middle east desert background music, traditional and tribal trailers, vacation and holiday travel shows, world nature landscapes and ethnic world trailers, and much more. Percussion included: Darbuka, tar, duff, tabla, riq, dehollah and more.

      Rite Of Passage

      This is an Arabic middle eastern track, orchestrated with oud, Arabian flute, and percussion.Great for oriental and middle east projects, Africa and desert scenes, Arab documentary, oriental backgrounds and much more.

      Cyber Warrior

      This haunting and emotional oriental ethnic hip-hop composition blends seamlessly music elements of East and West, creating a unique and captivating fusion. With its low bass, mesmerizing Arabic oud, dynamic drum beats, tribal chants, rhythmic percussion, and cool male voice samples, this track is perfect for a range of projects. Ideal for criminal dramas, scenes full of intrigue and intensity, visuals with excitement and adrenaline, dangerous gaming episodes, etc.

      The Greatness Of Egypt

      This is uplifting and positive Arabian background music. It is great for Arabian holidays and celebration background music, Ramadan and Muslim holidays, middle eastern projects, Eid al Fitr videos, Arabic and oriental commercials, oriental Youtube videos, and much more.

      India Epic Drums

      Lush ambient soundscape with the mix of Middle-East pads, Arabian percussion, darbuka, flute. This hypnotic melody evokes Far East scenes, caravans in the desert, oriental mystery, long-awaiting oasis, 1001 Nights and Sheherazade. Ideal as background music for OAE travel video, fire shows, sensual belly dancing. Ideal for documentaries and TV.

      Arabic Tv Series

      Uplifting, invigorating, and upbeat Arabic background music captures the spirit of celebrated Muslim holidays such as Ramadan. The track sparkles with an ebullient mood and positivity that is ideal for enhancing various visual narratives. Ideal for use in videos, evocative TV series, heartwarming family photo slideshow, travel videos, or any other context where a sense of happiness and positivity is needed.

      Wave Rider

      Beautiful cinematic music with Arabian and oriental influences. Based on orchestral strings, oud, darbuka, saz, and piano. This music is very suitable for travel projects, documentaries and commercials.

      Whisper Of Spirits

      This track is great for Arabian and ethnic scenes, desert and oriental landscapes, world travel shows and much more. Instruments and orchestration: percussion, ney flute phrases, synth pads, bass, and vocals.

      Arabian Horse

      Hypnotic and groovy ethno-tribal royalty-free track. Featuring world instruments such as haunting duduk, deep resonating double bass, mystical didgeridoo, tense strings, ethnic drums, percussion, ambient pads, mesmerizing hums, and captivating tribal vocals. Perfect for documentaries, travel vlogs, cultural presentations, adventure films, suspenseful scenes, and atmospheric visuals. Its extraordinary musical atmosphere adds depth and authenticity to your storytelling, creating an immersive experience for your audience.

      Desert Night

      Middle Eastern epical and cinematic music track. Perfect for travel videos, adventures movies, middle east and desert background, Arabic videos, desert landscapes, Arabian culture, and Egyptian traditions scenes, Persian or Turkish documentary films, and any videos.

      Happy Ramadan Feast

      Passionate atmospheric world fusion music influenced by Arabian and oriental music with Latin pop elements. The instrumentation features a mixture of ethnic instruments like Oud, persian santur along with acoustic guitar, piano and a string section. Ideal for travel documentaries, exotic travel to UAE or Turkey, and everything that needs an energetic oriental background music backdrop.

      Sands of Deceit

      Electronic World Fusion music, exotic and ethnic. An adventurous soundtrack for urban exploration and exciting fantasy adventure. Featuring a busy bass line and quirky breakbeat, with middle eastern flutes and Arabian strings. This tribal music is suitable for scenes of suspense, and modern film scenarios about the Middle East.

      Mongol Invasion

      This one is an authentic oriental royalty-free soundtrack. A great choice for travel projects, Arabian documentaries, Middle East history, ethnically oriented projects, and more. Instruments used are kemance, kemani, zurna, darbuka and dholak.Thanks for listening and purchasing.

      Arabic Beats

      An authentic and Arabian Middle Eastern track with traditional Turkish elements. Suitable for short promos, or travel documentary about Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, OAE or Morocco.

      The Ramadan Nights

      The track is also highly adaptable and can be used in a variety of ways depending on your specific needs. The dynamic structure of the track allows for easy editing and rearrangement, making it perfect for use in a variety of media projects. Whether you need a short, catchy loop for a commercial or a longer, more complex piece for a film or television score, "Arabic Beat" can be easily customized to fit your needs.

      Journey To The Middle East

      Traditional oriental ethnic music to welcome Ramadan Month! This track ranges from Arabian, Turkish, Persian, and Kurdish with a variety of instrumental voices including oud, saz, violin, drums, and daf. A most unique gift for those fascinated by the rich culture and history of the Middle East.

      The Streets Of Mumbai

      This track is great for ethnic and oriental scenes, desert and Arabic landscapes, world travel shows, documentary TV, Aladdin style films, and much more. Instruments and orchestration: Arabian strings, synth pads, rain maker.

      Festive Lights

      This ecstatic epic stomp tune with a slightly oriental feel is great for celebratory scenes, in documentary, adventure, and fantasy films. This exciting background music will drive your visuals forward to the conclusion of your story. making it an ideal choice for any project that requires an upbeat and vibrant energy. Additionally, it also serves as a perfect underscore for majestic and epic scenes, where its dynamic and rhythmic elements can help build tension and create a sense of grandeur.

      Action Drums And Stomps

      This one is an authentic background epic instrumental composition with deep oriental strings, passion oud, groovy ethnic darbuka. The traditional Arabic musical mood inspired it. This background track perfect for middle east background video projects, travel videos, Arabian commercials and documentaries, culture videos, history, travel projects, desert nature scenes, and more!

      Travel Story

      This track is a great example of the World Fusion mixed with Middle Eastern Epic sound. Featuring Arabian female chanting, tribal percussion, and hybrid electronic orchestra sound. Ideal for scenes where the battle is drawing near. Also good for films about desert life, traveling caravans, forbidden love, espionage, and danger.

      Sands Of Time

      Oriental background music with medieval instruments. It best fits movies from Arabian trips, video collages, or photo albums with beautiful landscapes and events. Also suitable for various projects that are related to traveling, adventures, and exotic locations.

      A New Threat Is Rising

      Original background epic instrumental composition with deep oriental strings, passion oud, groovy ethnic darbuka. Inspired with traditional Arabic musical mood. This background track perfect for middle east background video projects, travel videos, Arabian commercials and documentaries, culture videos, history, travel projects, desert nature scenes, oriental backgrounds, magical desert landscapes, news about the middle east, and many more.

      Energetic Tribal Drums

      An ethnic track that captures the essence of Middle Eastern mystique. The enchanting melody and powerful percussion create a sense of grandeur, transporting the listener to ancient times. With its evocative soundscapes and intricate instrumentation, this track is a true masterpiece of world music.

      Tower Of Babylon

      Epic oriental soundtrack inspired with traditional Arabic music. Featuring ethnic strings, passion oud, groovy darbuka. This background track perfect for related to Middle East projects, Arabian culture and history, desert landscapes, and more.

      Mystic Beauty

      Arabic, middle eastern instrumental music with an ethnic feel. The combination of the traditional instruments with modern rhythms making it perfect for use as a background track in film, television, documentary, travel video or other media.

      Desert Mirage

      This piece of music is an authentic dramatic epic composition with deep oriental strings, passion oud, daf and ethnic percussion with traditional arabic musical mood. This instrumental background soundtrack is perfect for middle east background video projects, travel videos, Arabian commercial and documentary, culture videos, history, travel projects, desert nature scenes, oriental backgrounds, magical desert landscapes, news about the middle east.

      Eastern Duduk

      Ethnic Arabian dance music with hypnotic rhythms and repetitive melody. Instruments and orchestration: percussion, shakers, and tambourine, claps, bass.

      Ethnic Desert

      A powerful and energetic electronic track in cyberpunk style. Featuring groovy synth leads and a pounding bass line to create an explosive feel. It fits well for action scenes, video games, commercials, automotive films, or sports videos.

      A Night At The Desert

      Atmospheric, mystical and alluring soundtrack featuring Middle East percussions and piano. Fits perfectly for film production and various cinematic project. Evokes danger, uncertainty, venturing into the unknown land, desert sands, Arabian world history, ancient ruins, etc.

      Rock Like A Pharaoh

      "Sands of Time" is a traditional instrumental Middle Eastern track that takes you on a journey through the mystical deserts of Arabia. The haunting melodies of the oud and the mesmerizing rhythms of the darbuka create an atmosphere of ancient times and unknown territories. Close your eyes and let the music transport you to a world of endless dunes and forgotten civilizations.

      1001 Nights

      Oriental background track. Perfect for ethnic projects, films about Arabian, Turkish, Persian culture or history.

      Middle East Journey

      This is a modern Arabic soundtrack mixed with a hip-hop beat, filled with oriental Arabian strings, eastern ney flute, ethnic darbuka, sub-bass, and modern synths. Great for projects about the culture of Middle East, travel videos, and any kind of media that needs some fresh oriental music. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

      Indian Concrete Jungle

      Magical Middle Eastern track with rubab, oud, santoor, strings, gong, and percussion. Great for scenes involving Middle East, Egypt, Arabs, Asia, pyramids, magic carpets, bazaars, desert sands. Also good for scenes in action and adventure movies such as Indiana Jones, Aladdin, Sinbad, Arabian Nights, The Mummy.

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