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    • Group Achievement by TimTaj

      Optimistic, confident, and motivational corporate background music with piano, deep bass, guitar, strings, and drums. A good choice for promotion, advertising, slideshows, television, media projects, marketing, films, corporate and business projects, presentations, and much more!

      The Inspirational Trailer by SnowMusicStudio

      A motivational, hopeful, victorious, and powerful orchestral track. Featuring strings, piano, brass, and cinematic percussion. Perfect choice for motivational videos, infomercials, commercials, political campaigns, advertorials, Independence Day celebrations, and any project that needs a powerful sound.

      Sunny Moods by Christian Aen

      Inspiring, epic and powerful orchestral cinematic music with percussion section, deep piano and suitable for trailers, political videos, political advertisements, projects about heroes and saving the world as well as outstanding achievements.

      My Beautiful Journey by Sikosbest

      This emotion-evoking piano track is perfect for product presentations, behind-the-scenes videos, and more. Use this music to inspire your audience and let them imagine a positive future with your product.

      Pushing Boundaries by DPmusic

      This track will bring you to the Middle East with its unique ethnic oriental sound. Ethnic instruments like Oud, Ney, and Santour are used for this track to provide you with an oriental vibe. The track is amazing for travel documentaries, video games, movies, or political projects.

      Emotional Story by Media Sushi

      A powerful and epic orchestral track with a feeling of achievement. An ideal choice for nature videos, motivational videos, political campaigns, action scenes, sport videos, and more. Be one step ahead with this track!

      Epic Inspirational by RGMusic

      Inspiring and hopeful emotional dramatic instrumental background music. Featuring electric guitar, piano, and synth sounds. Mood of this track is inspiration, hopeful, beautiful, emotional and peaceful. Perfect for hopeful and beautiful inspiring videos, motivational presentations, advertising, and much more!

      You Are My Hope by RMSound

      Suspenseful cinematic background music with dramatic tension, anxiety, and a gloomy atmosphere. The track features a menacing, dark feeling. Great for use in film House of Cards types, crime and mystery documentaries, political plots, conspiracy theories, and suspense movies.

      Epic Politics by Infraction

      Epic orchestral news music. Perfectly for breaking news, top news, advertising, technology video, sport news, corporate presentations, epic events, openers, introduction, talk shows, political elections, analyses, adventure video games and more.

      Majestic Land by RMSound

      Inspiring and heroic music for patriotic and war-themed movies, TV shows, and games. This heroic epic film score perfectly fits movie scenes where heroes are fighting for their homeland, where you want to show the struggle of military forces against an enemy army. This motivational track can also be used as a soundtrack during sporting events like marathons or triathlons.

      Time For New Achievements by AG Music

      It's epic, cinematic, powerful, and motivational orchestral music. The track is ideal for action scenes, trailers, teasers, films, adventure scenes, motivational videos, political projects, video games, battle scenes, YouTube videos, and much more.

      Technology Minds by Sikosbest

      A fun and quirky cinematic western style track. Great for depicting scenes appearance of cowboys, wagon trains rolling across the prairie, shots, scenes of talk with the sheriff under the scorching sun, political commercials emphasizing can-do American spirit.

      Follow Your Goal by TimTaj

      This track is a high-quality, modern-sounding orchestral composition. The piece creates an inspiring and uplifting mood that creates a feeling of adventure and journey. It uses strings, percussion, piano, and electronic instruments to create a sense of urgency and excitement.

      The Road Ahead Us by ihsandincer

      A powerful and dynamic middle eastern track, featuring traditional ethnical instrumentation, like saz and driving rhythm section and percussion. Would be great for travel documentaries, film about the Arab world, ethnical trips, political situation issue, the culture of such countries as Turkey, UAE or Iran.

      Technology Trap by Yoav Alyagon

      This cinematic track brings the best of orchestral and modern digital sound and offers a huge hybrid, hard-hitting trailer feeling. Great for dramatic action shots to intensify any scene of tension, mystery, and excitement. This track has a haunting feel that builds up to a powerful orchestral climax, then drops back into a more darkly atmospheric end.

      Cinematic Documentary by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      Inspirational epical orchestral music track. Perfect for epic commercials, political campaigns, adventure films, cinematic trailers, presentation, advertising, moments of hope and inspiring, intro, military, motivation, royalty free patriotic music, score, trailer, triumphant, video games and much more.

      Research by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      Inspired by traditional Asian music, this lo-fi new age track features koto, erhu, electric pianos and lofi drums. Upbeat and uplifting, this modern cinematic music is full of elegance and style. This is a perfect minimalist environment for TV commercials, advertising of luxury brands or thoughtful scenes.

      Logical Mind by EdRecords

      This is music that doesn't need words to communicate: it sticks in the mind and won't let go. It has a dark side too: unsettling, mysterious, and intense. Ideal to add a high emotional impact on projects, where political or social processes are shown and scenarios where the tension needs to be ramped up.

      Victory At Any Cost by AleXZavesa

      Action and intense news intro music. Perfect for news, 24 news, primetime news, intros, broadcasting, powerful announcement, news openings, tv show, political show, business report, Tv, network, news videos and news countdown or timer. With brass, pieno, percussion, hit orchestra, synth and more. Excellent news music for your media projects.

      Early Sunrise by Nazar Rybak

      This cinematic track contains a thoughtful and hypnotic atmosphere. It features strings, piano, bells, marimba, and many different percussions. Ideal for documentary films about politics, life challenges, and changing reality. Mood: calm, serious, dreamy, and dramatic.

      New Life Begins by Nazar Rybak

      This is beautiful and emotional winning music with inspirational and bright orchestral sound. Highly suitable for epic victory, scenes of glory and prosperity, political campaigns, new product launch, corporate images, etc.

      True Moments by CozyVibes

      Modern and dramatic news theme. Perfect for news videos, intros, evening news, dramatic news, financial or political report, announcement videos, news backgrounds and more.

      Disturbing News by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      A mesmerizing dreamy background acoustic track with beautiful textures and soft pads, suitable for various multimedia projects. Great choice as background music for presentation, motivational slideshow, inspiring commercial projects, educational tutorials, and more.

      Get Down To Business by TimTaj

      Powerful is a corporate instrumental that inspires inspiration and motivation. It is a very energetic pop rock song featuring electric guitar, piano, and violin strings. Powerful is hopeful, optimistic and has positive energy. Perfect for corporate business ads, political ads and music for documentaries video and adventure.

      For Real Estate by GreenBird

      Light and cool urban trip-hop music with synth pads and groovy beats. This unique and atmospheric track is perfect to use in a variety of creative projects. Great for commercials, corporate projects, technologies, stylish in-store videos, on-hold music or just as background music for presentation, information, and other media applications.

      Lost In A City by Emilio Merone

      A motivational and powerful orchestral track. Featuring strings, piano, choir, brass and cinematic percussion. Perfect choice for motivational videos, infomercials, commercials, political campaign, advertorials, and any project that needs a powerful sound.

      Adventure Of The Hero by ihsandincer

      Tense and dramatic cinematic soundtrack featuring strings, piano, and electronic synths. Ideal for any tense or suspenseful situation where a more serious and reflective mood is needed. A dark and foreboding orchestral soundscape evokes a sense of nostalgia, sadness, and worry.

      We Came To Fight by AG Music

      Emotional, tech-inspired corporate track with pulsing synths, futuristic vibes, swells and glitchy beats. Best for political news commercial advertising, cutting edge technologies, science researches, and other,

      Breaking News Opener by SnowMusicStudio

      A driving Indian world beat song with traditional Indian instruments like bansuri flute, tanpura, santur, tumbi and different percussion instruments. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with Indian martial arts, political scandals and the mystique of the Middle East.

      Help Our Heroes by Jon Wright

      We Came To Fight is a hard-punching and epic dramatic background music track that will be perfect for your next action trailer. With a powerful, intense, and cinematic sound, this track will give your trailer the extra punch and get your viewer invested in what will happen next.

      Flaming Heart by AleXZavesa

      Heartfelt and dreamy track with rising progress, featuring acoustic guitar, piano and military drums. Has optimistic, determined, sentimental, and passionate mood. Ideal for emotional video content, corporate advertisements, motivational speeches, Memorial Day films, returning heroes, political campaigns, and more.

      Celli In Action by Konstantin Savin

      This is truly inspiring and motivating music with piano, acoustic guitar, strings, horns, timpani, and electric guitar featuring. Perfect for inspiring speeches, success stories, motivational content, sport videos, achievements, encouraging videos, and many more.

      Breaking Boundaries by Chains Production

      This is an upbeat, optimistic, and uplifting middle-tempo pop-rock theme. Perfect for various visuals that need background music, such as explainers, tutorials, corporate presentations, scientific and technological reviews, voiceovers, documentaries, info graphics and TV promo.

      News Politics by Azovmusic

      An inspiring and confident corporate track. Suitable for various media and event projects. It contains classical piano and cinematic orchestral sound. Think about Wall Street, high finance, current affairs or political advertisements.

      Inspiring Storytelling by AudioPanda

      Anxious cinematic music track. You can hear mystic synths, strings, atmospheric percussion and pulse bass. Best for use in projects related to news, TV, vlogs, cinema, crime and detective stories.

      Dive Into The Deep by ikoliks

      This is a dramatic and dynamic hip-hop track. Deep piano, epic strings, energetic beats and electronic synthesizers perfectly combine in this track. This track is great for a dramatic scene, movie or video epic moments.

      Hypnotic Dark Hybrid Trailer by Matteo Bosi

      Brave and driving hybrid orchestral news theme. Featuring punchy synthesizer, strings, and drums to create an intense and braves mood. Suitable for current affairs, political election, and breaking news music, political tv show, financial reviews, and other projects.

      Face Off by AleXZavesa

      Active and intense news intro music. Perfect for news broadcasting, primetime programs, powerful announcement, TV openings theme, political show, business report, or countdown. Main instruments are brass, piano, percussion, digital synth and more.

      Micro Science by Dopestuff

      Confident, purposeful and business-like background music with upbeat guitars, bass, piano, strings and drums. This track evokes feelings of confidence, motivation and aspiration. A good choice for any business project, corporate videos, commercials, motivational videos, presentations, media projects, marketing, education and more!

      We Are Victorious by ihsandincer

      Bold and bright loop, featuring a running orchestra, synth arpeggiators and pulsing percussion creating a positive and powerful mood. Perfect for news jingle, corporate promo-clips, political tv show, breaking news music, live stream programms, and other official projects, needing a confident and focused music background.

      Ambient Tech by Azovmusic

      Gangsta style hip-hop track with aggressive, chill, urban vibes. Suitable for doping scandals, crime story, dramatic videos, CSI investigation, political corruption, double agents, laboratory examination, drug dealer.

      The Future Of Humanity by Azovmusic

      This is modern ethnic hip-hop music with a strong Indian, Bollywood, and Eastern feel. It has an underlying vibe of current city life, yet an ancient mystery touch. It was written for short films and films looking for Oriental Eastern sounding background music.

      Cyber Attack by Premium TraX

      Aggressive and energetic, strong music track with bright instruments and confident powerful mood. Featuring electric distortion driving guitars, live bass, exciting rhythmic dance drums. Can be used as a musical background for your original video projects, photo slideshows, commercial presentations, political tv programs, extreme sports footage, etc. Enjoy!

      Ive Been Up In The Air by ikoliks

      Beautiful and atmospheric corporate technology background music. The track includes deep synth, soft piano pads, and drums. Ideal for advertising, promotional videos, business presentation, websites, slideshows, product presentations, and more.

      Moments Of Truth by Audioflame

      Urban style chillhop track with gloomy and aggressive beats. Featuring orchestral elements, and various synth. Perfect for any cinematic projects, patriotic content, political elections, and videos requiring a sense of alertness and respect.

      Be Determined by GreenBird

      This is background track in neutral mood featuring cellos, violas and pads. It can be used for political news or financial videos.

      Science Tech by Azovmusic

      A deep and futuristic royalty free track with airy pads, bouncy plucks, deep bass and glitchy beats, best for innovative vlogs, medical soundtracks, science documentaries, technology or corporate contents.

      Business Corporation by Azovmusic

      Dark epic and agressive background music track. Perfect for game, videos and trailers, news theme music, action film intrigue, political broadcast, serious case, corruption, drug cartel, CSI investigation, etc.

      A Success Story by ihsandincer

      A beautiful and emotional piano music perfect for romantic videos, inspirational projects, wedding videos, and photo slideshow. The track is designed to be neutral in tone but with enough depth to ensure it doesn't sound generic. It strikes the perfect balance between classical and modern styles, making it versatile enough for various projects.

      Rise To The Success by ihsandincer

      A simple and hopeful classical solo piano track with a subtle triumphant sound. Ideal for any production about overcoming obstacles, accomplishing dreams etc. Example: sports, Olympics, political.

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    One of the oldest forms of expression is also a critical tool to inspire social change. More than ever, increasingly, more parties and social activists are leveraging political music to motivate and inspire others.

    Dissent through is a justly common phenomenon, and artists have been using it as a powerful tool to fight their battles for ages.

    Even Beethoven once stated that "Music can change the world." And he had all the reasons to believe so. There is an indisputable power in music. It's the universal language that transcends all boundaries. This power cannot be translated as it speaks directly to the soul. Plato, another great mind, believed that music could affect and move the masses and suggested using it to inspire and inform the people.

    Music & Social Change: How Can One Inspire Another?

    Music has long helped movements support social change. This was especially true in the 50s and 60s, as famed black and white musicians openly addressed the day's issues.

    Famous artists like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan lent their names and musical skills to the American Civil Rights Movement. What's more, political music long supported African Americans to win their civil rights. Freedom songs, often adapted from the music of the African American church, played a critical role in bolstering courage, fostering a sense of community, and inspiring participation.

    The concept of using political themes in art stems from why art is created in the first place. For some, the idea of creating art is two-pronged: the first thing is to notice how artists use music as a vehicle of self-expression; and should one politically incline, then it makes sense to conclude that they will seek inspiration from politics, thus generating genuine works with "hearth," "soul," and "passion." That explains the significant number of political music downloads we've witnessed in the last decade.

    Music as a Platform

    Music remains a critical part of our culture. It entertains us, and so it's a great way to create discussions on social issues. Presidential music or political campaign music is as effective as live concerts as they help politicians address larger crowds. For social messages to be heard, many people must accept them, and individuals are more inclined to accept these messages if their peers do.

    When you hear political ad music over the radio, you find yourself singing along to the songs, repeating the messages that others believe. This allows you to understand what messages the music holds and then discuss them.

    Music is a platform on which individuals can convey important messages and ideas to others in the hope that they will listen, come together, and ultimately bring about political, social, and economic changes.

    Music, along with the right words, has the power to make us think, think and consider what we stand for, question the things we don't understand, and embrace our differences.

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