• Haunted Melodies

      A playful, mischievous, and haunting orchestral track. Featuring whimsical brass, quirky percussion, and energetic strings. Perfect for cartoon animations, cinematic projects, fight scenes, or Halloween Partys is a zany, toe-tapping composition that sets the stage for a ghoulishly good time.

      Voices From Distant Lands

      An electronic retro video game music, full of fun and joy. Great for gameplay videos, retro games, cartoon and animation projects, children and kids youtube videos, arcade, and 8bit style music, 80's and retro synth-pop music, toys commercials, toy review videos, and much more.

      Together On A Road

      Nice and happy commercial swing with beautiful melodies recorded with gypsy swing acoustic guitars, drums and bass. Perfect for your video presentations, advertising, films, video game music.

      We Are Like A Family

      This is a high-octane hard rock track. It's relentless guitar riffs, pounding bass, and thundering drums. Perfect as a soundtrack for extreme sports, high-stakes competitions, video games, thrilling adventures, high-energy activities, and gym workouts, amplifying the excitement and adrenaline of your visuals.

      Adrenaline Surge

      Cinematic, hybrid, trailer track perfect for your media projects.It can be used for video games and promotional videos. In this track mixed with orchestral instruments with electronic effects and synthesizers. We wish you successful projects!

      Put Your Money In My Bag

      It's like sneaking into a dark old house with a flashlight - searching for clues. Featuring lots of fun instruments like castanets, fender Rhodes, flute, oboe, and celesta. Perfect for cartoon or a video game music.

      Happy Childhood Summer

      Fun acoustic background music with an upbeat and cheerful mood. Includes whistling, hand clapping, ukulele, and pizzicato strings. Perfect for baby videos, travel content, cooking recipes, YouTube channels, product demos, family gatherings, and advertising campaigns that aim to bring a smile and happiness.

      A Christmas Snow

      Magical and mysterious orchestral music track in waltz style. Perfect for fantasy games, TV, fantasy film/movie soundtracks, halloween scenes, children's animations, forest walk, audiobooks, Harry Potter style videos, kids lullaby and more.

      Inspire Success

      This is a very minimal and simple upbeat happy instrumental perfect for kids music, children and teenage videos and Youtube movies. Features happy piano, cute bells and marimba. Features claps and clapping, perfect video game music and app music. This positive instrumental is cheerful and gives a sweet cute mood.

      Fun Story

      Dark, epic, and dramatic hybrid-orchestral track with an intense, and foreboding mood and a feel of inevitable destiny. A suspenseful melody, played in a syncopated rhythm, with pulsating synths, and soaring orchestral arrangements. This instrumental reminds a soundtrack for "The Terminator". Suitable as background music for action movies, sci-fi film scores, dystopian cyberpunk movies, fantastical realms, epic fantasy, etc.

      Amusing Antics

      An inspirational and motivational track with cinematic elements, synth sounds, powerful strings, heavy bass, and dubstep drums. Perfect for motivational videos, sport videos, action scenes, commercials, video games, and much more

      Halloween Is Coming

      This throw back game music brings to mind the classic video games from the 80's and 90's. The 8 bit sounds are complimented with a catchy melody and fun retro arrangement.

      Victory Is Near

      A haunting and suspenseful ambient music with an eerie and foreboding atmosphere. Featuring dark synths, and ominous effects, this background music sets tension and anticipation to the ultimate. Perfect for horror films, psychological thrillers, video games, dystopian worlds, sci-fi mysteries, supernatural and paranormal activities, haunted places and ghostly encounters, or any media project that requires an unsettling sonic backdrop.

      I Fight For Me

      This action and epic energy trap hip-hop royalty-free music track. Excellent and powerful boomy bass, great drums beat and percussion, atmospheric electronic synths, epic brass, and strings. This track is perfect for gaming music, sport and training videos, workout, fighting video.

      Whimsical Fantasia

      Classic 8 bit game music for your vintage arcade game. Could be used in the film during an arcade scene. Mario, Nintendo, Genesis Sega, Atari, Funny, Cute, Pacman, Tetris, Vintage Arcade Music royalty free.

      So Sweet

      Energetic and powerful stomp music that packs a punch. Featuring a modern lead melody, male voice sample, 808 bass, and dubstep elements. Perfect as background music for a wide range of projects, like action-packed videos, sports highlights, promotional materials, video games, street culture, urban lifestyle, or dance battles.

      Good Times For Us

      A funny and quirky tune with a bouncy beat and a humorous melody hooks. Featuring marimba, bassoon, percussion, mandoline, guitars, and whistles. Suitable for comedies, commercials, video games, animations, and humorous productions

      Badass Life

      This is my new optimistic positive children kids game music with cheerful, fun and happy Christmas or New Year mood, which contain funny soft whistle synth and holiday bells solo, dance drums and bass. This holiday celebratory tracks can be used anywhere – as an inspirational bouncy musical background for websites, upbeat computer children arcade games, tv or radio jingle, advertising and commercial video

      Scary Nightwalk

      Lively, whimsical, and intriguing orchestral royalty-free music performed in a dramedy style, full of playfulness and curiosity. Featuring strings, brass, woodwinds, and playful percussion. Perfect as background music for scenes needing curiosity and imagination, childhood adventures, kids' content, humorous videos, video games, animations, vlogs, and comedy sketches.

      Cyber Inferno

      Powerful, aggressive, and guitar-driven rock track. With hard-hitting drums, heavy riffs, solid synths, and distorted bass. Bold and triumphant, this is an ideal underscore for road adventures, speed racing games, high-energy workout, motivational training, extreme sports contest. So grab this track to enrich your project to its goal!

      Play Hide And Seek

      This 8 bit game music combines a retro video game vibe with a modern upbeat style. The vintage sounds are complimented by a catchy melody and fun arrangement.

      Children Fun

      Dark and mysterious ambient royalty-free background music. This frightful composition has an eerie and suspenseful sound. Suitable for horror movies, crime detectives, frightening visuals, mysterious scenes, abandoned and haunted places, Halloween projects, and psychological thrillers.

      Rap Dude

      Haunted and terrifying, creepy ambient music. An ideal soundscape to generatу tension and the horror in video games, psychological thriller, dark and eerie crime scenes, Halloween and more.

      Endless Landscape Of Life

      The tense, serious, and exotic ethno-stomp track creates a captivating atmosphere. Featuring ethnic percussions, flute, and a driving beat. Perfect for edgy fashion shows, city nights, nightlife, street art, vibrant dance scenes, urban jungles, cultural diversity, or any setting with an edge of anticipation and hope.

      Happy Fun

      An ethereal Celtic, new age composition. Soft and meditative. Suitable for videos about nature, meditation, yoga session music, reiki and holistic medicine. Also ideal for mini-games, voice overs, and deep relaxation.

      Emotional Story

      This is a funny and happy video game music loop. The tune reminds walking the colorful streets of a cartoon town, bobbing your head to some music and saying hello to friendly neighbors. Featuring electric piano, xylophone, guitar and 808 drums. The tune is similar to old computer games like: animal crossing, "Stardew valley", magicians quest, fantasy life, wandering willows, rune factory, shepherds crossing, castaway paradise, harvest moon, viva pinata, happy street and more of that genre. Suitable for games, animations, and children related productions.

      Epic Motivation

      This dynamic, naughty, and dangerous phonk hip-hop music. Featuring powerful drum beats, dark basslines, rhythmic percussions, soft cowbells, and dynamic vocal samples. Perfect for urban life, street art, crime-related films, series with suspenseful vibes, edgy and intense visuals, action video games, extreme sports, etc.

      Quiet Place

      An aggressive and powerful metal trailer track with distorted guitar riffs, pumping bass, synth sounds and cinematic effects. Ideal choice for movie trailers, racing videos, advertisements, sport projects, gaming videos, video game commercials and much more. This track is full of rage and energy!

      Ghosts Of Halloween

      The modern electric dance track transmits the summer vibes and charges with the flow of energy. Great for clubbing visuals and night party atmosphere, villas rent ads, game music, Ibiza lifestyle, and high tech computer ads, or promotions.

      Pump Up The Club

      A playful, quirky, and lighthearted waltz-style music played in a whimsical manner. Featuring orchestral instruments such as pizzicato strings, woodwinds, and bright mallets. Best for for kids and pets videos, animations, cartoons, promos, or gameplays.

      Country State Of Mind

      This is a funny and amusing comical music, full of humor and smile. It is great for comedy and cartoon videos, playful and joyful scenes, funny detective and spy moods, children and kids projects, quirky and sneaky films, cute and easy moods, animation games, youtube videos, and more.

      Pulse Of The City

      This epic and motivational cinematic track is perfect for trailers, films, motivational videos, inspirational videos, video games, and more.

      Lets Fun

      Dynamic and edgy cinematic music theme with powerful strings and a modern time-oriented beat. Best for TV drama, movie trailers, advertisements, spy documentaries focused on espionage, intrigue, and investigative pursuits, action films, video games, new media, chase scenes, and dramatic soundtracks.

      Road To The West

      Adventurous and heroic Epic orchestral track. Featuring emotional piano, strings, building up to the majestic climax. Excellent background music for a good presentation and motivational visuals, final credits, film/game trailers, victory, and more.

      The Sirius

      This laid-back happy acoustic instrumental is optimistic and cheerful. The beautiful bells create a festive and laid-back mood. It features a ukulele, mandolin, acoustic guitar, and bells. This track is perfect music for ads, games, kids' education, success, presentation, corporate business, and youtube videos. Great for motivation and inspiration.

      Muddy Road Underscore

      Stylish and high-energy hard rock music with the feeling of being on the edge, ready for action. cool guitar riffs, deep bass and massive drums. Best for advertising, trailers, high-speed races, car commercials, adventures, extreme visuals, product launches, action movies, or video games.

      Long Night

      This confident funky beat is created specifically for motivational commercials. Fill your video with modern sounds and catchy rhythms. Energetic guitar in combination with flute creates a mood of leadership and aspiration to conquer new heights. Suitable for extreme sports music, poker gameplay or enjoyment of a car ride. Similar to Daft Punk.

      Runaway Adventure

      Inspiring and motivating track in the easy-listening corporate genre with a strong motivational, uplifting feeling. This track will surely bring the spirit of success, joy, and excitement to any video project! Check out the other versions in this package for maximum flexibility and comfort in your production. Instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, piano, glockenspiel, warm pads, strings, bells, drums. Recommended usages: promotional media, uplifting marketing videos, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, television, radio, slideshow music, corporate presentations and advertising, films, documentaries, festivals, podcast intro music, videocast, phone on hold, education training, apps/games, audiobooks and projects related to technology, sports, design, fashion, and lifestyle.

      Phantoms Fanfare

      "Ghosts of Halloween" is funny and spooky background music opens the doors into a mischievous world of naughty spirits. The frightening composition is full of mysterious sounds, ghostly giggles, haunting choirs, brass, strings, theremin, and tubas. Perfect for Halloween parties, haunted mansions, spooky animations, costume contests, tricks and treats, pranks on Halloween night, and so on. This music will give listeners the feeling as if they themselves have become a part of this night, where the boundary between the world of the living and the world of ghosts blurs. It is perfect for creating a mystical atmosphere in your Halloween videos, films, games, or events, where every rustle and shadow brings with it the mysteries of this special night.

      My Friend The Dodo

      An elegant and whimsical modern classical music theme featuring glockenspiel and orchestral strings. Perfect for fantasy magical fairytale, romantic comedy, kids casual games, happy pets videos, sweet comedy, children ad campaigns, festive vlogs, wrapping presents ideas, animation comedy films, cartoon trailers and more.

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    Game music is an essential part of the whole gaming experience. In some games, soundtracks may not be that famous, but games would probably be boring without music. How do you feel when your gaming hero arrives at the boss level while the game motivates you with awesome music?

    What is game music?

    Game music is sound, tunes, and melodies composing a video game's audio. It may be called by different names or simply referred to as background music (BGM). The game action music is an in-game sound effect played during a level or scene. Game menu music is also known as mute point theme, a background tune that plays when the player isn't interacting with anything else. Game intro music is usually played at the beginning of the game or during the title screen.

    What is the best music for a video game?

    The best music for a video game is that which creates and sustains the appropriate mood for the gaming environment. Video games take a wide range of genres, and different moods are suitable for each and various locations within each game world. Music has been used in video games since 1972 when it was first added to "Spacewar!". The best music for games should provide an enjoyable listening experience while tying in with the gaming action. For example, tracks at level entrances or during boss fights may be designed to keep adrenaline pumping and the player's pulse racing.

    What genre is video game music?

    Video game music genres vary widely. It all depends on the type of video game you're playing. The style and genre of game music can change from one to another – from acoustic and light classical music to electronic and hard rock.

    Do I need a video game music composer?

    A game music composer is a musician who a game developer or company hires to create soundtracks for their video games. You can hire a game music composer to increase your video game music sales. You will need to work with the composer to set the game's tone, mood, and general musical direction. Typical budgets start from $100 up to $5-10k. Using royalty free game music is a more affordable option and works perfectly for beginners.

    How to Choose Music for my Video Game?

    If you're a game developer, chances are you need to find the right music to bring life to your game. It would be best if you had high-quality music that is affordable, easy to buy, and unlimited to use. Here are three tips to help you select background music and keep your project under budget.

    Tip #1: Match the music to the tone of your game

    Choose music that propels the game plot and mood you want your users to be in. Here are some genres that will help you achieve this:

    Casual game music

    You may use acoustic/easy listening and light classical music to set a tone for your casual game.

    Epic Battle Music Themes

    The battle music is intense, bombastic, and dynamic, from war battles to combatant fights.

    Car Chase Games music

    Music for high-speed chases and crashes should be exciting and fast-paced.

    Neo-Chiptune music

    The lo-fi quality and quirky, nostalgic appeal of Classic 8-bit arcade sounds attract gamers and developers alike.

    Tip #2: Analyze the sound effects and timing

    How a player reacts in a game directly affects the soundtrack, so the length of the music segment will vary according to the scene. Creating musical blocks with an intro, loop, transition, stinger, and tag is easy to do — use the Longoloops feature to choose desired lengths.

    Tip #3: Integrate into your video game

    After choosing the music, you can now integrate it with your game. Melody Loops provides a variety of formats compatible with your gaming audio software.

    Where can I download free game music?

    You can download free music for your game at Free music page.

    Where can I buy video game music?

    Discover and listen to music on the music player above to find, buy and download royalty-free game music from your video game. Download loop version or full-length tracks in mp3 / wav file formats.

    How can I use royalty free game music?

    You can use royalty free game music by Melody Loops in your games, trailers, and intros. You can publish your game in the App Store / Play market and other platforms.

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