• Royalty free Nature music

    • Enchanting Forest Yoga by Mark Woollard

      This soothing track is the perfect choice for peaceful scenes. The soundscape is serene and relaxing, with beautiful nature sound textures that flow smoothly from one to another. Ideal for meditation, yoga, alternative medicine, or drone footage where you need to compliment the scene.

      Heart Of The Nile by Geoff Harvey

      It's an ambient track that was created specifically for calm relaxing, yoga music, and other spiritual and relaxation practices. The ambient composition combines the sounds inspired by nature with ethnic elements, transmits tranquility and enlightenment. Perfect for any healing and yoga or meditation sessions.

      Evening Clouds by Rolikmusic

      Uplifting positive ethnic, world beat track. Great for every video with nature, kids' adventure, animals, and more. So if you are looking for travel nature music, The Jungle Adventure will do the job. Resembling "The Lion King" Disney cartoon soundtrack.

      Healing And Meditation Mood by AG Music

      It is an abstract and melancholic ambient drone tune featuring atmospheric pads' light pulsing synth, leading to a reflective and wandering mood. Ideal for nature videos, time-lapse, space-related videos, documentaries, aerials, movies, TV shows, series, and more.

      Earth Wind And Nature by DimmySad

      This one is a calming and pacifying track with a warm sound and a transparent atmosphere. Wonderful background music for yoga classes, prayerful videos, nature views, videos from high perspectives, drones, inspiring speeches, philosophical quotes, weddings, love stories, advertising, and more.

      The Warm Breeze by White Koala Music

      An atmospheric new-age ambiance with soft atmospheres pads fills out the arrangement. Spacey, Dreamy, flowing, positive with Healing and meditation mood. This beautiful track has a pastoral and great for underwater, nature, reiki, space videos and yoga music.

      A Meditation by DPmusic

      Abstract background music for your presentation with beautiful piano and modern elements. These hypnotic ambient sound ambiance will perfectly fit any project needing a relaxing vibe. Light and airy, this background music could be used for film, video, slideshows, and more.

      Inviting Warmth by Jeremy Kim

      Beautifully and Dreamy, the soothing, uplifting track gradually grows, emotive guitar lines over hypnotic atmospheric textures. Great for Drones Photography, nature, fantasy, flying scenes, serene adventures, and lush landscapes on travel videos.

      Magical Stars by Manuel Ochoa

      Deep, meditative, relaxing music – perfect for a meditative background and projects related to healing, nature, mystery and mindfulness.

      Sunrise Over The Ocean by Rolikmusic

      This cinematic opening theme will pursue the majestic wildlife and panoramic views of the African safari. The ethereal vocal melody sores to a crescendo, giving the piece a broad cinematic feel. The echo effects of the instruments evoke a vast expanse, whilst the pounding percussion hint at a forthcoming adventure. Perfect for presentations depicting luxury vacations and African exploration.

      Tranquil Water Garden by Mark Woollard

      An atmospheric new-age ambiance with soft atmospheres pads fills out the arrangement. Spacey, dreamy, flowing, positive with healing and meditation mood. This beautiful track has pastoral and great for underwater, nature, reiki, space videos, and yoga music.

      Concentration And Progress by Ivan Markelov

      Enjoy these two minutes of an atmospheric new-age ambiance with a soft piano, and pads fill out the arrangement. Space, sci-fi and bizarre, Dreamy, flowing, positive. This beautiful track has a pastoral atmosphere. Great for underwater, nature, space video projects, serenity, and relaxation.

      Gentle Rolling Waves by Mark Woollard

      A warm and mellow chillout vibe is the essence of this track.Ideal for many projects,including;voiceover,drone footage,nature,yoga meditation etc

      The Sunshine Tribe by Ionics Music

      Calm atmospheric music includes airy pads and flute. Perfect for relaxation, sleep, spa, meditation, as background music for nature video and more.

      Stranger Ways by AG Music

      Soft piano melodies with nature sounds and noises in the background. This music will fit well for background usage in sensitive situations.

      Lost In Nowhere by AG Music

      This is a peaceful, ambient piece. Ideal for drone footage, voiceovers, and nature timelapse, this track can be used in documentary or cinematic videos. It also makes excellent underscore music for meditation and holistic practices.

      Heavenly Beauty by AudioPanda

      Cinematic emotional lovely tune with sentimental, motivate, romantic mood. Perfect for love stories, wedding videos, nature timelapses, intro films, family photo slideshow with music.

      Calm Forest Night by Mark Woollard

      Country blues music is inspired by western and road movie soundtracks. Acoustic and electric slide guitars, different percussions from shaker to bombastic drum sounds. It can be good music for advertising, travel, nature, and more.

      Inspiring Heights by AG Music

      This one is deep and atmospheric meditation music with airy synth pads featuring. Perfect for documentaries, historical videos, educational content, medieval picture gallery, ancient culture presentations, meditations, prayerful videos, worship, nature footage, and more.

      A Thoughtless Morning by AG Music

      Beautiful and peaceful music with huge space and warm atmospheric sound. Nice background for nature views, sunrise, sunset, landscape, cinematic videos, love stories, weddings, travel stories, inspiring speeches, philosophical quotes, hopeful moments, contemplative and relaxing videos. 2 versions are available: 1) full track; 2) full track without drums

      The Cathedral by DPmusic

      Surreal, relaxed, intimate and beautiful new age/ chill out royalty free music. Suitable for yoga classes, zen meditation, nature timelapse, drone videos, ethereal scenes and peaceful moments.

      Healing Vibrations Flow by Ionics Music

      "Reiki Meditation" is a serene and soothing background music track that is designed to enhance relaxation and a meditative state. This music track is perfect for a variety of projects that require a peaceful and calming ambiance, such as guided meditations, yoga practices, relaxation videos, spa treatments, and massage therapy sessions. It can also be used as background music for mindfulness apps, nature documentaries, and other wellness-related content.

      Mindfulness by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      A beautiful tranquil piece that is ideal for pure relaxation. Would also be ideal music for yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, scenes of nature, voice overs and general well being.

      Piece Of Hope by Audiocalm

      A relaxing and peaceful, uplifiting inspirational acoustic track with an organic and light instrumentation. Featuring acoustic guitars, piano, warm string pads and tasteful modern percussion of airy snaps, shakers and claps. Perfect for TV nature documentaries, nature product advertising or as great background music for relaxation and wellness videos, slide shows, presentations or holiday video footage.

      Future Ambient by Azovmusic

      Evocative chill-out track with a melodic synth line played over a lush guitar chord progression and a deep silky smooth bass line underneath. Perfect to build a luxurious and sensual mood in your media projects. Ideal for luxury products, real estate, chill-out moments, and sensual pleasures.

      Reiki Meditation by SnowMusicStudio

      A relaxing piece of world music performed with traditional Chinese instruments. Perfect for practicing qi gong, tai chi, yoga, healing practices or any meditation methods. You may also use it for relaxed nature videos.

      Calm Chaotic by AG Music

      A light acoustic instrumental background track with an uplifting motivational character. Perfect for TV nature documentaries, nature product advertising music or simply as a great background for slide shows, presentations or holiday video footage.

      Unfolded Landscape by Andrea Bellina

      An optimistic and inspirational corporate track, created with a variety of instruments, synth fx, and evocative arpeggios. The music will perfectly fit into any video with an inspiring message. It can also be used for promotional videos, photo slideshows, and misc advertising flicks. The only border is your creativity.

      Its Time To Think by AG Music

      Emotive soothing and ethereal ambient tune with touching melody. Ideal background sound for nature lanscapes, timelapse projects, inspiring speeches, wedding. Featured instruments are atmospheric drones, beautiful piano, mellow strings.

      The Wind Of Change by AG Music

      This epic, interstellar, thunderous orchestral track builds to a huge, dramatic climax with rousing strings, horns and deep, dark synthesizer moods to add an extra sense of magic and wonder. Great music for games, documentaries, space, time and nature projects. Influences of Hans Zimmer. A wondrous, majestic trip though time and space. INSTRUMENTS: Drums, Guitars, Strings, Brass and Synths. SIMILAR TO: Hans Zimmer, Thomas Bergersen, Trevor Morris, Steve Jablonsky, Harry Gregson Williams, Two Steps From Hell, James Newton Howard, Brian Tyler, James Horner, John Powell, Michael Giacchino and Harry Gregson Williams.

      Graceful Moments by AG Music

      This atmospheric ambient composition captures the quiet solitude of winter with a peaceful and thoughtful tone. Use it in your film, documentary, or video game to help set the mood and provide an overall feeling of thoughtfulness.

      Elegant Commercial Piano by Roman Cano

      An ethereal Celtic, new age composition. Soft and meditative. Suitable for videos about nature, meditation, yoga session music, reiki and holistic medicine. Also ideal for mini-games, voice overs, and deep relaxation.

      Frozen Dreams by Premium TraX

      Graceful Moments is a peaceful, quite with a soft and worm pads and atmospheres and a cool Nylon guitar riff. Ideal for an atmospheric underscore, documentary films, nature, animals, travels etc.

      Winter Forest Healing by Mark Woollard

      An enchanting New Age piece with the native flute, and hypnotic indigenous drums. Shimmering synths and marimba move gently through the jubilant, uplifting major key. Ideal for relaxation, TV, travel, nature documentaries, games, documentary, or museum exhibits.

      Cloudless by EdRecords

      Light and transparent pop music with airy sound and warm atmosphere. Nice background for promo videos, nature views, travel adventures, landscapes, inspiring storytellings, and more.

      A Contemplation by DPmusic

      Smooth and gentle, featuring touching clean guitar, light strings and atmospheric textures that create a tender and uplifting mood. Perfect for drones footage , nature & travels videos.

      Slow Morning Sun by MintWhale

      "Inspiring Heights" is a motivational and uplifting track with soaring melodies and a driving rhythm that evokes feelings of positivity, inspiration, and empowerment. It's perfect for projects that need a boost of energy and enthusiasm.

      Mindfulness Meditation by AG Music

      Gentle and flowing airy piano music with warm sound and emotional ambient atmosphere. Great background music for peaceful scenes, mindfulness practice, drone videos, nature and landscape videos, ocean views, and more.

      Everlasting Love by AudioPanda

      Inspiring and beautiful fusion of electronic and acoustic music. Featuring warm piano, soft nylon guitar, and minimalistic synth sound. Perfect for timelapse video, nature scenes, rustic commercial, organic living, also good as corporate or casual background music.

      Magic And Beauty by DPmusic

      This one is a light and gentle cinematic piano track with strings, celesta, piano and cello featuring. Perfect for nature views, films, emotional moments, travel videos, fairy tales, love scenes, touching stories, inspiring adventures, and many more.

      Make It Rain by Berool

      Feel the breeze of the ocean with that beautiful chill-out composition. It has a panoramic, evocative and slightly mysterious atmosphere that gives you an impression of magnificent epic scenery. Great for projects related to nature, space, mindfulness, awareness. Perfect music for timelapse video, 4k drone footage, travel documentaries, birds-eye view.

      Inspirational Reflections by Ivan Markelov

      Watch the lights dancing around the sky at night and imagine nature at it's most beautiful and enigmatic. This orchestral track conveys a magical sense of wonder, with strings and piano in a light rhythmic pattern. Great music for timelapse, trailers, travel presentations and video projects.

      Around Planets by MintWhale

      An atmospheric Mayan Aztec styled traditional music with flutes, ocarinas, drums, percussion and sounds of wind and rain. Best for nature or historical documentaries, travel videos, landscape visuals, video games and more.

      Floating In The Air by AG Music

      This calm and soothing chill-out track will give a slightly futuristic edge for your exploration documentaries. Suitable for deep-sea diving, underwater footage, nature timelapse footage, art gallery expositions, cosmology videos, medical mysteries, breakthroughs movement, and eco-technology commercials. The best sound for your projects from Melody Loops!

      Rainforest by AG Music

      Beautiful and elegant new-age piano composition. The melody sounds smooth and creates a dreamy atmosphere like the awakening of nature after a long winter dream. The track works well for spa treatments, a relaxing playlist, yoga classes, deep breathing and morning meditation music.

      Amazonian Travel by DPmusic

      A serene, ethereal relaxation piece. Ideal as background music for many alternative medical practices. Great for meditation, yoga, and spa/relaxation retreats.

      A Sunlight by DPmusic

      Angelic melancholic piano composition. The melody, like the first rays of the morning sun, awakes the frozen feelings. Great for emotional video content, nature timelapse music, touching life stories, dramatic movie trailer, and more. Similar to Thomas Newman music works.

      Healing By The River by Mark Woollard

      A mysterious and mesmerizing native amazonian music with percussion instruments, flutes, woodwinds, kalimba, voices, and pads featuring. Perfect for travel videos, shaman rituals, magical ceremonials, documentaries, spiritual videos, worships, ancient cultures videos, mystical and voodoo movies, or many more.

      Where We Belong by DPmusic

      A relaxing, new age royalty-free music theme similar to Deep Forest or Enigma. Featuring gentle flutes, light hip hop beats, pads and vocal cuts. Great for the beautiful atmospheric soundscape, rainforest exploration, nature documentaries or Asian ravel visuals.

      Wisdom Of The Ages by DPmusic

      Calm, sparkling chill out background music for relaxation and time lapse video. Also great for angels and crystals, nature landscapes, yoga and reiki, dreamy scenes, spa massage, peaceful meditation and zen moments.

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    Nature music is entirely composed of very expressive nature sounds. It will give you a comfortable and calm state of mind. Nature sounds are emotional and pleasant. The authentic melodies and choruses make you lost in another world.

    The sounds produced by various species come under nature music. The listener feels equally moved by these nature sounds. They are so natural and impactful that they will relieve pain. With nature music, people experience the actual melody hidden behind it. It will make you relaxed and find yourself closer to nature.

    Pure nature music is collection of selected nature sounds with high quality recordings. It includes some of the best nature albums. It will surely relieve your mood, and you will cheer up. No other music is added to it. High-quality nature music is given another name that is pure nature music. It contains natural sounds like thunderstorms, ocean waves, rainstorms, rainforests, and many more natural sounds. Such a big collection of every kind of natural sound comes in pure nature music. It has been fantastic to listen to these sounds as it brings comfort and mental relaxation.

    Relaxation nature music loops give you extreme calm and peace to your mind. The sweat melody and harmonious music relieve you from all your tensions. Nature sounds are a source of relaxation. The listener feels overjoyed. The emotional touch given by nature sounds makes it an unmemorable experience.

    The sound of oceans and wind blowing gives you mental comfort, and your attachment to nature becomes unbreakable. Every person looks for relaxation, which can be achieved only through natural sounds. The varied topography and natural atmosphere produce a unique combination of nature sounds. Relaxation nature is very instrumental in giving a relaxed state of mind.

    Mother Nature music is one of the fantastic experiences. It would bring mental comfort and peace and bring us closer to nature. There have been singers and artists who composed songs on Mother Nature music. It will intoxicate you and take you to another world.

    The world of nature and nature sounds are just unique. These sounds are pleasant to her. It will fill your heart with true love and harmony. The best thing about it is Mother Nature music has become very popular. Its lyrics and sounds attract listeners. It is the best source of achieving a peaceful mind.

    Download royalty free nature music for meditations, landscape videos, time-lapses, and nature and ocean documentaries. Life sounds will help you promote a peaceful atmosphere, allowing viewers to relax and appreciate life's natural sounds.

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